Review for Thank You

Thank You

(#) fyre_byrd 2005-09-21

The thing about writing stories this short is that small things really begin to stand out when you pare your words down so thinly. That's why using "stronger" and "strong" to describe Yuna in two consecutive sentences sort of bothers me, but I'm aware I'm being picky.

I definitely respect you for writing about the relationship between Lulu and Wakka. It is a relationship that has given me a great deal of trouble, especially in FFX-2.

I wonder if Lulu would think that they are all too young to suffer, given the early mortality rate in Spira. Perhaps this would seem more normal to her than it does to us.

I enjoy the line: "I would have given my life for Chappu, as I would do now for Yuna and Wakka." Lulu is that strong, I think. I am glad that while you said that Chappu didn't have to die, you didn't have Lulu express any anger towards him for his choice. I think she would have understood why he did what he did, even as much as it would pain her.

It is also interesting that you allow Lulu to feel apprehensive about betraying Chappu. It's very believable.

I also do enjoy the fact that Lulu feels as though Yuna is responsible for allowing Lulu to love again.

I wish you'd write more because I have such difficulty accepting the Lulu/Wakka romance from the game, but you have a way of making it believable and interesting.

/Author\'s Response: Another great review, thank you! I've got a few new pieces in the works, and will definitely post them and let you know about them as soon as I finish. I'm glad I could make this pairing believable for you!