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The next best thing.

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A furry grandchild...

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He held a little German Shepard puppy under his jacket.
I knelt with excitement, "A puppy!"
The puppy whimpered and licked Gerard's palm, "He's a late Christmas present"
"A puppy!", I exclaimed, outstretching my arms in anticipation.
Gerard beamed and gave it out to me, I curled on the floor with the puppy on my lap, he scanned me with his big brown eyes like to see if I harm him, tilted his little head like he's processing me and then let out a little yap and licked my face since I was cooing non stop at him.
I kinda leaned back on Mikey's bed and wiped the drool with his blanket.
"Hey", Mikey protested but came around to look at my new puppy.
Gerard sat on the floor next to me and scratched the puppy's head, in return he purred a little like a funny cat and bent his head in Gerard's direction.
"I always wanted a dogie!", I cried out.
I was shaking like a leaf, it was a childhood fantasy to have a dog.
"I know", Gerard kissed my cheek softly.
"A puppy!", I exclaimed at Mikey.
"Temporary loss of words", he chuckled.
"A puppy!", I called at Gerard and squeezed the puppy closer.
"I know", Gee kissed me again, this time a deeper kiss on the mouth.
"Eww!", Mikey groaned.
"There's no pleasing you", Gerard broke the kiss and flipped Mikey off.
"I don't want you to please me"
"Are you sure?", Gerard wriggled his eyebrows at him, smirking, "You know I can"
"A puppy", I cooed at the puppy, making them both laugh, "Does he have a name?"
"Can I name him Duncan?", I couldn't tear my eyes of the little fury warm creature that looked at me with his smart brown eyes and I was positive he understood every word I said. Or cooed.
"Duncan?", Mikey made a face, "What the fuck?"
"What's wrong with Duncan?", I pouted, I mean what right does he have to diss the name? He has a cat called teenie!
"He's a fucking dog! Give him a middle name why don't you", he rolled his eyes.
"Fine then he's Duncan Frank Way", I declared, teasing, "What do you suggest then?"
"A puppy or Minnie or sunshine, something more dog-ish", Mikey shrugged and Gerard coughed a little, stuffing his giggle at the sunshine reference.
"How would you feel if your mom would've called you human or that thing that has 2 legs Way?", I demanded, pulling Duncan closer to me.
Mikey rolled his eyes and opened a drawer close to where he sat on the floor, he took out a little squeezy ball that made a sound of another dog barking, Duncan whimpered and buried his little wet nose in my lap.
"Mikey!", I frowned at him.
"Gah!", he threw his hands in the air.
"Why do you even have dogie toys?", I followed Gerard's example and scratched Duncan behind his ear.
"It was Gerard's gift for my 1st birthday", he shrugged as he put the toy back in the drawer and closed it.
I looked at Gerard, wrinkling my nose.
He rubbed his forehead, smiling a little, "I really wanted a dog and mom didn't let me have one so when they brought Mikey from the hospital I figured it's the next best thing and I could pretend he's a puppy, I was kinda bummed when all he did was eat and sleep but when he started crawling, I was thrilled! I taught him how to fetch and made him drink from a bowl and when mom didn't watch I tied a sheet around his neck and took him out for walks, his name was puppy like too", he giggled, "Mikey fetch, Mikey come, Mikey sit...Yeah the sitting was a hard trick for him to learn...So giving him dogie toys was the next obvious thing".
I glanced at Mikey and almost chocked at his face expression, "And all this time I thought you were a loving brother!"
"I was!", Gerard smirked, "I loved you like a brother loves his puppy!"
I was laughing so hard at this point that Duncan slide from my lap to the floor and darted to sniffle his fellow dog...I mean Mikey..
"Kids! Ray and Kristen are here!", Mrs. Way called from downstairs.
I smiled to myself, no matter how old we were or how many times we got married, Mrs. Way always called us kids. It gave me a fuzzy feeling inside cause I was included in the kids part and not just a whore or a bitch or a good for nothing waste.
I gasped, "What about Duncan?! We can't just leave him alone"
"We can drop him off on our way home", Mikey slide his jacket on.
"And leave him all alone with your beasts?", I spat out, disgusted.
"Who do you call beasts? They are nice and caring kitties!", Mikey argued back.
"Kitties my ass, they tried to kill me!"
Mikey snorted.
"Whatever", I stroked Duncan's fur, "She accidentally cuddled up on my face. I'm not leaving Duncan with them"
"We can leave him with my mom", Gerard brushed off his jeans and reached out to help me on my feet.
"But he doesn't know her", I picked Duncan up carefully, his pointed ears twitched and he craned his neck to watch Gerard.
"Well you can't take him to the city with us, it's too noisy for him", he put his hands on my shoulders and steered me out of the room.
"Mom!", Mikey screamed, stomping down the stairs, "You have a first grandchild!"
Mrs. Way came running from the kitchen, clutching her apron to her heart, her eyes popping out.
Gerard pushed Mikey from the last step, "He's kidding, mom. He meant Duncan"
"Duncan?!", she whispered.
Gerard jerked his head in my direction, "Can you stay with him tonight?"
Her eyes rested on the little sweetheart in my arms, "Oh"
"You're not afraid of a little puppy, aren't you ma?", Mikey teased her.
She shook her head.

After another hour of me and Kristen gushing over Duncan while he was showing off and chasing shit and bathing in the attention, we fixed him a little soft bed in the kitchen in an old basket Gerard dug up in the garage, and ate some of the cookies Mrs. Way baked, the guys managed to pry us off him once he curled up in a little ball in his little basket and he even yawned with that tiny jaw of his!
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