Review for Harry Potter and Merlin's Reaper

Harry Potter and Merlin's Reaper

(#) morriganscrow 2008-02-20

I think Merlin, Order and Chaos need their pompous heads banged together!
How is this, in any way, a reward or relief from what Harry experienced in his original time line?
An excellent story, but so dark and sad. I'm in need of a hot bath and a razor....

Author's response

- It isn't. To them, Harry is a tool, nothing more, nothing else. He was at least given the opportunity to turn down the mission, in truth they gave him his truest wish, a chance to kill more death eaters, which he has done. He has also regained the humanity he lost in his original world, gained a woman who loves him to love and the possibility of a child.

- If you think reading it is dark and sad, try writing it. I'm appalled at the sickness of my imagination. You wouldn't believe the dark horror of the chapters I've culled for being far too sick.