Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2008-01-17

Okay so this was a good chapter. Very well written. Very hot!
I can't help but wonder like what Mikey was saying to Gee on the phone. If I had to guess I would think he was telling him how stupid he was for hooking back up with sky.
And he IS!!! gah!!! they didnt settle anything! they think they can just fuck away their problems! and they cant!!

Especially the line where Gee says 'we talked-yeah really' Uh when???? I didnt see any talking going on in this chapter unless you count their 'I'm so dirty babe' bitchings.

thats number one. Number two. Gee must not have been getting any of off Liz if he was that eager to see sky. I mean gah! what kinda rock and roll sex god is he!!! he cant 'hold it much longer' gah!!
but I am glad he wasnt fucking liz, but I suspect Sky was doing Billy. I mean you promised us lots of secrets before the end. Like shit we didnt know about and I think thats gonna come out. Either Billys got a thing for her or he has one for Gee. Im not sure.
But overall Im not pleased with Sky or Gee here. I mean I get they love each other and I dont know. Maybe it is normal to sweep problems under the rug.
Dont get me wrong. I do like to see them happy. Im just a bitchy reader I suppose. I bitch when sky is alone, I bitch when shes with him. I dont know what I want. I mean I do want them to be happy, but I want it to be real. I want them to sort out their problems and be really truly happy and not just clinging to each other cause its all they know.

Author's response

You're Billy obsessed chick! I swear!
You're jealous someone got some Gerard Way candy and you didn't! -tease-