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new found love

(#) frankxgerard 2008-01-27

Jesus fuck, this is getting seriously out of hand, I was joking. I'm sorry TheMasteroftheWicket, and I don't see any of the other teeny stories on here getting as bad reviews as this one. At least this doesn't have way too much cutting and alcohol, or whatever the fuck people seem to have gotten in their minds that they should write stories about Gerard doing, when life has gone beyons that. Teenies do not make the world go round, but they don't offset it too bad either. It's the people who flame people for writing what they want who do, and no one ever said that everything on this site is going to be written by a college professor. I wouldn't be so harsh, because I bet I could find plenty of mistakes in some of the people's fics who critisize this one.

Author's response

thank you!!!