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On the floor.

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Not for Mikey's eyes...

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His phone went off, making us both sigh in annoyance, "It's Mikey"
I nodded, "Answer it"
"Hi Mikey", he flipped the phone open.
I rested my head on his shoulder, smiling to myself like the happy idiot I was.
"I know", he said to Mikey and pulled me closer to him.
I straddled him and put my hands on his waist while he placed his one hand over my waist so I won't fall over the edge of the bed.
"No, I know", he gave me a playful smirk like he knew where my mind wondered. I kissed his earlobe, waiting for a reaction and I didn't have to wait long cause he already shut his eyes.
"Come on, Mikey I know".
I bit it a little, grazing it with my teeth, I licked it and moved to his soft neck, it had the same smell I remembered, of soap and cigarettes, I sucked on this one spot I knew will make him weak at his stomach.
"We talked...Yeah really"
I pushed his jacket off his shoulder and threw it over my shoulder, his eyes followed the jacket while I carried on licking his neck.
"About stuff".
I pulled back, making him frown, I motioned on the phone and he rolled his eyes.
"Just stuff".
I shrugged and carried on working on his neck, I snuck my hands on his long sleeved T shirt but didn't attempt to take it off.
I looked at him from the corner of my eye, he was listening to Mikey and watching me at the same time, I took advantage at Mikey's long babbling and kissed Gerard's lips, biting it slightly.
I pulled back again and kissed his neck instead when Mikey shut up on the other side, waiting for an answer.
"I know what you mean but just don't worry about it".
My hands fell to his belt buckle, I unbuckled it slowly, touching his hard groin as much as I possibly could, he threw his head back and closed his eyes.
"I don't think so", he breathed into the phone.
I smiled and slided to the floor once the belt buckle was out of the way, unzipping his jeans very slowly.
"Nothing", he opened his eyes and watched me as I touched him gently, his eyes locked on mine.
"Fuck Mikey", he threw his head back, "I don't think so"
I rubbed him harder, his breathe quickened so I pulled back, making him...I'm sorry but his brother didn't need to listen to him moan on the phone, it would be too much for Mikey's heart.
"I'm not doing anything you just annoy the fuck out of me...Yeah that's right".
I tugged on his boxers material with my teeth and pulled the jeans all the way down to his ankles, making them follow the jacket on the floor.
I planted small kisses on his hard member, making Gerard pant silently. I smiled evilly and slipped my hand inside his boxers, stroking his rock hard dick.
"I don't think so...OK...Bye", he threw his mobile on the bed and joined me down on the floor, "What do you think you're doing?", he muttered in my ear.
"Oh I'm sorry, I'll stop?", I said innocently, as a respond he threw me on my back.
He was kissing me hard while removing my jacket and hoodie...Then he went down kissing every piece of skin he revealed with every button he unbuttoned, and throwing that shirt away too, "I missed you so much"
I smiled down at him, sending my fingers through his hair, "Me too".
He removed my jeans leaving me in my underwear and bit my nipple through the lacy material while struggling with the bra hook, "Fuck".
I giggled, "Forgot how to handle a bra, Gerard?"
He moaned in frustration and tugged on the fabric.
"Allow me", I arched my back to reach for the hook, Gerard used the momentum to kiss and suck on my collarbone.
"I took care of the big bad hook for you", I breathed out.
"You're saying I'm not capable of making you cum?", he muttered, I could feel his hot breathe on my breasts.
"Are you?", I smirked, cocking my eyebrow at him.
"We'll see about it", he took one of my nipples in his mouth, drawing wet circles with his tongue.
"Oh Gerard", I gasped when he bit down on it.
He sucked his way down to my panties pausing when he reached there, "Are you wet for me, sugar?"
"Can't you tell?", I took his hand and pressed it between my legs.
He grinned and slipped my panties off, kissing me where I longed to be kissed by him.
I could taste myself on his lips when his tongue came to search for my own, "You want me?"
"I want you in me, Gerard", I groaned.
"Are you sure?", he teased me with his hands, slipping one finger deep into me.
"Hmm, I want your hard cock in me, Gee"
Gerard smirked into my neck, "Say it"
I knew what he wanted to hear and what I wanted him to do, "Fuck me Gerard, hard and fast"
I didn't have to ask twice, he spread my legs and entered me hard, making me gasp.
Gerard thrust in and out of me, breathing heavy and groaning loudly with every thrust.
He was rough and making me moan everytime he entered me, "Harder"
He followed my command and pumped harder and faster, "Cum for me, Sky", he panted.
My back started to hurt on the cold floor, the pain and Gerard's rough pounding made the orgasm built slowly inside, making me light headed with pleasure.
"Gerrard", I moaned when he slowed down a little, "Don't stop. Fuck me"
He planted his mouth on mine forcefully and came in and out slowly, everytime he came in the feeling in the pit of my stomach intensified, I shivered into him, "Fuck me, Gerard"
He grunted into my neck, lost in his own pleasure.
I rubed my clit against his cock, waking him from his trance, "I love you"
I giggled, "Cause I do you so well?"
"I can't hold on much longer", he breathed out, pounding a few more times and coming on the floor.
"I'm sorry", he collapsed beside me on the floor.
"Why?", I went down, licking his wet dick dry.
"I always made you cum first and now you didn't even get to have your climax but it's just because you're too hot for me", he let out another moan when my tongue met his cock for the 14892th time.
"You talk way too much, Gerard", I laid on his chest, "I had my own fun"
He kissed my head, lifted one of my legs to kinda straddle his waist and inserted two of his finger inside me, making me gasp, "Oh my...God"
"The name is Gerard", he slipped them in and out, picking up the pace with each thrust.
I pressed my hips against his fingers, panting and gasping and asking him all kinds of things I wouldn't usually ask.
His cock hardened again at my pleading, I slapped his hands away and lowered myself into him, it felt so good, I felt him fill me deeply.
"Oh Fuck, Sky", Gerard cried out.
I rode him fast and hard until we both came.
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