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Slightly AU Fourth Year. During the course of the summer before fourth year Harry receives help from the future. Not only is he sent his future memories, but his power as well. The Tri-Wizard Tourn...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry potter or anything to do with it. It belongs to Miss Rowling and Warner Bros.

Summary:Slightly AU Fourth Year. During the course of the summer before fourth year Harry receives help from the future. Not only is he sent his future memories, but his power as well. The Tri-Wizard Tournament will still obviously happen. Dark!Harry. Might have some slight Dumbledore Bashing. Pairing undecided at the moment.


Harry Potter was sitting in the second bedroom at Number Four Privet Drive. His third year at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had just ended and he had found out that he had a godfather. Unfortunately he hadn't been able to live with him, since he was still a wanted fugitive. Sirius had escaped from Azkaban just to get to Peter and save Harry.

Two weeks into summer break Harry had been lying in his bed when a sudden pain ripped through his head. He fell back on to his bed screaming as the pain increased. It felt as if his body and entire being were stretching. He could distantly hear his uncle pounding on his door and screaming at him to shut the hell up, but he couldn't seem to get into his room. Harry passed out and wouldn't wake for an entire week.

When he did wake up it was to sun streaming into his eyes. He brought his arm up to cover them. Then bolted straight up in bed. He noticed that his feet were dangling on the edge of his bed. He thought back into his mind and tried to remember what happened. A memory flashed before his minds eye of an older him performing a ritual. It would send back his memories and powers. He now knew that his older conscience and his younger were blended together.

He had the memories of his older self, of a war torn future. He knew what he needed to do. He grabbed his wand which was on the nightstand next to his bed. He needed to remove the tracking charm on his wand. He spoke the incantation “ Shieldus ex Magicka astomini Detectora” and watched as a gold mist came out of his wand, enveloping it then disappeared with a flash. He waved his wand around his room, causing everything in the room to fly into his trunk and then for it to shrink. He picked it up and slid it in pocket. He sent Hedwig on ahead to the Leaky Cauldron before cleaning and shrinking her cage.

He walked towards the bathroom to see just how much he had grown. He looked in the mirror and was shocked. He was now at least six foot tall and had gained quite a bit of weight and muscle. His muscles were definitely more defined and he even had a six pack now and his shoulders had broadened.

Now he needed to get out of his relatives house and to Gringott's without being recognized. He walked down the stairs and saw his aunt and uncle sitting in the living room. He cleared his throat and waited for them to turn around.

“I just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving. We probably won't see each other again, hopefully ever. So, goodbye.” He said, waiving and leaving them speechless. He walked to the front door and out to the street. He walked a couple of blocks from Privet Drive so he could avoid Mrs. Figg. He walked into an alleyway to change his disguise. He concentrated and felt his hair grow longer. He conjured up a mirror and checked his reflection. He was happy to see a brown haired, blue eyed boy looking back at him.

He walked out to the sidewalk, making sure no one was looking and stuck out his wand to call the Knight Bus. About thirty seconds later there was a loud 'bang' as the purple double-decker pulled up in front of him. A young pimply faced wizard got opened the door and got off.

“Welcome to the Knight Bus, transportation for stranded witch or wizard. I am Stun Shunpike and I will be your conductor this morning. Where ya headed?” He asked.

“Leaky Cauldron please.” Harry replied as he climbed on the bus.

Stan nodded. “Right that'll be sixteen sickles please.”

Harry counted out sixteen sickles and handed them to Stan before taking aseat. The bus took off throwing Harry back a bit, even though he knew what to expect. The ride only took about fifteen minutes but Harry was glad to be off the bus. It was really crowded this time for some reason. Then he remembered that England was hosting the Quidditch World Cup this summer. This brought on memories of the Weasley's.


Harry stared in shock and horror at the burning house in front of him. The Burrow, the ancestral home of the Weasley family, was burning down. Death Eater's had attacked during the night,most of the Weasley's except Ginny and Molly were at Grimauld Place. Nobody knew of the attack until they seen their two hands shrivel up and fall off the Weasley clock. They all got to the Burrow but it was too late, both Ginny and Molly were trapped inside.

Harry shook his head as the bus came to a stop.

“Leaky Cauldron.” Stan called out. Harry watched as a group of people got off before him. He followed them into the familiar pub and walked up to the bar. Tom, the barmen and owner, smiled a toothless smile at him.

“What can I get for you sir?” He asked.

“I'm going to need to rent a room for the night. I would also like to have dinner tonight, and breakfast tomorrow brought up to my room.” Harry replied.

“That'll be two galleons Mr...?”Tom finished.

“Weiler.” Harry said as he handed over two gold coins and took his key. Harry walked up stairs to his room, number 5. It wasn't a bad looking room, it had everything he needed and was a hell of a lot better than the Dursley's. He sat his trunk down on the bed before enlarging it. He shuffled some things around before he found a robe and cloak he could wear. He transfigured the robes to be black with silver lining. He adjusted the sizes of both items before shadowing the hood of the cloak.

He put on both items before walking out of his room, casting a couple locking charms on it. He walks down the stairs and straight out the back before tapping the bricks with his wand. Harry watches as the archway opens up and he marches towards Gringott's. He walks up to the nearest goblin with his hood still up.

“I would like to talk with my account manager Master Bonebreaker.” He said in perfect gobbledygook.

The goblin teller looks up at him sharply before nodding.

“Follow me sir.” The goblin said.

The goblin hopped off his desk before walking out a door below it. He motioned for Harry to follow him. They walked down a couple of halls before coming to the family account managers section. The goblin led him through the pair of doors and down another hallway. They stopped at the door of Master Bonebreaker's office. The goblin knocked sharply on the door and received a gruff “Enter” in return.

Harry followed the goblin inside. The office was fairly spacious and well furnished.

“Sir, I have a client who wishes to speak with you.” He said.

“Very well, you may go.” Bonebreaker replied.

The teller bowed before walking out the door.

Thank you for seeing me Master Bonebreaker, honorable keeper of the Potter Vaults.” Harry said in gobbledygook.

Bonebreaker sat a little straighter at his official title.

“How may I help you sir?” He asked.

Harry let his features revert back before lowering his hood.

“I have come to seek emancipation, as is my right as the final heir of the House of Potter and Croaxus.” Harry replied.

“Of course. I will need a blood sample to verify your claims.” He said.

Harry nodded his head and stuck out his hand and allowed the goblin to place a small cut on his finger; allowing five drops to fall on apiece of parchment. He listened as Bonebreaker chanted in gobbledygook before the parchment gave a brief flash and Harry's finger healed itself.

“Hmm. Everything seems to be in order. I'll have your family rings brought up to you and I'll need you to fill out some paperwork and then I can give you an entire list of your family assets.” Bonebreaker said.

“Of course I understand.” Harry replied.

Bonebreaker pushed a button on the edge of his desk and a small brown and green goblin rushed in.

Bonebreaker made a note in a ledger on the side of his desk and waited a couple of minutes. There was a swoosh sound and inside of an “In” box was two small wooden cases.

“A new system of transporting things around the bank.” Bonebreaker said, indicating the ledger and box. “We keep the rings in these cases Mr. Potter because family rings tend to react /badly/when handled by someone other than their masters.” Bonebreaker said.

He opened the cases and sat them in front of Harry. The Potter family ring was made of gold and had a blood diamond with the family crest embedded in the stone. The Potter family crest had two griffins raised on their hind legs with the sun and the moon between them. The Croaxus family ring was made of mithril (which was very very rare)with an emerald for the stone; the family crest was also inside of it.

The Croaxus family crest was of a sword and mace crossed together with alightning bolt down the middle. It was almost perfect for Harry with his lightning bolt scar. He searched his mind and felt two faint connections connecting to his family rings. He could control these to make the rings merge or for them to become invisible.

Harry picked up the Potter ring first and jolt of magic flow through his body to his very center where it seemed to fill him with pride and love. He picked up the Croaxus ring and slid it on his finger. This time the jolt was more subtle but with an ancient and controlled power. The ring filled him with a sense of justice and determination.

“Congratulations Lord Potter-Croaxus. Now for the paperwork you need to sign.” Bonebreaker said before handing over a stack of papers.

It took him twenty minutes to get through signing all the forms. Some of them were for his emancipation and the last two were for transferring the control of the wards on all his properties over to him. He had to sit back for ten minutes and take a headache potion after that.

“Here are the ledgers for all the accounts in your families names.”Bonebreaker said.

Harry took the set of four ledgers. Two of the ledgers were the finances for each family both monetary and investments. The other two contained a complete lists for all the properties owned by each family.

Harry opened the first one which happened to be the Potter ledger for money and investments.

Potter Family Finances

Trust vault-587-125,000 galleons, 35 sickles, 14 knuts

Lily Potter(personal vault)-692- 9,000 galleons, 24 sickles, 2 knuts

James Potter(personal vault)-385- 25,235 galleons, 10 sickles

Potter Family Vault-10

Liquid-275,987,234 galleons, 500 sickles, 23 knuts

Jewels/Weapons/Misc.-5,983,534 galleons, 19 sickles, 28 knuts

Bank of England- 23,867,415 pounds

Investments-14,987,329 galleons, 24 sickles, 14 knuts

Harry shut the first ledger figuring that he would take a look at the investments later. He decided to check out his other family's finances.

Croaxus Family Finances

Vault 715-250,000 galleons, 17 knuts

Vault 237- 15,983 galleons, 23 sickles, 3 knuts

Croaxus Family Vault-25

Liquid-355,982,787 galleons, 5,000 sickles, 235 knuts

Jewels/Weapons/Misc.-17,388,568 galleons, 13 sickles

Gringott's Moscow Branch

Vault 733-14,875,938 galleons, 19 sickles, 4 knuts

Bank of England-14,255, 876,668 pounds

Bank of America- 2,789,456.95 American Dollars

Investments-35,146,569 galleons, 14 sickles, and 5 knuts

Harry closed that Ledger too before shrinking them all and slipping them into his pocket.

“Nobody but yourself will be able to read those ledgers unless given express permission by you. Although the Croaxus family is younger than the Potter family they have more money because they have made wise investments over the years. The Potter family has always been known for their great wards, while the Croaxus family is known for technological developments. They created an early form of the Wolfsbane potion and veritaserum.” Bonebreaker said.

“I think Iwould like to have my parents personal and my trust vault emptied back into the Potter family vault. I also need a way to get money from my vaults without going down. Do you something like that?” Harry asked.

“Of course we'll have those vaults emptied by this evening. Yes we have a money bag system. The money bag is connected directly to your vault and we have the equivalent of a muggle wallet. It comes with a passport, identification, proof of emancipation, a muggle credit card, and amuggle debit card. This can be tied directly to your muggle bank account. Would you like to go with either or both of these items?” Bonebreaker asked.

“Yes I'll need a money bag for connected to both my vaults and I would like a muggle wallet connected to my Bank of England account under the Potter name.” Harry said.

Bonebreaker made some notes in the ledger again and the requested items were transferred just like the previous.

“Here you are my lord, all you need to do to tie them to yourself is led a drop of blood fall onto them.” Bonebreaker said.

Harry nodded his head and allowed a couple of drops to fall on each one.

“There that's taken care of, now that they are personally keyed to you you can always call them to you if they get lost. If they are handled by someone without your permission then they will arrive back in your vault. Is there anything else I can do to help you?” Bonebreaker asked.

“This appears to be all the business I need to take care of today.” Harry said.

'If I might make asuggestion, my lord. I think it would be beneficial for you to get asecond wand and some wand holsters. There's a shop in Knockturn Alley that crafts wands. Nichello's I believe is the name. They are more expensive than a normal wand but much better suited to their master.” Bonebreaker said.

“Thank you Master Bonebreaker, I was thinking of doing that before. I suppose this concludes our business for this morning. May your gold always flow.” Harry said, switching to gobbledygook at the end for the respectful goblin farewell while bowing.

“And your Lord Potter-Croaxus.” Bonebreaker said bowing back in respect.

Harry walked out of the office and was immediately set upon by another goblin who led Harry back to the lobby. Harry walked up to one of the free tellers.

“I need someone to take me to my vaults.” He said.

“Very well. Igstrom!”The goblin yelled. A smaller goblin with yellowish tan skin walked up. “Take this client to his vault.”

The little goblin motioned for him to follow before climbing into an empty cart.

“Which vault?” The goblin asked.

“25.” Harry replied.

The goblin nodded his head before flipping a switch on the side of the cart. They were immediately launched from dead stop to full speed in less than two seconds. They sped down the tracks at speeds faster than most roller coasters. It took about twenty minutes before they started slowing down. They finally came to stop in front of his vault. When they got off Harry's legs were a little shaky but he got it under control in aminute or two.

“Are you alright, my lord?” The goblin asked.

“Yes, I'm fine now.” Harry said before walking up and pressing his family ring into the indention on the face of the vault. The vault door flashed white before creaking open. The inside of the vault was about three times as large as the Great Hall of Hogwarts. It was sectioned off into different rooms, each with a label on the door. There was one for library,jewels,cash,family papers, potions ingredients, weapons, forge and inventions. Harry decided to check out the library first. He walked into the room and found it filled almost to the brim with books. The room had to have had an expansion charm on it, it was so large. He walked to the pedestal in the middle of the room which had a directory book on it. He tapped it with his wand and said “Family magic”. A pile of about thirty books sat beside him almost immediately. He also grabbed a few on the dark arts, rituals, blood magic, and various other school subjects. He set them inside amulti-compartment trunk he found sitting on the pedestal. He also grabbed a book written by one of his ancestors on how to make brooms. He knew that some would help him with his abilities, some of which were locked.

He next went over to the potions storage room to find all the ingredients in a suspended animation field. He grabbed ingredients he would need to make several of the potions this summer. He grabbed himself a few new cauldrons and some stirrers and voice-activated burners. He took out his trunk and placed them all inside of the trunk careful not to miss any of the ingredients or break any of the containers.

The next room he visited contained the weapons. It had just about any kind of weapon imaginable inside of it. He didn't really think he would benefit by carrying anything bulky around so he looked around for some daggers. Daggers he would easily be able to hide inside of his robes. He found a pair of daggers that he liked. The blades on them were about seven inches long and they were identical. The blades were black and the handles were wrapped in dragon hide. They were simple but functional. He didn't really want anything really gaudy. He slipped them into two holsters which went onto his thighs before disappearing under disillusionment.

Harry saved his favorite room for last: The invention room. It was filled with different inventions his family had come up with over the years. He remembered coming here in the future and it had provided him with alot of interesting toys. He grabbed a device that would allow the subconscious part of his brain to absorb information when a person sleeps. He also grabbed a metal band that goes on your head, which taught different languages both magical and non-magical. He grabbed aring that allowed the wearer invisibility. It was gold with an emerald stone in it. For the person to turn invisible they have to turn it in a half circle clockwise. It even worked against magical eyes but if someone could read aura's they would see the person. He found a pair of magical contact lenses as well. They were charmed for automatic prescription, able to see through invisibility cloaks, solid objects, and give improved night vision along with heat vision.

He packed everything up and walked out of the vault where the goblin was waiting for him patiently. The goblin sat up straighter in the cart when he seen Harry.

“I would like to go to vault 10 now.” Harry said.

“Of course my lord.” The goblin replied before waiting for Harry to be seated and flipping the switch again. They stopped five minutes later in front of a pair of golden double doors. The Potter family crest was carved into the gold. Outside of the vault was a pedestal with a bowl on it. The Potter's were cautious so he would have to allow some blood to fall into the bowl and state his full name.

Harry walked up to pedestal before taking out one of his daggers and cutting his palm. He allowed a small amount in the bowl to collect before stating, “I Harry James Potter-Croaxus, Head of the Most Ancient and Noble Houses of Potter and Croaxus ask for entrance to his vault.”

A deep rumbling voice answered back “Enter Harry James Potter-Croaxus, Head of the Most Ancient and Noble Houses of Potter and Croaxus.”

The doors opened allowing for a fine mist to flow out and a whoosh of air to rush into the vault. It to was sectioned off into different rooms but wasn't as large as the Croaxus vault. Harry only came to get some books and apair of letters and boxes his parents left for him. He walked into the room with the Potter family library and repeated the same process as he had before. He was able to quickly find the boxes and letters his parents had left for him. He shrank everything down and put it in his trunk with his other belongings.

The ride to the the surface of the bank didn't seem to take as long, as they were there in no time.

May your gold always flow.” Harry said to the goblin bowing slightly, getting a bow in return.

Harry shifted his hair to be silver shoulder length and changed his eyes to completely black, so no whites showed. He walked straight to Varillo's, a new robe shop that served elite, and mostly rich purebloods, after leaving the bank.

“How can Ihelp you?” One of the sale clerk's asked. She was a fairly tall woman with brown hair and blue eyes. She had a haughty expression on her face and was looking at him as if he might not belong there.

“I am in need of a completely new wardrobe including ten everyday robes, 10 robes for special occasions, and four dress robes. I would like them all to be made with acromuntula silk. I need pants, some shirts, undergarments, socks, two pair of dress shoes, two pair of regular trainers, and two pair of dragon hide boots. I also want a long dragon hide coat. I want a complete charm set done on all of my clothing including: Weather-proof, resizing charm, repairing, and atemperature regulating charm.” Harry replied.

The sale's clerk seemed to perk up the more Harry went on.

“Of course sir, if you'll follow me we'll take all your measurements.” She said leading him into a dressing room in the back. “Please remove all of your outside clothing except your undergarments.”

If Harry hadn't been caused to grow up when he received his memories he might have blushed all over. Instead he just had a light blush on his cheeks which he swiftly shifted away with his metamorph abilities. Quickly he stripped with his back to her before turning around to a young seamstress come in. She looked on his body and blushed before gasping when she looked into his eyes. He could tell that she was unnerved by the slight look of fear in hers. He closed his eyes and when he opened them again they were blue.

“Better?” He asked. She flushed guiltily and but still gave him a small nod causing Harry to chuckle. “Good.”

The girl began taking his measurements, seeming to running her hands over his muscles more than necessary. Harry just went through it with a small smile on his face. Writing down his measurements on her clipboard the young seamstress walked out so she could give them to the head seamstress. She and another older woman walked back in levitating acontainer of different colored materials. They spent an hour coordinating different colors and designs.

Harry quickly got redressed before walking out of the changing room after the two seamstresses. He walked up to the counter to see the sales witch from earlier.

“Have you found everything to your satisfaction sir?” She asked with asmile.

“Of course but I would expect nothing less with what I have heard of this business.” Harry replied

“Thank you sir, we always appreciate our customers.” She said. I'll bet you appreciate their money even more Harry thought with a mental snort.

“How much is my bill?”He asked.

“Your bill comes to six thousand galleons, twenty-four sickles and four knuts.” The sales witch replied.

Harry took out his money bag and said “6,300 galleons, 24 sickles, and 4 knuts”

“Here's the money for my bill and a hundred galleon tip for yourself and each of the two seamstresses that served me.” He said with a winning smile.

“Thank you sir. How would like to go about getting your purchases sir?” She asked.

“I'll come by and pick them up. When should they be ready by?” He asked.

“We could have them ready in half and hour sir for an extra 500 galleons.” She replied.

“That'll be fine. Thank you.” He said before bowing and walking out the door. He walked back out into the busy streets of Diagon Alley and started towards Flourish & Blotts, intent on picking out some books. He was just about to walk in when he hears a commotion coming from inside Knockturn Alley. A guy was running towards Diagon Alley with aurors chasing after him. Harry didn't really think about it before drawing his wand and firing off a tripping hex and sends acoil of rope binding his arms to his body seconds later.

“Thanks.” A female auror said panting slightly. “I didn't think that guy was ever gonna stop.”

“No problem.” Harry said with a grin. “I'm glad I could help.”

“Could I get your name for my report?” She asked.

“Lord Aalyn Croaxus.” Harry responded using a fake name. “May I ask what yours is?”

The auror was momentarily shocked by his name before responding, “ I am auror Tonks.”

“Then I bid you good day auror Tonks.” He said bowing slightly before continuing on his way to Flourish and Blott's.

He walked slowly through the store. He could see a few first and second years going from isle to isle with their families. It was nice not to be noticed and pointed at because of something he hardly remembered. He walked through each section at a leisurely pace grabbing anything of interest to him. He finally left two hours later with a package of 250 shrunken books.

He made his way back over to Varillo's to see a smiling sales witch standing behind the counter. She snapped her finger and four seamstresses came out of the back. They each had arm loads of Harry's clothes. Harry spent the next half hour going through the clothes satisfied with his purchases. He decided to wear all black outfit except for a charcoal gray shirt, dragon hide boots, and his long dragon hide coat.

He walked down to the magical tattoo parlor down the road the alley. He walked out ahundred galleons poorer, sporting matching dragon tattoos that circled both of his nipples, a shadow cat on his shoulder blade that disappeared every once and a while. He had the words “Fuck em All” tattooed on his right bicep and on his left bicep he had aphoenix clutching a sword wreathed in fire. All he to do was drink an outline potion which burned the design into his skin and then drink the coloring potions. The whole process took almost an hour. He checked his pockets before walking up to the apparition point and disappearing with a small crack.


If you've reached it this far in this chapter, thanks for reading. This is a side story that kind of popped into my head. I am currently working on chapter 2of Black Heir and chapter 4 of A Different View of Things, Year One. Again I appreciate all your reviews and support.
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