Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2008-01-25

i feel soo so so sorry for frankie. i was hoping the whole time that he was just kidding and he really had a spare key or something.. or that the trick would've somehow been a success. poor little frankini, it didn't go exactly how he planned.
i think i have an idea why gerard was so pissed about it. having his friend cuffed to his uhm.. kinda-like-a-wife would kill the atmosphere if they were getting it on..
please don't make him strangle frank. there's easier ways to make a person puke. there's also more fun ways to make a person puke. wanna know a few?

oh and you know what? when you say 'frankini' it means "my frank" in finnish. cool, eh?