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A kind of magic.

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Hogwarts drop out..

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"Hey guys!", Frankie ran up to me, Gerard and Ray, waving what looked like a pair of handcuffs, "That officer taught me a magic trick!"
"An officer taught you a magic trick?", Gerard chuckled.
"Yeah he's a former magician, he went to school of magic and shit", Frankie jerked his hand behind him where the ex magician already disappeared down the street and into the crowd.
"Now I feel safe", Gerard rolled his eyes and tighten his hold on me.
"What like Hogwarts?", I giggled at my own joke.
"Yeah", Frankie widened his eyes, "How did you know?"
"Just a lucky guess", I shrugged.
The people you'd meet on new years eve in New York...
"Wanna see it?!", Frankie ignored Gerard's lack of enthusiasm.
"Sure", Ray and I nodded...Well I nodded, Ray looked like he's in pain.
"Good!", Frankie clasped his hands and rubbed them together, "I need two volunteers", he looked around, ignoring the fact that we were the only 3 people he knew in line, "I need two volunteers whom I never met", he focused his eager gaze on us.
We avoided looking at him. No one trusted Frankie armed with handcuffs...No one trusted Frankie armed with anything to be honest.
He coughed, "I need two fucking volunteers. Now".
I looked at Gee who was sternly observing his cigarette and I glanced to my left at Ray who stared down at his hands like he's seeing them for the first time in his life...I looked at Frankie who started to pout and I felt angry, they never give Frankie a fucking chance, just a fucking benefit of a doubt...But he always have it his way, so it's either we resist but one of us would end up not being too happy and chained to something in the end of the night or we go willingly...And end up not being happy and chained to shit at the end of the night..
I sighed and did what anyone who didn't know Frankie well enough...Or someone incredibly stupid and stepped forward.
"Excellent! Young lady whom I never met, what's your name?", Frankie put his hand on my back.
"Umm Diana", I exclaimed.
Ray and Gee gave me funny looks, "What I always wanted to be Diana", I shrugged.
"Anyone wanna join the young lady?", Frank beamed at the still skeptical Ray and Gerard, "What about the smoking motherfucker?", Frankie smiled casually like he didn't just call Gerard a motherfucker.
Gerard shook his head, "I ain't no fool".
"Hey!", I nudged him, "You should just give Frankini here a chance"
"Yeah what do you say", Frankie dangled the handcuffs in front of Gerard's face, "Don't tell me you don't wanna be chained to this knock out here, let the magnificent Frankini amaze you"
Gerard grinned at me and then turned to smirk at Frankie, "I know you. You wanted someone who doesn't"
"What about you complete stranger?", Frankie flipped Gerard off and moved to his next victim...Er, I mean Ray.
"Fine", Ray grumbled, "As long as you stop pouting like a school girl"
"I swear", Frankie slapped his hand on his chest, "No more pouting like a school girl".
Frank pulled Ray on our side, "What's your name, young chap?"
"Fuck off", Ray muttered, looking around.
"OK then", Frank beamed at Gee, our only and not exactly enthusiastic audience, "Diana and fuck off will assist me in my next trick. Please place one of your hands in front of you"
Ray and I did as we were told but the minute Frankie was about to handcuff our wrists, Ray pulled his hands back, "Are you sure about this?"
"I am the great Frankini", Frankie reassured him but Ray wasn't easily convinced, Frank sighed, "I'm sure".
Ray outstretched his hands again with evident hesitation.
Frankie handcuffed us, displayed the little key and with dramatic swift move placed it in his mouth.
"No", I gasped but Frankie answered my fear with a confident smile.
All of the sudden he coughed a little and his eyes popped as he reached for his throat, "Oops"
"Oops?!", Ray dropped his hand which pulled mine down too, "Oops? What do you mean fucking oops?"
"I kinda swallowed the key", he looked miserably at us.
"Is it part of the trick?", Gerard asked in a patience tone.
Frankie shook his head a little, Gee put off his cigarette and fucking charged at him, "Then spit it out fucking Frankinshit!!".
"No Gee!", I tried to stop him but Ray didn't and I got to watch Gerard perform the Heimlich on Frankie and try to stick fingers in his throat before I managed to encourage Ray to move with me and convince Gerard not to strangle Frankie who already turned purple from Gerard's frantic shaking..
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