Review for new found love

new found love

(#) TheMasteroftheWicket 2008-01-27

I know, but this is like the first one I've ever read. I liked the title and though the story was going to be good too I guess, I honestly apoligize, you're right, It has gotten out of hand, I'm sorry everyone. And Disenchated, I love your story 'While Love's On The Line'! It's amazing. I'm very sorry fr34d-i5-h07 (Geeze, that took forever to write, ahaha) about the bad reviews on your story, I just, I can't stand things like that, and I tend to say what I'm thinking. Oh and to all of you...
Ok, I'm done.

Author's response

hehe, "frerad"...that was a took me a long time to log in coz i missed out the other r and didnt notice.....

you can take the title if you want i dont care

im gunna delete this story anyway. its causing too many arguments