Review for I'll Be There

I'll Be There

(#) AshamedToRiseAndBe 2008-02-27

Haha. Jack can go fuck himself up the asshole. Excuse my vocabulary. I don't like him.... maybe its because he has the same name as my ex. Oh well.

Aww. So sad! I might cry... no I won't. Only if Gee dies. But you wouldn't write a Death Fic!
Would you??

Lmao. Random pieco of shit I am.

AJ Xx...

Author's response

Hehe, you just said the complete opposite to the last review :P
Hehe, His name was originally called Jake :P But My Friends First name is Jake and middle name is Brock! I didnt want him to sound too evil!
And I like to keep my options open, maybe i WILL write a death Fic ...