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A few days later had Harry, Remus and Sirius preparing for an excursion to get some ingredients to destroy the horcruxes. Their destination? The Chamber of Secrets. They were going to harvest the remains of the basilisk Harry killed in his second year. Harry knew that it wouldn't have been eaten because of it's poison; plus he had gone back and harvested it in his sixth year the first time.

Strapping both of his wands to his forearms he walked into the living room carrying a trunk full of harvesting equipment. Shrinking the trunk he placed it inside of his pocket and waited for Sirius and Remus to come out of their rooms.

“Ready to go guys?” Harry asked.

“Yep.” Sirius said. Remus just nodded his head.

“Alright when I transform remember to hold on to me. It would probably be best if you closed your eyes, I am told that it can be a little disconcerting..” Harry said with a smirk before transforming in his animagus form. The outline of his form shimmered like smoke but it was clear that he was at least eight feet long from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. His paws were a bit larger than twelve inches across and had three inch razor sharp claws. His form was muscular and sleek, and his emerald green eyes literally glowed.

The two older men looped an arm around the large cat after only a moment of hesitation. The three were immediately engulfed in a complete darkness, although Harry could see where he was going. It was like the world turned completely gray and white and somewhat warped and fuzzy around the edges. He literally traveled all the way across England and Scotland in seconds to reappear in the Chamber of Secrets.

As soon as they materialized the torches on the walls lit themselves, but there was still a presence of darkness inside. The Chamber looked exactly like it had the last time he was there, dead basilisk included. Sirius and Remus let go of who promptly transformed.

“Bloody hell that buggers huge.” Sirius exclaimed when he looked at the basilisk.

“Indeed, I got lucky when I killed it..” Harry said before taking his trunk out and enlarging it. After setting it on the floor he pointed his wand at the basilisk.“/Wingardium Leviosa./”

He carefully levitated the basilisk until it was lying straight and on solid ground instead of in a pool of water. Opening his trunk he pulled out a long metal dagger. He started slicing at the basilisk's mouth and slowly and carefully cut the giant snake down it's middle. It took a total of five and a half hours between the three of them to harvest the basilisk.

It was worth it though, they had enough basilisk hide to made at least thirty armored vests. Harry planned on having it all made into vests except for enough to making a set of dueling and battle robes. Plus there was still the skin that was outside the chamber from when the thing had shed. The organs and everything else was worth a quarter of a million galleons if not more on the potions market, not that Harry was thinking of selling it really.

They all conjured chairs and sat back after disposing of the rest of the corpse that wasn't usable. Harry sat staring at the statue of Slytherin for thirty minutes before getting a crazy idea. He spent another ten minutes going over the theory he had read in the future before standing and drawing his wand.

“What's up Harry?” Sirius asked.

“I was just thinking, I killed Voldemort when I was a baby right?” He asked rhetorically, “I have also fought him a couple of times after that. I technically won those battles so I have the right to claim my 'Right of Conquest'.”

Harry was smirking at the end.

“I don't get where you're going with this.” Sirius said with aconfused look. Remus however gave a gasp of recognition.

“That's very dangerous Harry.” Remus said.

“What?What?” Sirius asked getting annoyed.

“Harry is going to claim all of You-Know-Who's assets and family titles with the Praedia Bellica.” Remus informed him. “It's a rather difficult spell, and can only be cast by someone loyal to the Light.”

“Think how pissed off this will make Tom.” Harry said smirking.

“I won't try to stop you Harry, you just better make sure you've got in you to do it.” Remus said.

“I do Remus.” Harry said privately thinking I hope this works.“/Praedia Bellica!/”

The beam of magic shot out of his wand and shone through the entire room. He could feel the dark power of the chamber fighting back so he pushed harder with his magic. Sweat formed on his brow as he held the power up eventually he felt the darkness give before it was blown away. A bright flash of light went through the entire room.

Harry fell to his knees breathing in heavy gasps. It had taken more out of him than he thought it would. He had read about the spell in the future but had never used it. Sirius helped him stand up before setting him back in his chair.

“Thanks.” Harry said when he got his breathing evened out. “Conjure atable will you.”

Remus waved his wand conjuring a plain wooden table. Focusing Harry called Slytherin's ring to him allowing it to fall onto the table. Apparently he was still able to call it to him through Tom's wards since he now controlled the Slytherin family legacy. The table around the ring began to turn black and whither before their eyes. Waving his wand he muttered a long countercurse, removing the flesh rotting and blood boiling curses on it.

Harry gripped a basilisk fang before plunging it towards the stone. He could feel the magic of the horcrux pushing out against it but they began to give out when he pushed harder. A little bit of venom fell out of the fang and struck the stone causing it to sizzle. Harry pushed harder until there was a loud /'crack'/sound and a dark, pain filled scream. Harry waived his wand over the ring murmuring a spell before letting out a sigh of relief.

“The horcrux is completely gone.” Harry said sliding it on his finger before either of the men could try and stop him. He felt a probe go across his mental shields but while it was aggressive, it wasn't threatening. He realized with a start that it was the ring, lowering his shields a little he let the probe go through.

It searched through all of his memories before redrawing with awhispered his of “You are worthy.” Suddenly information of a hidden underground chamber even beneath the Chamber of Secrets entered his mind, he also found the location of the castle Slytherin lived in as a child. He was showed how to control the wards around the Chamber, and the magics within.

He couldn't wait to go into the secret chamber since he was sure that Riddle had never been in there before. When he had the chance he was going to adjust the wards and passwords as well. Focusing he called any of the other family rings tied to the Slytherin family but didn't get anything in return. Sighing he sat back in his seat.

“Damn. This is shit load more than I figured we'd get down here.” Harry said chuckling.

“That's an understatement if I ever heard one.” Sirius said with asmirk.

“Harry you will have three seats on the Wizengamot. Even if you don't reveal that you have them, you can use a proxy.” Remus said.

Harry smirked at Remus with a devilish look in his eyes.

“Uh oh. I don't like that look in your eyes.” Sirius said. “James had that same look when he pranked Mellisa Shaw and me when I was trying to shag her.”

“Need a job Remus?” Harry asked still smirking.

“A job?” Remus asked quirking an eyebrow.

“I need a proxy for the Potter seat.” Harry said.

“I dunno cub. I don't think they'll like having a werewolf on the Wizengamot, if there's not a law against it.” Remus said.

“I'll look it up. I think you could do a lot of good for the stodgy ministry.” Harry said.

“Yeah, you can get prostitution legalized.” Sirius said only to get two amused stares. “What a guy can dream can't he.”

“Maybe Padfoot, if you don't the skills to shag someone without paying for it.” Harry quipped with a smirk causing Remus to laugh at Sirius.

Sirius just pouted at his godson.

“He got you good Padfoot.” Remus said still chuckling.

Sirius took the mature route and flipped them off, causing them to laugh even harder.

“Well we got the basilisk all rendered down and one horcrux taken care of. Why don't we head home?” Harry asked.

“Sure thing pup.” Sirius replied vanishing his and Remus' chairs causing Remus to fall on the floor. Sirius barked out a laugh at the scowl sent his way. Making sure they had everything Harry changed forms again and transported them back home. He decided against telling Sirius and Remus about the hollow in Slytherin's ring. He would place it under wards so it would be hidden and safe.


Harry walked up the dirt lane towards the Weasley family home, the Burrow. He had received a letter the night before inviting him over for lunch and some quidditch. He was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, black steeled-toed boots and a black t-shirt with the phrase'Your village called. There idiot is missing' on it. His hair was short and spiked up with silver tips, showing off his scar to the world. His eyes were their normal emerald green however. His firebolt was slung over his right shoulder as he walked kicking some rocks down the road every so often.

Knocking on the front door, he only had to wait about thirty seconds before it was thrown open by Molly Weasley. He was immediately grabbed in a tight hug that could crush anormal man. Mrs. Weasley went to pat his head but only got his chest instead causing Harry to laugh.

“Well look at you Harry dear. You sure seemed to have had a growth spurt.” Molly said.

“Yeah it kind of came as a surprise to me.” Harry said with alopsided grin.

“You're definitely looking healthy dear. But that doesn't mean you couldn't still do with a good meal. All growing young men need hardy meals.” Molly said.

“Well I definitely won't say no Mrs. Weasley.” Harry said still smiling.

“Come in dear, come in.” Molly said. “The kids are out back with our two oldest Bill and Charlie.”

“Okay Mrs. Weasley.” Harry said.

“You can call me Molly dear. You're getting older and saved our Ginny, it's the least I can do.” Molly said patting him on the cheek before making shooing motions with her hands.

Harry walked out back to see Hermione, Ron and Ginny sitting on the ground under the shade of a large tree. Bill and Charlie were horsing around with the twins while Percy was sitting by himself writing on some parchment. Setting his broom against the side of the house Harry disillusioned himself before silencing his feet. Creeping over towards Ron he bent down till he was next to his ear.

“Oi git!” Harry yelled causing Ron to jump, letting out a girlish squeal.

Harry burst out laughing while he canceled the spells on himself.

“Harry!” Hermione screamed throwing her arms around him and hugging him tightly.

“Bloody hell Harry! What happened to you?” Ron asked a look of envy and slight jealousy on his face.

“I had a little growth spurt.” Harry said with a smirk. “And did some shopping.”

“Little my arse. It looks like Harry is going to give Ron a run for his money.”Fred said throwing an arm around Harry's shoulders.

“Indeed brother mine, indeed.” George replied copying his brother.

“He's going to have to pry off the girlies this year George.” Fred said snickering.

“Yep, if ickle Gin-Gin is anything to go by.” George said causing Ginny to flush as red as her hair. She had indeed been staring at the“new and improved” Harry.

“Quiet you two.” Hermione said rounding on the twins. “What happened to your glasses Harry?”

“I got contacts.” Harry said. “I like them a whole lot better than my glasses.”

“Come with us Harry chap. We'll introduce you to are other two brothers.” Fred said leading Harry over to where Bill and Charlie were heckling Percy.

“This here's Bill. He's of the curse breaker of course.” Fred said.

“Nice you to meet you.” Harry said shaking Bill's hand.

“Likewise. You're the talk of the town around here a lot of the time.” Bill said smiling.

“And this here's Charlie.” George said. “The Dragon handler.”

“How's it goin'?” Charlie asked as he shook Harry's hand.

“Pretty good.” Harry replied still grinning. He had always liked Bill and Charlie.

“Percy.” Harry said nodding to the uptight rule-abiding Weasley.

“Potter.” Percy returned before going back to his work.

“You up for some quidditch?” Charlie asked. “Rumor has it that you're an even better seeker than I was.”

“Sure. I'll just have to prove that rumor.” Harry said smirking.

They split up into two teams with Harry's team of himself, Ron, Fred, and Ginny. Percy hadn't wanted to play but Bill and Charlie finally talked him into it. They played till about two in the afternoon with a final score of 275-115 with Harry catching the snitch.

“That was a bloody good catch Harry. You are really good.” Charlie praised.

“Thanks.” Harry replied.

“Bill, Charlie come set up the table would you?” Molly yelled.

“Sure thing mum.” Bill yelled back jogging over to an old shed beside the house.

Charlie clapped Harry on the back one last time before taking off after his brother. Bill and Charlie came back out a minute later floating a small table each. Setting them side by side Bill conjured a table clothe over them. Molly came out afew minutes later floating a few dishes of different kinds of food. Mr. Weasley walked out behind his wife looking a little haggard.

“Hello everyone.” He said smiling a little. “I was lucky to be able to get away for lunch today.”

“Things still hectic at the ministry dad?” Charlie asked.

“Yes unfortunately with the Quidditch World Cup and the events taking place at Hogwart's this year everyone is running around everywhere.”Mr. Weasley said.

“What's going on at Hogwart's dad?”Fred asked.

“Can't tell you that son.”Mr. Weasley said chuckling and winking at Fred. “It's a secret but you'll definitely be in for a fun year.”

“Ah come on dad.” Ron moaned.

“Sorry son. You'll find out when you get to Hogwart's.” Mr. Weasley said more firmly.

Ron, even though he was usually pretty thick, heard the warning in his father's voice and wisely dropped the subject. His father wasn't one quick to anger and never yelled, his quiet disappointment was worse than his mother's temper.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and the twins all walked into the back orchard after eating their lunch. Bill and Charlie had left to go to Diagon Alley while Percy was up in his room and Mr. Weasley had gone back to work.

“So do you guys really want to know what's going on at Hogwart's this year?” Harry asked slyly.

“What do you know?” George asked.

“Just that their won't be any quidditch because Hogwart's is hosting something big.” Harry replied with a slight smirk.

“Well what is it?” Ron asked somewhat impatiently.

“The Triwizard Tournament.” Harry said causing Hermione to gasp.

“What are they thinking?”Hermione almost shrieked.

“What's the Triwizard Tournament?”Fred asked.

“It's a tournament that takes place between the three major European schools; Durmstrang, Hogwart's, and Beauxbaton's. All three schools come together and one champion from each school is chosen by the Goblet of Fire. There are a set number of tasks that the champions have to participate in. There's a prize for the champion that wins plus they get to take home the Triwizard cup for their school. There's also a Yule Ball, which is probably why dress robes are on the supply lists. The tournament was banned and hasn't been played in 500 years because of the high death toll.”Hermione said.

“Wow.”Ron replied. “That would be pretty cool.”

“I get in enough death defying situations thanks.” Harry said. “I doubt the prize is worth dying for.”

“Still I wouldn't mind entering.” Ron said wistfully.

“Me either.”The twins said together.

“My brothers the Triwizard champions.” Ginny said sarcastically.

“So where are you staying at Harry?”Hermione asked.

“I can't tell you.” Harry replied simply.

“What do you mean you can tell us? It's not like we'll tell.”Ginny said.

“I can't because it's under the Fidelius Charm and I'm not the secret keeper.” Harry replied rolling his eyes.

“Are you sure that's safe? I mean it didn't work for your parents.” Ron said.

“Very smooth Ron.” Ginny muttered.

“I/know/that my secret keeper is trustworthy and won't betray me, even if they could.”Harry said somewhat coldly. “I am living with our favorite grim and werewolf, so I'm not alone.”

“I hope you're not getting into a bunch of mischief.” Hermione said.

“Hey what do you expect with me living with two members of The Marauder's?”Harry said hiding a smirk.

“What!”The twins yelled. “You know who the Marauder's are and didn't tell us?”

“Of course.” Harry said simply smirking.

“Who are they?” They demanded.

“What's it worth to you?” Harry retorted.

“We'll give you some of our new products we invented.” Fred said.

“Hmm.”Harry said tapping his chin with his index finger. “I suppose.”

“Moony is Remus Lupin, yes the defense professor, Prongs was my father James Potter. Padfoot is Sirius Black, my godfather and Azkaban escapee and Wormtail is Peter Pettigrew, aka Scabbers.”

His information ended up getting him apocket full of tongue-ton toffees, a couple of portable swamps and aSkiving Snackbox. The rest of the afternoon saw the twins, Ron and Harry rough housing while Ginny and Hermione chatted and read some books.


Fleur Michelle Delacour, recently turned 17, walked down Whisper Alley minding her own business. Whisper Alley in Marseilles, France. This wizarding alley was a lot cleaner and updated than it's English counterpart. The streets were wider, and paved in gray marble. The shops were all in good shape and not looking as if they were falling in disrepair.

She had come to pick up some robes she ordered and pick up some potion supplies for her maman. Her and her parents lived in their manor home just outside of Marseilles. Her father Ambrose Delacour was the Head of Foreign Affairs for the French MoM. Her mother however had been amodel in her youth, a job greatly improved by her being a veela.

Models were normally only able to work for five to ten years but her maman had been a model for twenty years. Isabelle Delacour, at age thirty nine, still liked she was 23. It was one of the things about being a veela that Fleur would greatly enjoy.

Her veela powers didn't start maturing until she was twelve, almost thirteen years old. It had caused her no little amount of grief over the years. People that had been her friends had turned their backs on her, till now she only had ahandful of loyal friends. Boys had even tried to ambush her before to have their way with her if she wasn't willing.

She was thought of as a slut or a whore because the other girls were jealous of her. It didn't matter to them that she had never actually slept with anyone before. She was glad that the French MoM was a lot less prejudiced than the British wizarding world when it came to magical creatures. There was still the odd few that thought down on her just because of her blood but they far and in between.

She definitely wasn't looking forward to going to Hogwart's this year. Even if she thought of the prestige if she won and bring honor back to her country and school. She would be more open for threats and demands in Britain, and /wouldn't/be protected by the law there. She would have to be extra careful.

She wasn't really paying attention where she was going when she accidentally ran into someone. Looking up she saw a scruffy looking man with worn brown robes, messy brown hair and a graying beard.

“Sorry.” She said hastily not looking into his blood shot eyes. She didn't see him motion with his head and three other guys come out of the shadowing alley beside them. Shifting to walk around him she felt astrong arm make it's way around her slender waist. She tried to scream but her mouth was covered by a large hand. She started panicking as she was dragged into the dark alley, trying to fumble for her wand.

“Where did you think you were going missy?” A man asked near her ear. His breath smelled like cheap whiskey and cigars mixed with old food, making her almost wretch. He snapped something cold and metallic on her wrist right as she tried accessing her veela powers.

“You might not want to do that” The man in front of her said. “We wouldn't want you getting damaged too much.”

Fleur tried to access her powers but received a violent shock in return causing her to scream out.

“Your kind should be exterminated.” A tall, thin man with shining blond hair and watery brown eyes said.

She tried to scream for help again only to get hit in the side of the head. The last thing she saw before her entire world went dark was the color of spell fire.


Harry casually walked down Whisper Alley looking at the different shops. He had originally come to buy awizards tent since they had been all sold out in Diagon Alley. He had only been to Whisper Alley once in the future when he, Ron and Hermione were searching for the horcruxes. They hadn't really had time to look at the little amount of shops that had been left then. Voldemort had led a major raid on the Alley after Dumbledore died and France refused to bow down to his demands.

Twelve hundred people were killed in that attack. It had taken place around noon when the Alley was filled with people going about their business. Harry hadn't participated in it but he had seen some pretty gruesome pictures taken afterwards. Amuffled scream reached his enhanced ears bringing him out of his reverie.

Moving swiftly and stealthily across the alley he came across a darkened side alley. He could see a group of four men crowding around a woman, who he could tell by her hair color, was obviously a veela. Flicking his wrists he summoned both his wands out of their holsters but kept them hidden.

“What's going on here?” He called out loudly.

“None of your business kid.” A man said as he kicked the body of the veela over allowing Harry to see the face of Fleur Delacour. Harry's magic leapt to do his bidding almost before his mind processed it. With a flick of wand all the men but one was launched into the air and went careening into a wall across the alley, falling to the ground out cold. The man standing had erected a shield protecting himself.

“You've got some strength boy.” The other wizard growled. “/Crucio./”

Harry flicked his wand causing a piece of stone to fly up and intercept the spell.

“Not playing around huh?” Harry asked sarcastically. “Can I at least get your name stranger?”

“Amycus Carrow.” The wizard growled.

Ossis Fragmen.” Harry said sending a bone breaker towards Amycus. “Where's your sister hiding Death Eater?”

“She's perfectly safe away from here.” Amycus said. “Avada Kedavra.

With a flick of his wrist Harry conjured a stone wall, letting it take the spell before sending the debris back at Amycus. Harry heard him scream out in pain telling him that Amycus had at least been hit by a few pieces of it. Amycus swept his wand through the air causing the area to air out. He now had a few shards of stone sticking in his skin including a large one in his right eye. Before he could retaliate Harry summoned a bench towards Amycus' unprotected back hitting in the knees, causing them to buckle.

Diffindo. Diffindo.Harry thought pushing a good bit of magic through his wand. Amycus'shield held for the first cutting curse but he was hit full on in the chest and face with the second and knocked backwards and fell to the ground with a scream. The cutting curse had made one large gash from the left side of his face to the right side of his chest and was steadily leaking blood. Waving his wand causing his wand tip to turn an angry red he ran it along the cut, painfully cauterizing it causing him to scream louder. He didn't want him dying on him.

Stupefy. Incarcerous.” Harry incanted stunning him before the ropes wrapped around him. He stunned and bound the others as well before turning back to Amycus.

“Mipsy.” Harry called.

A'pop'announced the house elves arrival.

“Yes master Harry Potter sir?” Mipsy asked.

“Take this trash back to the flat and place him in Remus' cell. Strip him of all his magical items and keep him restrained.” Harry said kicking Amycus in the ribs. “Allow no one in the room until Iget there and make sure he doesn't escape.”

“Yes master.” Mipsy said looking at Amycus nervously. She grabbed onto Amycus' arm and the two disappeared with another /'pop'/.

Turning around Harry walked towards Fleur to make sure she was alright.

“/Enervate./” Harry said causing Fleur to wake up before she screamed.


Fleur noticed her body becoming alert and screamed out, not really taking in her surroundings. She felt someone take a hold of her shoulders gently but firmly.

You're alright.” She heard a man say. His voice was low and soothing.

Looking up she saw that a man in front of her with the most gorgeous green eyes she had ever seen. He had midnight black hair that flowed past his shoulders and beautiful pale skin. She felt her breath catch in her throat. She saw him twist his wrist and catch a wand causing her to flinch. She closed her eyes waiting for what he was going to do to her.

She heard him murmur an incantation causing the suppression bands to fall off. She watched as he kicked them away from her with a look of disgust before repairing her clothes. She gently rubbed her wrists where the bands had rubbed against the skin. Taking his offered hand she allowed him to pull her to her feet.

Thank you.” She said looking up at the man that saved her.

Don't mention it Ms. Delacour. I'm glad I got here before they took you away.” The man said.

How do you know my name?” Fleur asked harshly and a little alarmed, a panicky feeling welling up inside her.

I know a lot of things Ms. Delacour.” He said mysteriously before smirking.
“And you're wearing a Delacour family ring.

“/Oh./” Fleur said flushing a little. “Can I have the name of my would be rescuer?

Lord Harry James Potter.”Harry replied.

Fleur gasped at his name causing him to look down at her. A hint of wariness and amusement in his eyes.

You're not going to turn into a rabid fan girl are you?”Harry asked somewhat sarcastically causing Fleur to both blush and scowl at him at the same time.

Of course not.” She said haughtily flinging her hair behind her shoulder. “I am Fleur Delacour.

“/Good./”Harry said with a sigh of relief causing Fleur to giggle a little.

Do you often have that problem?*]Fleur asked.

“/Unfortunately./” Harry replied with a grin before turning serious.[*
Do you know who those men are?

Yes, a group that likes to capture veela and make them slaves. I have heard of them before but never met them.” Fleur replied with a scowl.

Before Harry could say anything they were interrupted by a group of wizards in fancy brown robes with gold embroidery invading the alleyway.

Ministry of Magic! Keep your hands where we can see them.” An older man in front said as the others circled around them. He had graying brown hair and blue eyes. Harry and Fleur both rested their hands by their sides palms out showing that they weren't carrying any weapons.

I wondered when they would get here.” Harry muttered.
I am Head Auror Whitman. What happened here?” The leader asked.

I was shopping in the Alley when I accidentally ran into a man. Iapologized but was grabbed from behind.” Fleur began. “I tried to scream but they had my mouth covered with a hand. They snapped a pair of suppressor cuffs on me before I could turn my veela charm on them. They were obviously hunters.

What's your name?” The man practically demanded.

Fleur Delacour.” Fleur said, her tone bored.

The auror blanched a little at her name. The Delacour were not known for showing forgiveness and Mr. Delacour was a fierce politician. He immediately summoned a healer.

And your side of the events?” The auror asked Harry.

I was walking down the alley when I heard a scream. I ran into the alleyway and found the group of men surrounding Ms. Delacour and took action.” Harry replied easily.

And your Name?” The auror growled.

Lord Harry James Potter.” Harry replied.

The auror started a little at the name before writing it down. A Delacour and a Lord, it really isn't my day today. Whitman thought to himself.

What were you doing before you found Ms. Delacour?” The auror asked.

Not that it's any of your business but I was shopping.” replied with a small smirk.

For what?” The auror pushed.

Hookers for my friends bachelor party.” Harry replied with a straight face but Fleur could see the amusement in his eyes. The auror wasn't amused however.

I very much doubt that you will find that in my country sir.” The auror said snidely.

Eh, you never know/./” Harry replied with a smile. This guy really was a git. “Are you through with your questions I would like to go back to my shopping.

Of course Lord Potter.” The auror bit out.

Thank you auror Whitman.” Harry said before bowing to Fleur. “Ms. Delacour.

Harry turned around and walked swiftly out of the alleyway.

He made his way down Whisper Alley until he came upon the first shop he wished to visit. Monsieur Liouve's. The owner made dealt in magical creature hides, black smithing and was highly recommended for his expensive but quality work. Opening the door he heard the tinkling of a bell. A tall, broad shouldered man stepped out of the back. His skin was lightly bronzed while his light brown hair flowed around his face. His sky blue eyes looked at Harry curiously.

How can I help you Monsieur?” He asked.

I have heard that you deal in magical creature hides and I was wondering if worked with basilisk hide.” Harry replied.

I could work with it but I am afraid that I don't have any in stock. It is very difficult to come by, and even if I did it would be terribly expensive.” Liouve said..

I just happen to have the hide from a sixty foot basilisk. If Iprovided the material could you make it?” Harry asked.

Six-sixty feet. That thing must have been almost a 1000 years old.” Liouve said reverently. “I would be honored to work with it.

Excellent. At the moment I need a set of battle robes and a set of dueling robes made.” Harry said. “I wish for the cloak to be made of acromantula silk and have my family crest embroidered it.”

It will be expensive but I can have them made within a couple of weeks.” Liouve replied.

How much will it cost me and how much material will you need?” Harry asked.

Let me take your measurements and I can tally it up.”Liouve said before snapping his fingers causing a ribbon to jump up and begin measuring Harry.

Tell me, if you don't mind, how did you come to be in possession of the hide of a sixty foot basilisk?”Liouve asked.

You probably won't believe me, but I killed it with a large sword through the roof of the mouth.” Harry said smirking slightly.

Liouve laughed.

How did that happen?”Liouve asked.

It was attacking some people.” Harry said. “My reward was a giant tooth through my arm.

Harry showed him the scar from where it had bitten him.

That had to hurt.” Liouve said.

More than you know.”Harry said.

Ten minutes later it was all done and Liouve walked over to a dummy that looked to be made of rubber before tapping it with his wand, murmuring a spell, slowly it turned into afaceless copy of Harry.

I will need four yards to make both of the items. That is a slightly high number since I will make them a little large to accommodate for some minimum growth.” Liouve said. “The total minus the cost of materials comes to twelve thousand galleons. If you would consider giving me an additional four yards I will cut the price to five thousand and throw in a pair of boots and gloves for free.

You've got yourself a deal.” Harry replied grinning and shook his hand. After arranging for delivery and giving Liouve the hide Harry turned around and made his way back outside; he still needed to purchase a wizard's tent. Finding the store easily enough he walked out the owner of luxurious tent with seven bedrooms, all with their own bathrooms. It also had alarge livingroom and kitchen, a dining room, it's own library and aheated pool. It had built in muggle repelling and several safety wards and could be put together with a tap of a wand and a murmured spell.


Authors Note:Another chapter out. This one was longer than I first anticipated. Iadded the scene with Fleur because I wanted to Harry to meet her before going to Hogwart's. Plus she now owes Harry a debt, not that he's going to call on it, especially for nefarious reasons. I also had some trouble doing the scene with the visit to the Weasley's for some reason; It just didn't feel like it flowed right to me.

I haven't really figured out a way to get Tonks in here especially until after fourth or fifth year yet. Idon't really see her dating a fourteen year old. I think I am going to go slow with the romance between Harry and Fleur, having them be friends with flirting at first. Her and Harry most definitely won't be having sex during his fourth year, sorry to any hopefuls out there.

I don't want Fleur to come off as a large slut just because she's a veela. I am also going to make her a better character than she was in canon. I see her as a strong willed and smart girl. I am sure that she has had some tough times with her veela powers and everyone teasing her; it's bound to toughen a girl up. She does know however that she is incredibly sexy and she will use it in this story at times.

Originally I had Harry get the Ravenclaw family ring as well but I changed my mind while editing. I just thought that that might have been a bit much. I didn't want Harry having all that super political power. I don't want this to be asuper!Harry story at all, powerful yes, but not super!god like.. Ithought that Slytherin was pushing it but I wanted Harry to discover a part of it that Riddle never found.

The next chapter will have another scene with Harry and Fleur. I wasn't originally going to do a World cup scene but I have been persuaded to. There will be more to do with the Horcruxes next time and Harry is finally going to be going to Hogwart's like I wanted to do with this chapter.

Also chapter two of Black Heiris almost done and I should have it out next week sometime.

The End, For Now.
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