Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) winnie_55 2008-01-11

Ooooh, is it who I think it is? Can only think of one person who'd do that to Sky in the middle of the Wedding!
Another cliffhanger....? Hmmm.... you are so good at cliffhangers, but they leave me in suspense and then I'm compulsively checking your story for updates!
I absolutely loved the bit where she scared the shit out of Dani! It was so funny!
Poor Sky though, she must be pretty upset, it must be insanely hard for her to watch her friend getting married so soon after breaking up with Gerard and finding out her own marriage was fake.
But, if she's still wearing her own wedding ring, I'm still hoping. I'm allowed to hope for her and Gerard, right? While I'm at it I'll hope for some communication too. OK, longshot, I know!
Anyway, great chapter, cannot wait for the next one, I'm soooo desperate to know who that is!

Author's response

lol I know! I wore you guys out with this break up thing, I'm sorry but it's not me it's them points to Sky and Gee, it's not my fault they can't just talk without pouting and throwing things.
They suck! Boo!