Review for Harry Potter and Merlin's Reaper

Harry Potter and Merlin's Reaper

(#) melferd 2008-02-19

Dear Lord what a crap world they live in!
Poor, dumb Harry, standing up to take the bullet, **hugs his stoopid hero complex head and poor Susan's "I love him" sadness***
And honestly, the scene between William and Hermione brought tears to my eyes. I'm afraid she's going to throw herself on the sword for Harry and Susan and their child, as well as for William.
Poor Babies!!

Author's response

- All too true.

- Harry's noble, as personality flaws go it's a good one. Susans life has taught her that nothing lasts, but she's holding on for dear life.

- I thought Hermione, who has suffered so much at the hands of violent men could find herself in the arms of a nonviolent man.