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new found love

(#) TheMasteroftheWicket 2008-01-25

Yup, you're officially a teenie! I read your profile and seriously threw up. Why do you type like that, that's fucking stupid! Not only are you bad at summaries, you're a horrible writer! You can't spell for shit, and I highly doubt that ANYONE in My Chemical Romance would say OMG, it's fucking retarted. Gerard Way is not your husband, shut the fuck up teenie. Oh, yah, My Chemical Romance is awesome... Like OmG You Fuckin teenie, you have the IQ of a pudding cup, If you only like MCR Because of Frank, Gerard, and Frerard, fuck you, go to hell!

Author's response

Sarcastically Im GlAd yOu lYkE mY sToRiE!!!!11!!one!!!one-thousand, one hundred and eleven!!!!!

i already said i was bad at summaries. y did u read it if the summary was so bad?