Review for new found love

new found love

(#) Disenchanted 2008-01-27

Well, I was not flaming. I just thought it was weird that someone intelligent would actually write this. Cause I didn't really like it (-sweat- sorry)

And of course, you'd find mistakes in other stories. Cause like that stupid Hannah Montana song goes "everybody makes mistakes". But those mistakes are minor.

And well, seriously, everyone writes about this stuff. They write about Gerard doing drugs, Gerard being a bastard, and they (we) write about Gerard fucking Frank. I bet you do too fxg. I just think that this story did not match the good imagery and plot/character development that most stories here do. And as far as I know, the United States Constitution gives me the freedom of speech and press.

It just annoys the fuck out of me that my stories don't get these many reviews! So in a way, I'm jealous of you fr3r4rd15ho7. You got like, 11 really well thought out ones without even working too hard. Congratz, dude.

Author's response

hahahaha. well some times people read stories and like them but dont review but if some one reads a bad story they leave a nasty one