Review for Tri-Wizard, Again

Tri-Wizard, Again

(#) mumihp 2008-02-14

I agree with cj.Cold, you should send sirus a care package, with food, colthes, tent, also a spare wand or waepons like knives. Also maybe some muggle diguises, like sirus should die his hair, grow a bird, somthing like that so his doesn't look like sirus black.

Also isn't going to be word to be like 6 fot something and only 14 year old?

Also a request PLZ DONT MAKE THIS A GINNY/HARRY OR HERMIONE/HARRY FIC, cant stand them also Harry is mentally older so he should get with a older girl like fluer or tonks, harry shouldn't bother with silly young school girl crushes,

Also if Ron gets jealous cause of Harry's look, then ron isn't a good friends, I would Prefer harry Good looking, independent, than a cissy he doesn't buy a decent pair of colthing becuase ron mught get jealous.

Looing forward ot the next chapter.

Also how is he croxasues hier, for his mother side?????