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It had been five days since anyone had heard from Harry Potter. His friend Ronald Weasley had been heard complaining to his sister about Harry not answering his letter by his mother Molly Weasley. Molly Weasley was a pleasantly plump red haired witch and official mother of five sons and two daughters. She coincidently considered Harry Potter to be one of her children as well.

When she had first seen Harry small and alone trying to find his way to Platform 9 and ¾ she couldn't help but feel sorry for him and protective as well. That he was so polite and helped save her daughter's life had further endured Harry to her. She was as worried about Harry as Ron was, especially after finding out about his muggle relatives. Casually making sure that no one was around she marched determinedly towards the fireplace and threw some floo powder in the fire.

“Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Headmaster's Office.” Molly called.


Albus Dumbledore was brought out of reading some dreadfully boring papers sent to him by Minister Fudge to look over. Honestly the man could hardly think for himself without Albus to assist him. He had the backing of several powerful people however so one couldn't say too much against the man. Anyways he didn't want to disrupt the ministry at this critical time with both of the Quidditch World Cup and the Tri-Wizard Tournament happening that year.

Looking over in his fireplace he saw the face of Molly Weasley. Wondering what she could possibly need in the summer he stood up. Damn his curiosity, he had always been a curious person and it worsened with age.

“What can I do for you today Molly?”Albus asked.

“I hate to bother you Professor but Ron was telling Fred that he was worried about Harry. He said that Harry hasn't answered any of his letters in the last week. I wanted to check in and see if you had Harry moved for some reason.” Molly said.

“As far I know Harry is still at his Aunt and Uncle's house on Privet Drive.” Dumbledore replied with a frown. “I will send acouple of teacher's to check it out. Thank you for bringing this to my attention Molly.”

“Thank you Professor. If you could send word if you find him or not I'd really appreciate it. God knows what those muggle relatives of his could have done to him.” Molly said before cutting the connection.

Dumbledore leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers in front of him. The comment about Harry's relatives brought back old arguments he had had with Minerva. He had his own doubts when Harry first arrived at Hogwart's, short for his age and malnourished. Though the protection around Privet Drive was to important for him not to return there.

Speaking of the protection. He thought before standing up and walking over to one of the devices dominating his shelves. He tapped it a couple of times with his wand and watched as smoke puffed up and formed the ghostly number 2/5/. The wards were only at 25 percent! That meant Harry had been gone for some time and the wards were getting even weaker. He strode over to the fireplace before throwing some floo powder in the fire.

“Minerva McGonagall.” Dumbledore stated.

“Yes Headmaster?” McGonagall asked thirty seconds later.

“Minerva can you call Severus for me. I need to speak with the two of you in my office. It's urgent so try and hurry.” Dumbledore replied.

“Of course Headmaster.” Minerva said before cutting the connection.


Harry was happily stirring a cauldron in his potions lab while Sirius was playing darts in the other room while drinking some beer. Harry adjusted the heat of his potion before setting down in a stool writing out his own potions journal of potions that he had modified or created in the future. He was making a modified version of the Polyjuice potion which took half the time to brew and would last four times as long. He had invented it when he was twenty three; he hadn't decided if he wanted to publish his works though.

If he did he would publish all his work through the Croaxus name. So far he had written down his recipes for an improvement for veritaserum, poly-juice, permanent hair restoration, skin regeneration and most importantly the Wolfsbane potion. His version of the potion cut down the cost by a fourth, tasted better and didn't leave a werewolf feeling weak and sick. He had been working on a potion to give someone the ability of metamorphmagus temporarily but hadn't perfected it yet.

He also created a potion that would allow vampires to go out into the sunlight for a full eight hours before it began to have negative effects. He had also created his favorite poison as well. It was completely untraceable and would eventually evaporate after ingested. If it came in contact with someones skin it would act as an acid and slowly burn away at it. One of his other favorite potions was actually an exploding one.

It was made with two agents that reacted badly together. It worked similar to a grenade, he just strapped a vial of each together and when he threw it they would break and mix together causing an explosion. The explosion was large enough that it could take out asmall building made of concrete or bricks. He always made sure to carry one of those around in case he needed a way to escape.

The day after Harry and Sirius had visited Nichello's Harry used apotion combined with a ritual to unlock the rest of his power. He grew an additional two inches and could now fully access all of his powers. His wand-less magic and metamorphmagus talent came easier along with being able to achieve his animagus form again; a shadow cat. He had had to use an animagus revealer potion(200 galleons) to force the change first but afterwards he was able to change on his own.

Harry had created an extra room with the help of Sirius for dueling and exercising. It had a mile long track inside which Harry ran around twenty times in the morning. Afterwards he would lift free weights before doing his dueling. He discovered a ritual that he used in the future to allow him to lift heavy loads had also followed his magic back, being directly tied to it. He could lift upwards of six hundred pounds pretty easily. Sirius had Harry dueling with some practice dummies as well since his spells were overcharged and Sirius wasn't physically able to duel for extended periods of time yet.

He had shelled out an impressive 2000 galleons a piece for each of his five dueling dummies. They were made for professional duelers though so they were charmed for durability, movement and even fired balls of paint instead of spells. They had separate spell settings including beginner, intermediate, hard, and master level. The speed, accuracy and number of paint balls they shot at the dueler increased with each level.

Each night Harry alternated between using the device to absorb information in his mind and the language band. So far he had learned Gaelic, Egyptian, and Romanian. He planned on getting through the languages he never learned in the future before relearning the ones he had. Harry walked out of the potions lab in search of Sirius.

“Hey Sirius.” Harry said.

“What's up pup?” Sirius asked after he threw a dart.

“I was wondering what you thought about inviting Moony to come and stay with us.” Harry said.

“That's a great idea Harry. Why didn't I think of that?” Sirius replied.

“I guess you're just not like the greatness that is Harry Potter.” Harry said before laughing at his godfather.

“The only reason I don't see him wanting to come is because of the full moon.” Sirius said ignoring his godson's previous comment.

“We can create another room and put a reinforce cage in it. Hell I can throw up some wards too.” Harry said. “I'm going to tell him what I told you after getting his oath as well. I could use as many allies as I can get.”

“I think that's the right choice plus Remus' a good person to have in your corner.” Sirius said. “I'll go ahead send him out aletter.”

“While you're doing that I am going to go and talk to my account manager.” Harry said.

“Okay see you later.” Sirius said before walking into the office.


Albus Dumbledore watched as Severus Snape strode into his office behind Professor McGonagall, his black robes billowing outwards. They both sat down in the chairs he conjured across from him. He steepled his fingers and looked over them at them.

“I've called you into my office because I have been informed that Harry Potter hasn't been in contact for a week with his friends. While that might not be enough to raise to many concerns, I checked on the wards on his relatives home and found them to be very low. Harry Potter is no longer living with the Dursley's and I have no idea where he is. Iwould like you to go to Privet Drive and talk with his relatives.” Dumbledore said, “It is imperative that we make sure that he is safe.”

“Typical Potter, he probably ran away just to make trouble headmaster.” Snape said a sneer on his face.

“Severus!”McGonagall snapped, “Harry wouldn't run away just to make trouble. While Iadmit that he has gotten in his share of mischief each year most of the things aren't the boy's fault.”

“Whatever you say. It still doesn't excuse him.” Snape said folding his arm against his chest.

“Ahem.” Dumbledore cleared his throat reminding him that he was still there. McGonagall blushed a little while Snape just looked down, “I will give you a portkey to Privet Drive so that you can check on Mr. Potter.”

He picked up a regular quill and tapped it while saying, “Portus.” causing it to glow blue.

“Thank you for doing this.” Dumbledore said before handing them the portkey and watching them vanish.


McGonagall and Snape appeared in an empty alleyway near Privet Drive. The only thing living that noticed their arrival was black cat which Snape quickly stunned before throwing some spells at it. McGonagall looked at him funny causing Snape to snap at her.

“What?I don't know of any Death Eater's that are cat animagus' but you can't be too careful.” Snape said a scowl on his face. He led the way out of the alleyway and shot an “/Enervate/” at the cat on the way out. They walked silently side by side down the street. McGonagall was disgusted to see that the the area looked exactly the same as it did when she had visited fourteen years ago. Snape was just as disgusted as McGonagall but for different reasons, he hated muggles and the way they lived.

He couldn't believe that Dumbledore's golden boy lived here of all places. Looking at Number four he was even more disgusted. The lawns were in a state of disarray as if they hadn't been cut in a week but aside from that it was just the same as every other house on the block. He watched from a couple of steps behind McGonagall as she rang the door bell. The door was opened by Petunia Dursley.

“May I help...” She said trailing off when she noticed their clothes and a look of disgust came to her face. “You're one of /them/aren't you? What do you want here?”

“We are looking for Mr. Potter.” McGonagall said her lips pursing together.

“He's not here. He left a few days after coming back from your freakschool.” Petunia spat.

“/Leglimens!/” Snape said pointing his wand at her head.

“Severus!” McGonagall gasped out.

“She telling the truth. The brat left of his own volition.” Snape said with a sneer, “Like I said he ran away just to cause more trouble.”

“I'm sure that's not the reason Severus.” McGonagall almost growled.

“We're glad the little freak ran away! Good riddance and about time I say. Staying here and contaminating our Dudders. He was a good for nothing freak and all he did to repay us for our kindness was to spread around more of his freakiness. Vernon tried to stamp it out of him when he was little and still lived in his cupboard.” Petunia said.

McGonagall sent her a look of pure venom causing her to shut up.

“Harry Potter is one of the most gifted-” Here Snape let out a snort“- and kindest person I know. If he had contaminated your whale of a son with anything it would only be an improvement. You are very lucky that it's illegal to curse muggles you foul ignorant woman.” McGonagall hissed her eyes flashing with anger.

Petunia slowly backed up before gathering her wits and sent them ahaughty look before slamming the door in their faces.

“Let's go.” McGonagall bit out before whirling around and walking out of the yard almost shaking with anger.*]Snape followed and wisely kept his mouth shut, after all it wasn't illegal for her to curse him, and she was a transfiguration mistress.


Harry walked down Diagon Alley after having apparated to the apparition point. He walked and casually looked around for anyone he knew. He saw a few Gryffindor's and a couple of Ravenclaw's from his year before he made his way into Gringott's. Harry walked up to the first free teller he saw.

“I need with Master Bonebreaker, my account manager.” Harry said willing the Potter ring to become visible.

“Yes sir. I'll take you myself.” The goblin said before placing aclosed sign in front of his desk.

Harry followed the goblin to Bonebreaker's office. The goblin knocked before motioning for Harry to enter.

“Thank you.” Harry said giving the goblin twenty galleons.

“Your welcome, my lord.” The goblin said bowing.

Harry walked into the office to see Bonebreaker standing in front of his desk with his hand on the sword at his hip.

“Ah Lord Potter-Croaxus please have a seat.” Bonebreaker said with a toothy smile. He walked back around his desk and sat in his chair. He waited for Harry to sit down before speaking again. “What can I do for you my lord?”

“I have some purchases I would like you to make. Also I need to make apaper trail for an alternate identity. I don't really want it to be known that the Potter and Croaxus families have the same lord.” Harry started before seeing Bonebreaker frown.”I'm not ashamed of either name, I just feel that it could be helpful to have aseparate identity. I need the identity Aalyn Maximus Croaxus set up.”

“I think we can do that milord. Sneaky like a goblin, I like it.” Bonebreaker said with a sharp smile. “What were the purchases you were speaking about milord?”

“I would like for you to purchase majority share of the Daily Prophet or if you could swing it the entire newspaper. Also I would like you to purchase 25% shares in The Quibbler and last but not least, at least 25% shares in the wizarding wireless. I want the Daily Prophet and The Quibbler bought in the Potter name and the Wireless in the Croaxus name. ” Harry said.

Bonebreaker made notes on some parchment as Harry spoke.

“I believe I can get this done milord. Where should Lord Croaxus be from?” He asked.

“Sydney, Australia and twenty two years of age.” Harry said.

“Yes milord.” Bonebreaker said, “Is there anything else?”

“No that's all.” Harry replied standing up.

“Very milord. I think everything should be taken care of in two to three days at the most.” Bonebreaker said. “I will have all of the important documents forwarded to your P.O. Box.” Bonebreaker said.

“Thank you for your time and may your gold always flow steady.” Harry said finishing in gobbledygook.

“Your welcome milord.” Bonebreaker said standing as well. He and Harry shook hands before Harry walked out of his office.


Albus Dumbeldore looked up from his paperwork when he felt the wards telling him of an incoming portkey. Sensing his creation he drew his wand, hiding it in his sleeve before allowing entry. McGonagall and Snape appeared before. McGonagall looked angry while Snape looked thoughtful.

“How was your mission?” Albus asked.

“Harry wasn't at his Aunt and Uncle's but they did say that he did leave of his own free will.” McGonagall said.

“What the /muggle/said was the truth, I used leglimency to ascertain that much.” Snape said arms folded over his chest.

“It seems that I'll have to send a letter to Mr. Potter.” Albus said rubbing his beard with his hand. “Thank you for checking out Mr. Potter's residence.”

“Your welcome Albus.” Minerva said before walking out.

“Headmaster.” Snape said with a polite nod before walking out himself.

Albus sighed before grabbing a piece of parchment.

“Harry my boy where have you gone?” Albus asked out loud before dipping his quill in some ink. Ten minutes later he folded the letter before sealing it. Walking across his office he scratched Fawkes head causing him to croon.

“Can you take this to Harry for me Fawkes?” Albus asked. Nobody told a phoenix what to do, they did it if they were feeling up to it.

Fawkes bobbed his head before taking the letter and disappearing in aflash of flames.


Harry was standing in his room looking at the outfits in his closet. He was going to go out to muggle London for the night but couldn't figure out what to wear. Scratching his tilted head in thought he rummaged through his shirts. A shift in the wards alerted him to an incoming arrival. His wand was out in a flash and trained towards a red and gold swan sized bird. Harry let out the breath he was holding before walking into his bedroom.

“Hello Fawkes.” Harry said. Fawkes trilled in reply before nudging aletter towards him. “The old coot finally figure out that I'm not at my Aunt and Uncle's?”

Fawkes nodded his head while trilling what sounded suspiciously like laughter. Harry took the envelope from him before opening it.

Dear Harry,

I have recently become aware that you are not living with your aunt and uncle. I am hoping that you were taken by force, if not, Iwas wondering if you would indulge an old man and tell me why. There are wards there that protect you and your family from harm. I think that it would be wise for you to return there before you are moved to the Weasley's.

While on the subject of the Weasley's, young Ronald and his mother have been worried about you. It was them that brought your living arrangements to my attention. They are worried because you have not sent any letters to them.


Albus Dumbeldore

Headmaster of Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Harry sighed. Protections my arse. Where were they when dementors tired to attack him and Dudley before fifth year?

Harry walked into the office nicking a few pieces of parchment, aquill and some ink. Sitting down in the dining room he wrote out ashort letter to Dumbeldore.

Dear Professor Dumbeldore,

As you found out I am no longer living with my relatives. I found some better accommodations this summer. The place I am staying at, which I can't tell you the name of even if I wanted to, is perfectly safe. My keeper holds the secret to my location.

Nobody can find me whilst I am here and I /know/that my secret keeper won't turn traitor on me. I am also not living alone, a certain grim old dog decided to move in with me. I am doing perfectly fine this summer, in fact I am sure that I will shock some people at how well. I will not be returning to Number Four Privet Drive just to renew a protection for people who never protected, but hurt, me.

I will be coming back to Hogwart's and will be on the Express on September 1/st//./


Harry Potter.

Harry folded the letter before slipping it in an envelope. He sealed it with wax before pressing the Potter family ring into it. That'll show him that he doesn't have the legal standing to send me back there. Harry thought.

“Can you take this back to Professor Dumbeldore Fawkes?” Harry asked. Fawkes bobbed his head in reply and took the letter from him.“Thanks Fawkes.”

Fawkes jumped in the air trilling before disappearing in a burst of flames. Harry grabbed another piece of parchment parchment and wrote a note to Ron and the Weasley's. He cast a charm on it so only the Weasley's could open it and put in an amulet so that they could send letter's straight to him through the wards.

Walking back into his bedroom he sighed. He still didn't know what he wanted to wear.

“Sirius!”Harry called.

“What's up pup? I sent out a letter to Moony by the way.”Sirius said.

“Good. I need some help picking out my outfit.” Harry said causing Sirius to laugh.

“No problem kid, no problem. You've come to the right man.” Sirius boasted striking a pose.

“Pleasse!You're the only other person here aside from Mipsy. Seriously Sirius I need help.” Harry said with a smirk.

“No serious Sirius jokes kid.” Sirius said with a look of disgust.

“Deal.” Harry replied laughing.


The entire Weasley family, including Bill and Charlie back from their jobs, had just finished supper when they heard an owl tapping at the window.

“Can you get that Ron?” Molly asked.

“Sure mum.” Ron said getting up to open the window. “Hey it's Hedwig!”

Hedwig flew in the open window landing on the table and stuck out her foot. Bill was closest and took the letter off.

“It's addressed to the Weasley Family.” Bill said before reaching to breaking the seal, which he absentmindedly noticed was a family seal, before he could he felt some magic scan him before it broke. “It has some security charms on it.”

Pulling out the letter he proceeded to read aloud to the family.

Dear Weasley Family,

First let me say sorry for being out of contact for about a week. I am no longer living with my muggle relatives so I was in the process of moving and taking care of some business. I got a letter from Professor Dumbeldore saying that you were worried about me, well you shouldn't be. I am at an even safer place than I was before, with only four other people know where I live.

If you look in the envelope I sent over a pendant that will allow you to send me mail at my current location. I might come for a visit sometime but I'll call before.

See ya later,

Harry Potter

P.S. Yes I am getting enough to eat Mrs. Weasley. Three full meals a day and more if I want them.

Bill reached into the envelope and sure enough he pulled out a gold pendant with a ruby embedded in it

“I wonder why he didn't say where he wasn't at.” Ron commented.

“Obviously he doesn't want people to know.” Ginny said rolling her eyes.

“No, I don't think he /can/tell you. A pendant like this only has to be used when going through some heavy wards most likely a Fidelius charm. Someone else must be his secret keeper.” Bill said. He took out his wand and waived it at the pendant while whispering a spell. A few seconds later asmoky Harry Potterfloated above it causing a look of respect to come to Bill's face.“Wow Harry made it, that's some pretty advanced charms work.”

“I do hope the boys okay.” Molly said.

“He said he's fine Molly, he's got no reason to lie.” Arthur Weasley said soothingly. “Why don't you write him inviting him over for supper sometime this week Ron.”

“Sure thing dad.” Ron said.

“Ickle Harrikens-”

“Is becoming independent.” Fred and George said.

“What are you two talking about?” Ginny asked.

“Well sister dear-”

“If you look-”

“At the seal-”

“On the envelope you-”

“Will find the-”

“Potter Family Crest.” Fred and George replied.

“And?”Ginny asked raising an eyebrow.

“And the seal is made from the Potter Family ring, which means Harry has taken over as Head of the Potter family and is emancipated.” Charlie said before the twins could. “How'd you two know that?”

“What do you-”

“Take us for-”

“A couple of-”

“Idiots?” Fred and George asked before shaking their heads in mock sorrow.

“Our own-”

“Family doesn't-”

“Believe in us.-”

“Woe is-”


The twins cracked up before walking off to the rooms. Percy had already left after Bill opened the letter saying something about“Cauldron bottom thickness.”


Harry stood in front of the night club /Oasis/he had heard was popular in the future. Sirius had finally helped him find an outfit. He was wearing form fitting black jeans, black studded combat boots, and a tight black silk shirt. His hair was silver with orange highlights and was spiked up, while his eyes were bright neon green. Both of his wands were currently strapped to his wrist, just in case.

Walking through the door he could feel the music thumping and making it's way through his body. He walked up to the bar and ordered adrink. The bartender looked to be about twenty-three or twenty-five. Her hair was strawberry blond and went down past her shoulders. He ordered a glass of Jack Daniels, he might as well since he couldn't get drunk. Apparently the basilisk venom and the phoenix tears in his blood canceled out the alcohol.

“Got an I.D.?” The bartender asked. Harry handed her his conjured fake Id, which showed him to be twenty one. “Here you go.”

Harry took the glass from the bartender before handing her twenty pounds and waiving off the change. He walked over to a table and sat down slowly sipping his drink and listening to the music. He got up ahalf hour later when a couple of girls asked him to dance. He spent the night dancing with the girls off and on. Melanie was clearly the older of the two, around thirty, 5'7 with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes while the other girl, Sharlene, was in her early twenties, had brown hair, green eyes and was about 5'6 tall. Both of their bodies were mouth watering hot.

When the trio was about to leave Harry went to the bathroom to shoot off a messenger spell to Sirius that he might not be coming home that night. He left the club grinning with a girl on each arm.


The next morning Harry woke up in a tangle with two bodies. Looking over on both sides he found a woman causing him to grin widely. It was his first threesome, in this time line at least. Harry climbed out of bed before placing a sleeping charm on the two women when they started to stir.

After getting dressed he walked into the kitchen and cooked himself some breakfast before leaving some out with warming charms on them. He also mixed some hang-over remover in the coffee. After making sure he didn't leave anything he apparated back to Morgan Alley. Harry walked inside his apartment whistling merrily with a smile on his face only to stop dead facing an amused Remus and Sirius.

“Have fun last night pup?” Sirius asked with a smirk.

“A gentlemen never tells.” Harry replied smirking right back causing Sirius to crack up. “But I can tell you their names were Melanie and Sharlene.”

Sirius face fell causing Remus to laugh at his friend.

“A threesome not bad cub.” Remus said.

“It's not just isn't fair. My own godson is getting more tail that the infamous Sirius Black.” Sirius said shaking his head in mock-sorrow.

“Give it up Sirius, you've lost your touch.” Remus said grinning.

Sirius did the mature thing and gave him the one finger salute. Harry and Remus just laughed at him.

“Now Harry Sirius said in his letter that you had something important to tell me.” Remus said looking over at Sirius. Harry sighed before running his hand through his hair. He called Mipsy for some butterbeers before sitting down.

Harry proceeded to tell Remus everything including most of what he had done since leaving the Dursley's.

“Wow cub, just wow.” Remus said shocked.

“We want you to come and stay with us to Moony. The more the merrier, I'm sure I could use your help for some of the adventures I'm going to be going on. Plus you can help me with my dueling.” Harry said.

“Harry, cub I can't. You know about my lycanthropy.” Remus said immediately protesting.

“Bullshit. I can make the wolfsbane potion. My version tastes better and doesn't have the nasty side effects of the original. It was used by you and others in the future successfully, and we're both animagus'. We can lock ourselves in with you and ward the room.” Harry said.

Remus sighed.

“Alright.” Remus said. “What do you plan to do about this year?”

“I plan on using the map to “catch” Barty Crouch Jr., Imight have to reveal it to the Headmaster. Although maybe you could help me make a couple of copies in case the aurors try to confiscate it.” Harry said.

“I'm sure I can help you. It was most Lily and me that did the Charms work on it.” Remus said with a smile.

“I also plan on collecting and destroying Riddle's nine horcruxes. So when snakeface does eventually come back he will be easier to kill.” Harry said. “The locket is at Grimmauld Place and the ring is in the Gaunt cottage in Little Hangleton. Hufflepuff's cup is in the Lestrange family vault in Gringott's. Ravenclaw's diadem is in the Room of Requirements at Hogwart's, so I can take care of it there. Ravenclaw's mirror is at the orphanage Riddle grew up in. Nagini is with Voldemort at the moment and Gryffindor's wand is in an underground bunker in Munich.”

“Nine.” Remus said shocked. “The man is an abomination. It's unnatural.”

“The only problem I see with destroying them is what's to say he can't make more.” Sirius said.

“He can't Sirius. His soul is already split too much. If he split it anymore the pieces would just cease to exist.” Remus said.

“Hold up I thought you said he had nine.” Sirius said. “You only listed eight.”

“His scar.” Remus said horrified. Harry nodded in confirmation.

“How does one go about killing a Horcrux?” Sirius asked.

“There are several ways: Fiendfyre, using Gryffindor's sword, basilisk venom, or a good old fashion Avada Kedavra.” Harry said.

“How do we go about getting rid of your scar?” Sirius asked.

“A killing curse to the head did it last time. That was purely accidental actually.” Harry said with a smile.

[*A Killing Curse?!?!?!?
” Remus and Sirius screamed at the same time.

The End. For Now.


Another Chapter finished. Harry's powers are completely unblocked, he's buying up the media, Dumbledore finds out Harry's missing, Harry gets lucky and Remus moves in. The club scene was almost a Honks scene but I decided it was too early for them so I went with some muggle OC's. Nothing graphic or a sex scene at all. If there will be any in this story or not they will be more detailed with the main characters, but won't be graphic either.

Next chapter will include: Horcrux hunting, a visit to the Weasley family, at least one flashback, and finally heading back to Hogwart's!
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