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I'm keeping your brother.

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I can't take back these Sundays.

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"I need to talk to you", Mikey pulled me to a dark corner behind the Christmas tree the.
"What's up", I picked popcorn from the popcorn shit they put on and looked at him.
We were on talking terms again, polite and cold but I got used to it, it stung and burned but I couldn't turn back the time and undo whatever Mikey was pissed at me for.
He made a big scene about me and Gerard getting back together and announcing our 3rd engagement, he did it in the middle of the 'engagement party' too, which was just a big annual Way dinner, so that turned into another famous you're-so-dysfunctional thing in front of all our friends and Gerard's family, he didn't believe we really talked and I didn't blame him, but this time we did really talk, and we were both making an effort not to fall into our old ways. It didn't work all the time but we were doing our fucking best.
"I'm...Ummm...", he was lost for words, "Um, remember Alessa?".
I snorted, "Yeah, I have a blurry image of her, it's your girlfriend, right?.
He smiled faintly at my sarcasm, "Yeah, that's the one.
We stood in silence for a while, maybe I should encourage him a little, he looked confused and flushed, and it wasn't that hot, "What about her?".
"Well, she...Um", he trailed off, "She...Hmm".
"Bought a wig? Having your puppies?, I laughed, "Mikey, what is it?".
He kinda examined his hands, "Well, you know how we moved in together?", he mumbled.
How could I forget, one of her cats tried to strangle me by snuggling on my face in the middle of the night, and besides the difficulty to breathe, I suspect I had a mini heart attack, waking up with a big furry bundle on my face, and she humped Gerard's leg all the time, which was funny but still...We called her teenie.
"Yeah? And...?", I frowned, "You don't know what to get her for the house welcome?".
"Not quite", he rubbed his chin.
"Not quite know what to get her or not quite it?", I leaned against the wall. This is going to be a long talk.
"Huh?", he looked even more confused.
"Come on Mikey, what is it?", I asked softly, "I'm getting old here".
"OK OK, let me have a second", and he walked off.
I frowned, I didn't know what that's supposed to mean, am I supposed to follow him? Stay here and wait? we weren't that close anymore...But he's my Mikey and behind my hurt there was my love for him...
I decided to follow him.

I found him lying on his bed with his eyes closed, rocking his feet to the sound of some song.
I sat on the bed and touched his hand which laid on his stomach, clutching the ipod, his eyes opened, I startled him.
"What is it dude?".
He removed his headphones and pressed the stop button on the ipod, rose to a sitting position, took a deep breathe, "I want to propose".
My first instinct was to joke, "Already taken, dude".
Mikey looked grateful for my respond, I don't know what he expected, "Not to you, idiot".
"Whoa", I breathed out, "That's huge. Are you sure?"
"I am, I really love Alessa, I never felt like this", he smiled.
"Are you sure dude? Are you ready to spend the rest of your life with her?", I smiled uneasily.
I was concerned, he hadn't had a really serious girlfriend for more than 6 months after Linda and we all know how that ended. I was afraid that he was mixing normality for love.
"I am Skyler, I can honestly say that I'm more than ready to grow old with her", his eyes lit up.
"Awww my dude", I attacked him with a hug, "My dude. I can't believe my dude is getting married"
He giggled and hugged me back, "If I make it to the wedding"
I let go of him, "I'm giving you my blessing".
Alessa was a nice girl, she was really chilled out and she seemed to compliment Mikey..
He chuckled, "Thanks but what I wanted to ask is how girls liked to be proposed?".
"I don't know", I shrugged, "Some like it soppy, some romantic, I like it out of the blue at random places".
"How Gerard proposed, I remember he used to drive us insane with how when and where?".
"On which time?", I giggled.
"Um both?", he shrugged, resting his ipod on the night stand.
"On both it was out of nowhere, I mean the first was when we went on tour with bullets and the second we were drunk shitless", I mused, "But I don't suppose you'd do the same".
"It seems kinda unspecial", he raised his eyebrows.
"I know it looks that way but it was special to us, I rather have him do it that way than go all soppy and declare his undying love for me", I rested my head on his chest and cuddled up to him, "Alessa seems a cool chick, so I'd say go for the mix".
"There's a mix?", he started making little braids in my hair.
"Yeah, make it soppy but don't cry".
We laughed.
"I'll try".
"I feel so old talking about marriage", I moaned.
"You were married for like 5 years now", Mikey chuckled.
"I know, but now that you're getting married, it makes us the old married couple and you're the newlyweds", I complained.
"You had a big break in the middle", he shrugged under my head.
"Aw that was awful, I wish I could erase what happened, but that made us so much stronger together", I grimaced, I hated to remember that shit, these past days were really peacful, we bitched at times but it was not a full blown fight.
Mikey said nothing, he kept braiding my hair but then he kissed the top of my head and squeezed me closer to him.
Now that's what I call peace making.

"Skyler!", Gerard's voice hollored through the warm house and into Mikey's room.
"What?", I yelled back.
"Jesus", Mikey shifted and rolled his eyes, he hated when I did that.
"Where are you?!", Gerard called back.
"In Mikey's room", I shrieked.
"Having sex?", Gerard laughed.
"Hardcore and kinky!"
Mikey pushed me off the bed, "Are you nuts? My mom's home!"
I laughed as I tugged on the blanket with all my might, making Mikey roll of the bed and land on the floor with a thud.
I heard Gerard's steps coming up the stairs, soon enough he kinda kicked the door open, Mikey and I looked up, each from our respectable spots on the floor, Gerard didn't usually kick doors open but it's because he's hands were occupied....
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