Review for Harry Potter and the Darkest Night

Harry Potter and the Darkest Night

(#) PerfesserN 2008-02-15

Nice job of co-mingling here. I always thought that Green Lantern's powers were magical in nature.
Then again, remember, any highly advanced technology will appear to a less advanced one to be, well, magic.
It’s kind of convenient that both DC Comics and Harry Potter are Warner Brother's properties, eh? It makes
such a paring at least plausible sometime in the future.
I’m a little envious of your prolificacy – read that as challenged to write more myself, I’m following several
of your stories and enjoying all of them.
Write on,
write on!

Author's response

- Alan Scotts' were (the Golden age GL with the vulnerability to wood) The Silver, bronze and Tin age Lanterns on the other hand are explained as Alien technology.

- Prolificacy is fine, though there is something to be said for actually finishing something.