Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2008-01-10

poor skyler, i can't help feeling sorry for her. this has gotta be hard for her. her own marriage was fake and even if it wasn't it would've ended anyway and yet she's knows she should be happy for her friend. oh yeah and she's supposed to be all happy and cheery and smiley. ha! dani is traumatized for life! i bet sky made her knees turn into jello, that's what skyler does best besides getting into trouble and acting like a five-year-old and getting wasted with homeless drunks..
i gotta give skyler some credit though, she's a great girl. but it's no secret she's a nut lol.
i'm glad bob was there. but who was sitting next to him? you did it again. i'm strating to believe you have formed some kind of cliffhanger fetish...? it would've been really absurd if the guy in the football field had turned out to be gerard but now.. well it wouldn't be as absurd. it's a wedding, bob's invited, why not gerard? maybe bob got lonely. maybe he didn't wanna be the only rock star there. who else would make skyler stop and freeze in the middle of the aisle ? hm.. tough one. please update soon or i'll.. damn, i can't come up with a good threat today =|

Author's response

Lol 5 year old girls are getting wasted with homeless dude nowadays? what has the world came to! It usually never happened till at least the 7th year! lol.

But anyway, I don't know how to take the nut girl comment, usually I take it as a compliment but I heard that usually people take offence if you call them a nut. Go figure! So the fictional Skyler is gonna take it as a compliment too!

And I'm sooo busted! I always had a cliffhanger addiction but I always kept it under control...But it reared it's ugly head again!
Must. Have. A. Cliffhanger.