Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2008-01-25

if there will be a sequel, make it short please. i don't think writing a long story about everyone being in pain would be a good idea. a short one, maybe but not too long. and yeah, damn right you promised some answeres and we are gonna get some !
first i was extremely shocked by the way you ended the story but girl you're a genious. no cliché-ish happily ever afters. when you truly catch your readers off guard, that's when you know you've got talent.
i'm gonna go all soft now so if you choose to not want to hear it then just ignore me please but when i look back now, this is the best fan fic, or just about any fic i've ever read. if you won't write a book i'm gonna personally kick your ass. with a little help from jacob. after all he's the evil one. i, on the other hand, am so sweet you're gonna get a toothache.
enough about that..,
as i was saying, you've improved so much that it's almost unbelieveable.
you know how to keep the story going and interesting without getting all carried away. and that is something most of us can't do.
i've read many long long fics on this site, and every time i look back and think about all the chapters from te first one to the very last one, strangely the whole concept seems ridiculous. it's weird how the longer a fic is, the less realistic it gets. chapter by chapter. you think about the character's lives and you see a soap opera. you see "days of our lives" and "the bold and the beautiful". you see a stupid sitcom that was written by old script writers with no life. a show that would have been doomed unless little thirteen-year-olds found the actors extra cute.
and here comes the part you might wanna hear: everything about this story is real. the characters are real, the situations they get into are real, the good times they have are so real they make me smile and laugh out loud, making my mama think her girl now lost what was left of her sanity. the pain the endure is so real it makes me wanna take some of it for myself to carry so that things would be slightly easier for them.
so basically, you have succeeded writing a long excellent story without committing any crimes.

thank you.