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Settling In and a New Roommate

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Harry moves into his new place and invites Sirius to move in with him.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or anything to do with it. It belongs to Miss Rowling and Warner Bros. This story is intended for entertainment only and not for profit of any kind. As always reviews, suggestions, and comments are appreciated.

A/N: Finally another chapter out. Sirius is no longer on the run and has somewhere safe to live. Harry will have someone to help him get ready and practice his magic with. I will be starting the next chapter soon.

I haven't decided on a pairing yet, even if there will be a fixed pairing, at least at first Fleur and the Gryffindor chasers are definite possibilities. There's a poll in my profile that you can vote for which pairing you like the most. Yes I made up the family Croaxus. I tried to at least be a little original and not cliché with the wand components.

Next chapter will have Harry working on his magic, maybe doing some rituals and removing the rest of the bindings on himself. Also there might be some Harry/Tonks interaction, I am thinking of making them friends first at least. Until next time, enjoy.


With a sharp crack Harry appeared into Morgan Alley on the other side of London. This alley was cleaner than Diagon Alley and was more updated than the other. He was here specifically because the Potter family owned an apartment above a couple of stores. He walked down the street before pulling out a strip of paper. It read: Marauder's Party Pad is located at 1356 Morgan Alley. He concentrated on what it said and he saw the top of two buildings materialize and grow taller.

Who'd of thought the marauder's would be able to do the Fidelius Charm. He walked up the stairs and up to the door. He put his hand on the knob and felt a tingle go over his body. The door creaked open and as he walked through all the lights came on. There was a 'pop'and standing before him was a brown skinned house elf wearing a white dress with pink stripes.

“Hello master Potter, I am Mipsy. Are you going to be living her sir?” She squeaked out.

“Yes Mipsy I am.” He replied.

“Allow me to give you the tour master then I will start on some dinner if you like.” Mipsy told him.

“Sure, sounds great.” Harry said.

Harry followed her through the entire apartment. There was definitely a liberal use of enlargement charms. The living room had two leather couches and two recliners. It had a giant fireplace with a bear skin rug in front of it. There were pictures of the Marauder's framed on the wall, some with Lily and some without.

There was four fully furnished bedrooms with king sized four poster beds with silk sheets and their own fireplaces. Each of the bedrooms had their own bathrooms as well. They were lavish with gold plated faucets and shower fixtures and marble flooring. The tubs could hold at least five people and had their own jacuzzi settings. The showers were equally large as well with shower shower heads at practically every angle. There was a ritual room/workshop where the marauder's had made their own joke products and pranks. He definitely knew that Fred and George would love that place. There was a game room with a muggle pool table, a foosball table, darts, and a poker table. Off to the side of the room was a fully stocked bar including wines. There was even a library( Moony's idea probably). On the shelves were most of the Marauder's old school books and even several they had written themselves. The kitchen was pretty large as well as the attached dining room.

Mipsy started dinner so Harry decided to visit the library. He walked over to the shelves are started looking over the books the Marauder's had written. They was a multitude of books including: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs: The Hexes, Jinxes, and Curses You Outta Know,a four books set called Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs: A Complete Guide to Pranking Bullies, Friends or Just About Anybody, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs: Afull listing of Useful Wards and Protection spells, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs:How to become an Animagus, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs: Fighting Dirty the Maraudering Way, and Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prong's Present: The complete book of all our inventions. He sat down and began reading the book on Hexes, Jinxes and Curses. He was a third way through the book when Mipsy called him for dinner. The dinner was delicious, there was roast pork with thick brown gravy, mashed potatoes, and green beans with bacon, he chose coca cola to drink. It seemed that the Marauder's had a taste for muggle soda.

He went to bed shortly afterwards since he had things to do tomorrow.

He awoke the next morning to the wonderful smells of breakfast. Walking into the dining room he saw the entire table covered in different foods. There was eggs(scrambled, poached, over easy, hard), bacon, sausage, ham, pancakes, toast, waffles, French toast, and all kinds of fruit.

“Mipsy didn't know what you would want master so she made a little bit of everything. Did I do good master?” Mipsy asked looking up at Harry will tennis ball sized eyeballs.

“Of course Mipsy, thank you.” Harry replied while chuckling before tucking into his meal.

Afterwards he walked into the ritual/work room and set up some cauldrons before he started brewing some nutrient potions. Last night before he went to sleep he had came up with a plan to help Sirius. He was going to have Sirius move in with him, since he really had just as much right to live there as Harry did since he was actually a marauder. The wards would make sure that no one caught Sirius unless he went out on his own. Harry figured he with at least three solid meals a day and some nutrient potions Sirius should at least be able to get physically healthy; almost back to the way he was before Azkaban.

He went to the library to write some letters.


Sirius Black, escapee of Azkaban and godfather of one Harry Potter, was currently sunning himself on a island owned by the Blacks in the Caribbean. He was wondering what his godson was doing when he saw an owl flying towards him. The owl itself was a non-discrept brown, showing no importance. It swooped down and dropped a letter in his lap. Sirius conjured it a bowl of water and gave it some owl treats. He looked down at the letter and recognized the writing of his godson, he quickly ripped open the envelope eager to read it. He pulled the letter out noting a gold galleon inside of the envelope.

Dear Sirius,

I hope this letter finds you well and not getting into trouble. I doubt this very much however, since you area Marauder. I'm doing pretty good since I left the Dursley's. I am living on my own now in one of the Potter properties. Which brings me to the reason for this letter.

I am going to give you the offer which you gave me in third year. I want you to come live with me at the flat. I'm sure Mipsy wouldn't mind it if you came as well. That should give you a general idea of where I am. The wards will keep anyone from finding you and you are guaranteed to get a good rest and good food. God knows that house elf can cook.

If you decide to come and stay with me the galleon inside is a portkey. One I made, something I'll explain to you if you come. To activate it all you need to do is say 'Marauder's Pride'.

Hopefully seeing you soon,

Your godson Harry

Sirius sat there staring at the letter for twenty minutes weighing his options. He didn't really want to go back to England but on the other hand he was missing precious time to get to know his godson. He gathered his few belongings and walked over to Buckbeak. He quickly bowed to the creature and started petting it when he got a bow in return.

“I'm gonna go a way for awhile but I'll come back and take care of you.” Sirius said rubbing it's beak getting a purr from it. Buckbeak nodded his head in acknowledgment. Sirius burned the letter before grabbing the galleon and whispering “Marauder's Pride”. He felt the tell-tale sign of a portkey as he was whisked away.


Hermione Granger looked up from reading her book when she heard an owl tapping at her window. She saw a large black eagle owl with red carrying a cage with small bronze owl with black markings around it's eyes. The owl swooped into the room, the window magically resizing so it and the cage could fit, and set the cage down on her dresser before landing on her desk. Hermione quickly took off the letter off of the black owls leg after giving the owl a treat and some water.

Dear Hermione,

How is your summer going so far? Mine is actually going pretty well so far. Ifinally got to leave the Dursley's. Now listen before you freak out, I am perfectly fine and safe. I have my own place to live that even Dumbledore would have a hell of a lot of trouble finding, he'd need to be told where it was. I plan on doing quite a bit of studying this summer and researching some other things besides school stuff.

I have already completed my summer homework, so all the rest is just extra. I do plan on having some fun this summer as well however. I might be having a certain “grim” living with me as well. I hope you like the little bronze owl, she's in search of a good home and aname as well.

Your friend,


B.T.W.- The black owl is a new addition to my family, his name is “Vader”. He's not evil by the way(red eyes).

She couldn't believe it. On one hand she knew that Professor Dumbledore wanted Harry to live with the Dursley but another part was happy that he was able to get away from them. She was also very thankful that Harry got her an owl since she hated having to use other people's owls to send her letters. She chuckled at Vader's name. The owl must have sensed her laughing at him cause he turned around and gave her a glare that Snape would be proud of and took off out the window.

“Moody owl.” She muttered.

“What should your name be little one?” She asked the little bronze owl.“How about Athena?”

The owl hooted once before putting it's head under it's wing.


Harry looked up from his reading when he heard the ward alarm signaling aportkey arrival. He quickly got up and walked into the living room. Stranding there in a pair of jeans with holes in the knees and a t-shirt that said 'Life's not fair, get used to it.'was his godfather Sirius Black. His once long matted hair was cut to shoulder length and he appeared healthier than he was before. Sirius looked up when he entered and smiled.

“Hello Harry.” He said while giving his godson a hug. “You've really done some growing up since I last saw ya kid.”

“Yeah, well I've had a pretty interesting summer so far Sirius.” Harry replied. “I am glad to see you however.”

Harry walked over to one of the chairs and waited for Sirius to do the same.

“So what have you been up to Harry?” Sirius asked.

“Well as you can see I moved out of the Dursley's and have come into my inheritance for both my families.” Harry said.

“Both families?” A surprised Sirius asked.

“Yes Potter and Croaxus.” Harry said with a smirk, “The Croaxus one is actually from mum. Apparently most of her family were squibs. No wonder Petunia was jealous of mum, mum was pretty and awitch.”

“Croaxus!Wow that's a pretty powerful family there.” Sirius said mirroring Harry's smirk, “People won't know to associate it with you either, which could come in handy. While the family is well known it has been without a head for quite some time. Since they are mostly squibs, which don't show up on a magical family tapestry, it would be even harder.”

“There are some other things but I am going to have to ask you for a wizards oath before I tell you.” Harry said.

“A wizard's oath eh?” Sirius asked before nodding. “I Sirius Orion Black, Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black do hereby swear on my life and my magic not to repeat anything that my godson Harry James Potter, Lord of the Most Ancient and Nobles Houses of Potter and Croaxus tells me until he releases me from my oath.”

There was a flash of magic and tingle went through both of their bodies. Sirius looked over at Harry expectantly.

“Well it's kind of weird, earlier this summer I received powers and memories from my self in the future.” Harry said causing Sirius' jaw to drop.

“Wh-wh-what?” Sirius asked.

“Yeah I have been sorting through the memories with Occlumency and it appears that Voldemort was resurrected and we were losing the war pretty badly in the future. My older self was one of the last surviving members of the Order and used a ritual to send his powers and memories back in time. It's really fucked up.” Harry said.

“Wow.” Sirius said but was other wise speechless. After sitting there for ten minutes he decided to voice a question. “How did I die in the future?”

Harry looked sad for a moment.

“I was lured to the Department of Mysteries by a false vision from Voldemort. I thought that he had you and was torturing you so I set out to rescue you. In truth he wanted a prophecy that involved the two of us and he didn't want to pick it up and expose himself. We battled some death eaters including your cousin Bellatrix Lestrange.” As Harry said the name causing Sirius to let out a dog like growl,“You and the Order came to rescue us and you started fighting Bellatrix but got hit with blasting curse and sent through the Veil of Death.”

“Bella killed me?” asked an amazed Sirius. “I was always better at dueling than her when we were younger.”

“Well to be fair you didn't really have much chance to duel since you were stuck in Grimmauld Place plus you got cocky and was taunting her when you should have been fighting.” Harry said angrily, his aura flaring a little.

“Whoa, Whoa kiddo. I don't plan on dying anytime soon.” Sirius replied hastily.

“Sorry it's still kind of a sore subject for me.” Harry said taking adeep breath, he continued. “There are a lot of things I want to do Sirius and I am going to need your help. If we're going to fight another war I want to be ready and I need to train. Dumbledore expected me to die while killing Riddle so he never really tutored me in any kind of advanced magics or defense.” Harry paused at seeing Sirius' confused face. He did a quick 'Tom Marvolo Riddle=I am Lord Voldemort', “ He did however spend a year of school telling me all about Riddle, who is actually a half-blood. I wonder what his purebloodfollowers would say to that.”

Sirius nodded his head before letting out a bark-like laugh.

“Well I know some good spells from my auror days and some my parents forced me to learn when I was younger. Not really in the best shape for dueling now though.” Sirius said frowning down at his body before smirking arrogantly, “I used to be dead sexy, now I'd have to rely purely on my Black charm.”

“I'm brewing up some nutrient potions for you and myself, coupled with at least three square meals a day we should be in good condition Ithink.” Harry said, “Do you have a wand?”

“Yes but it's not a very good one.” Sirius replied.

“I might be able to help with that. I was going to go and have a wand crafted for myself, you can never be too careful.” Harry said,“Also since I'm the head of my family it's legal for me to have two.”

“It would be nice to have a wand that was actually made for me. This one I managed to steal out of an abandoned house, when I use it I have to force my magic through it a lot more.” Sirius said.

“I'm hungry how about you?” Harry asked standing up.

“Sure.” Sirius replied while following Harry.

Mipsy turned around when they walked in. Her eyes went wide before she squealed and launched herself at Sirius' middle.

“Master Sirius you've come back! Mipsy has missed you Master Sirius.” She cried.

Sirius patted her on the head with a fond smile.

“It's good to see you Mipsy.” Sirius replied before taking a seat at the table.

“It looks great Mipsy.” Harry commented. Sirius nodded his head in agreement since his mouth was full of roast beef. Mipsy beamed at them before disappearing.

“I'm going to go to the Apothecary and buy a few doses of polyjuice potion for you then grab some hair from a muggle close to your size. Once that's done we can go and get our wands then go clothes shopping, muggle at least since I need some new ones.” Harry told Sirius,“I'll give you a nutrient potion in a bit so you can take it before you go to bed.”

“Okay.” Sirius said, “I really wish I didn't have to take the polyjuice potion though. That shit's nasty.”

Sirius made adisgusted face at the last part.

“Oh when did you take polyjuice potion?” Harry asked lifting his eyebrow in amusement.

Sirius rolled his eyes.

“One time when I was in sixth year I lost a bet and I had to go around as a girl for whole day. It was very embarrassing. I swear your father found a girl that was on her period on purpose.” Sirius said shivering dramatically.

Harry did the nice thing, well at least /he/thought it was nice, and burst out laughing at his godfather. Sirius just glowered back at him. Harry finally calmed down after his godfather flicked a spoon full of peas at him.

“You bastard.” Harry hissed menacingly at Sirius causing him to blanch. Harry's usually kind and laughing eyes iced over with the glare he sent at Sirius. Harry flicked his finger and the bowl of mashed potatoes fell on top of Sirius head. Harry took one look at his potato covered godfather and cracked up falling out his seat. The next thing they both knew a full sized food fight broke out with the two flinging food back and forth.

Harry flicked his wrist causing a shield to come up in front of him.

“Cheater!”Sirius yelled at him.

“It's not cheating if it wasn't specified that no magic could be used!” Harry replied mockingly.

Before they could start up again Mipsy popped in and let out a little scream of outrage.

“Masters!” She yelled squeakily before snapping her fingers together. Both Sirius and Harry found themselves locked in place and silenced. Harry could have broken through the magic easily but didn't since he and Sirius had just been having fun. Harry and Sirius looked at each other and burst out laughing. Mipsy shook her head sadly before snapping her fingers again causing the food to disappear, except for what was on Harry and Sirius.

“What our clothes Mipsy?” Sirius asked.

“Masters should know better than to throw food. You'll have to clean yourselves.” She said before disappearing.

“Well damn.”Harry said.

“You said it kiddo.” Sirius said.

“I'm gonna go take a shower before heading out.” Harry said.

“Sure thing pup.” Sirius said.

Harry pulled himself off the floor before walking into his bedroom and straight into the shower. Twenty minutes later he was out and dressed, pulling up the hood on his black cloak Harry apparated out of the apartment. In less than a second Harry appeared at the Diagon Alley apparition point before striding purposefully across the alley and into Knockturn. He missed the pair of purple eyes following him curiously.

Having searched his memory he found the apothecary located four blocks inside fairly easily. Hags and different street rats had tried to approach but quickly retreated from the aura of intimidation he put off. He would have to thank Professor Snape for teaching him that some day. He also put up a voice distortion charm to mask his real one. Stopping in front he looked up the sign to make sure it hadn't changed in the future, which it hadn't it was still called: Murray and Ferguson's Potions Apothecary.

Walking inside Harry saw an old man hunched over the counters while a younger woman was stocking the shelves. The place was very clean and well ventilated since it didn't smell like the one in Diagon Alley. Harry grabbed a professional and students potions kit along with a few odd and end potion ingredients before walking up to the counter. The old man silently bagged his purchases before putting out his hand.

“That'll be 75 galleons and 6 sickles young sir.” He said. Expensive but the shop sold very good quality products.

“I am also in need of eight vials of polyjuice potion.” Harry said.

“What would you be needin' that fer?” The old man asked.

“Some friends and I are looking to do some new pranks. Nothing illegal Iassure you.” Harry replied.

The old man obviously didn't believe him but it didn't matter. He was obligated to ask by law however.

“Of course sir, of course. Youngsters these days.” The old man said before walking into the employees only section of the shop. He returned five minutes later with a wooden case for carrying the potions and one of them taken out so he could inspect it. Harry took it from the old man and put into the light before sloshing it around. It was a little thin but would still work.

“It seems fine, a little thin but it should still work.” Harry said.

“Sorry sir, just me daughter and I runnin' this old place now.” The old man said.

“How much do I owe you?” Harry asked.

“Right they're fifteen galleons a pop so, 120 galleons please.” The old man said.

Harry handed the man the galleons before shrinking the packages and putting them in his pocket.

“I'm Charlus Ferguson by the way. Come back again some time.” The old man said.

“I'm sure I will.” Harry replied before walking out of the shop. He walked over to a plain brick wall before tapping it with his wand, it melted away to reveal muggle London. Only someone who frequented Knockturn Alley knew about the entrance. Waiving his wand at his clothes he transfigured them into a plain t-shirt and jeans.

Harry stuck his hands in his pockets before walking out of the muggle-repelling wards. He walked for ten minutes before he saw a man with Sirius'build. Walking up to the man Harry tapped him on the shoulder.

“Excuse me could you tell the way to some clothing shops around here?” Harry asked.

“Sure thing. It depends on what you like really there's a mall about six blocks that way.” The man began pointing east, “Or there's a block of higher class shops downtown.”

Harry, hearing enough, silently stunned the man before cutting off a couple locks of hair and placing them in a test tube. Laying the man on a bench Harry apparated back to his apartment.


“Sirius!” Harry yelled.

“Yeah?” Sirius yelled back.

“Come on I got you some polyjuice potion!” Harry said.

“Alright!” Sirius said.

Ten minutes later Sirius came out in a pair of black slacks, a long sleeved gray shirt, black robes and dragon hide boots.

“Here.” Harry said handing Sirius a vial of polyjuice potion. Sirius took out the stopper and chugged the potion with a grimace. His skin began to bubble and move around until her the perfect image of the muggle Harry had gotten the hair from. At least it worked alright, Harry planned on taking a couple extras with him in case.

“Damn that shit's nasty.” Sirius said with a shudder.

“I feel for you.” Harry said before asking, “Do you feel up to apparating?”

“Yeah I should be fine.” Sirius said lifting up the hood of his cloak.

“You're name for this outing is Charles Roughton, got it?” Harry asked.

“Sure thing.” Sirius said, “Meet you there.”

Sirius disappeared with a /'crack'/. Harry shook his head before following.


The front of the wand shop looked just a decrepit as the rest of the stores. This was misleading however since the inside was almost perfectly clean. Tony Nichello had inherited his father's shop in Italy and had moved it to England when he met his English wife. He didn't like paying the high fees for rent in Diagon Alley and while in Knockturn Alley he was allowed to bend the ministry rules a bit.

Tony Nichello was only about thirty four years old with brown hair and blue eyes. He was a suspicious man but mostly friendly. He took his trade very seriously and was paid handsomely for what he did. There wasn't many wand crafter's left with people buying mass produced wands and increasing ministry pressure. Whoever came to Nichello's was guaranteed a good wand though. Harry had had one made for him before in the future. Nichello had been on the run then but had made it as apersonal favor since Harry and Hermione had saved his five year old daughter from Death Eaters.

“Good afternoon. What can I help you gentleman with?” Nichello asked.

Hello I was recommended that I come to your shop by mutual friends. They had nothing but great praise for your work.”Harry said in perfect Italian.

You flatter me sir. I am but a humble businessman.” Nichello replied.

“We have both come for custom wands and want the best.” Harry replied.

“Indeed. How do I know that you aren't from the ministry or Death Eaters?” He asked spitting out the words Death Eaters, “Will you agree to take a mild truth potion. It will only force you to tell yes or no questions, nothing horrible I assure you.”

“Yes I will.” Harry replied before stepping up to the counter. Nichello reached underneath and fished out a vial before handing it to Harry. Harry sniffed it and inspected it in the light, finding it to be what he said it was; not that he expected anything less. Downing the vial Harry's eyes went slightly hazy.

“Are you a Death Eater?” Nichello asked.

“No.” Harry replied.

“Do you work for the ministry?” Nichello asked.

“No.” Harry replied.

“Do you ever plan to work for the ministry?” Nichello asked.

“Maybe.” Harry replied.

“Were you sent here for any other purpose than to get a wand?” Nichello asked.

“No.” Harry replied.

Nichello nodded satisfied before giving him the antidote. Sirius went through the same thing before they were led into the back room. The back room had walls of different wand components. Nichello took out a wooden box before opening it, inside were different craftsmen tools. Next he waived his wand at a section of the wall before placing his hand on it. A panel slid out to show a safe. Reaching inside he pulled out to vials of some kind of potion.

“I'll need you to give me a little bit of your blood to mix with this potion. You'll need to feed your magic into it until it turns a light shade of violet.” Nichello said.

Harry took out adagger and made a shallow cut in his hand allowing some of his blood to seep into the vial. Slowly he let his magic seep into the mixture. It bubbled a little bit before settling down and slowly getting lighter until it was the correct color. He silently handed the vial to Nichello. Nichello pulled out a piece of parchment and emptied the vial on it while whispering a spell. Words slowly formed on the paper to say:


Hair of a male high elf(willingly given)

Tears of adaylight vampire

Tooth of a Goblin General

Hair of a shadow cat

Silver moonstone focusing stone

“Amazing. This will be an amazing wand, components of peace and war. This wand will be great for dueling and defense.” Nichello said before turning to Sirius, “Now you sir.”

Sirius repeated the process and watched as his parchment filled out:

Black Ash

Hair of agrim(willingly given)

Ash of a phoenix(willingly given)

Tooth of a pit viper

Amethyst focusing stone

“Another fine wand. A wand for death and rebirth, vengeance and redemption.” Nichello said, “It will take me three days to make these wands. When they are done I will send them to you using an express owl.”

“You'll need to place this on the owl for it to be able to deliver it.” Harry said handing him a metal pendant. It would allow the owl to find them and pass through the wards. On it's way out the pendant would disintegrate without harming the owl.

The End, For Now.
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