Review for new found love

new found love

(#) Disenchanted 2008-01-26

I think frankxgerard and fr3r4rd15ho7 are thesame person. I think frankxgerard just wanted to see how people would react to a teenie on ficwad. Or maybe I have an over active imagination. But look, fr3r4rd15hot can obviously talk like a regular person:

"Shit, she was joking! O__O fxg is not a teenie!!!

And besides, you should like her stories for what they are, not because she joked one time about teenies.


Why the fuck did you write something so crappy if you knew how to talk normally?

Author's response

Nah, it's not her. i can use real english when i want to, like if i'm really serious about something and i actualy think about it but when i wrote this i didn't feel like it. fxg is a cool person and i think that every one should read her storys and it got me angry when some one said that they were gunna stop reading her storys or some thing

I promise you we are not the same person