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"Second Chance?? More like Eighth..."

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Uh OhhH! Real Crap! This Chapter is a bit Fast moving, but the ending is like.. Wow.

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Wooo! Thanks for still reading, I seem to be getting less reviews recently, I dunno whther its because the story is worse... Anyways, Enjoy!


Gerard wanted to play it like that huh?? Well, two can play at that game!
Frank had thought Gerard still loved him, maybe that the possibility of them being a couple in the extremely far future after Frank was clean would come true. He had been proved wrong, Gerard had loved him no more than anyone else ever had. Although it was almost entirely Frank’s own fault, in his heavily intoxicated state the only person he felt the blame was on was Gerard. It would strike as unfair to anyone else, but to Frank that seemed about precise. It was all Gerard’s fault.
Frank gasped for breath as his feet carried him as far way from the bus as possible, he came to a halt at another bus, for crew members. He knew where the person he was looking for would be…
As presumed, he found Brock behind the bus with a gang of people, obviously dealing some sort of illegal substance. The rest of the people looked around worriedly to where Frank stood, but after recognizing him they turned back to their business. Brock could see the eagerness in Frank’s eyes, he needed something, and bad. Brock instinctively shooed away the crowd of people so that he and Frank were left alone in each others company.
Frank hadn’t thought his plan through thoroughly, he didn’t even have a plan. He just did the first thing that came to his head. He grasped Brock’s neck and pulled him roughly into a kiss.
The kiss, as last time, was rough and bitter tasting. Brock’s stubble on his chin rubbed against Frank’s smooth skin irritatingly and their teeth clunked together uncomfortably. He despised the taste in his mouth, but felt assured that soon he would be tasting sweet revenge. The kiss lasted for longer than Frank would have preferred, but he needed to hold onto the kiss until Gerard got to the scene, he surely would within time.
Right enough, Gerard soon appeared in the corner of Frank’s vision, but along with the rest of the band members, minus Jack, who was probably left to clear up the bloody mess on his face. Frank broke apart the kiss with Brock and turned to see his audiences reaction. They all spoke the same thing, pure hatred and anger, apart from Gerard, who looked on at the scene with tears in his eyes. He had deserved everything he had received that night. He shouldn’t have given in when the rest of the band had begged them to tour again. He should have never allowed Frank to even begin to get into this sort of dealings he was in. he should never have given into Jack’s pleading emotions.
Frank stood there in triumph, but even he was unaware of what he had achieved, getting his friends to hate him?? Getting involved with drugs? Losing the only person he had ever loved and then cheating on them in front of their own very eyes??
What had he got himself into??
He could have stopped this a long time ago. He could have stayed at peace and in love with Gerard, he could have kept away from Brock and the drugs. It was about time things changed….

Gerard began to walk away, oblivious to his route or purpose, he just went.
Frank followed him, calling apologies. Finally he had realized his mistakes… maybe just a bit too late.
“Gerard, please forgive me! Please, I love you, really! I’ve realized how much of a cock up I’ve made of my life, and our relationship! Please give me a second chance??”
“Second??” Gerard spluttered, his heartbreak turning into rage, “More like Eighth or Tenth maybe!!”
Gerard just kept walking across the car park into the darkness, with Frank in close follow.
“Gerard, Please?? Do you hate me? I wouldn’t blame you if you did…”
Gerard sighed and kept walking into that dark nothingness, unaware of anything around him, even Frank was difficult to see in the lack of light.
“No, I don’t hate you! I’m upset and angry with you, Frank. Also, I’m angry at myself, for letting it get this far… I should have stopped you such a long time ago. I said that I would always be there for you,” He humored himself, “So much for that…”
“Gerard, I’ll lose the drugs, and Brock. I’ll practice my guitar 12 hours a day, and I’ll love you for the other 14! And I’ll even get Maths tuition! Anything to make me a better person. To make you love me!” he pleaded, Gerard’s heart swooped with joy at this promise, how could he have ever lost this love he so strongly felt for Frank.
Maybe, just maybe the relationship they had could be prominent once more…
“So, Gerard, Are we back together?” Frankie asked .
“Maybe we just can’t go back to how things were…,” he replied, a husky tone to his voice. “Just leave me walk for a while, I’ll see you back on the bus…. “
Gerard took two large steps away from Frank and then began to take rapid steps, distancing himself from the reality of going back to the bus to face everyone, to face Jack.
And that’s when it happened, completely unexpected.

“Dude! What the hell happened?? Gerard, Gee? GERARD?! Wake up, please! Somebody call an ambulance!”
It was nobody’s fault, it was dark. Gerard had been looking, but not carefully enough to see the road markings against the pitch black concrete. The headlights had been bright, but not bright enough to draw Gerard’s attention to the accident about to happen.
The driver could see, but not clearly enough to see the man step out into the road.
Only after it had happened was it easy to point out the dangers.
The loud bump as his body hit the bonnet, the crunch of his body as it took the full blow of the speed, the screech of wheels on a dark, desolate road. The strangled cry of Frank, the high-pitched siren of the Ambulance.

Well. It’s not everyday you get knocked down by a speeding Jeep on a dark road. Especially when you’re Gerard Way.
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