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Will Gee make it?

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“Ok, guys we’re losing him! Quick, get me the morphine!”
“Oh, God! He’s losing blood fast!”
In a flash of white light. Gerard saw himself, as a young no more than 5 years old playing in the sandpit in the nearby park - alone, a slightly younger boy then toddled up to him and joined in, immediately the older boy began to laugh and talk more. He had finally found a friend.
The same young Gerard, only this time he was about 11 years old. In the playground he was sat in a corner drawing, the school bully marched towards him and snapped his pencil and tore his sheet of paper right in front of him. Gerard bowed his head in sadness, shaggy black hair falling into his eyes, he allowed a tear to escape down his cheek. Suddenly, the same younger boy from the sandpit all those years ago charges into the rescue, kicking the school bully square in the balls, before giving a hand to the young Gerard and walking away with him, arms linked.
A teenage Gerard, walking along the corridor. Abuse being screamed at him from every angle. Only one person remaining by his side, Frank. Whatever offenses were being shouted, Frank conjured up worse ones and shouted them straight back. Flipping passers by the finger and showing that he didn’t give a shit what they all thought. Later that day, the teenage Gerard unlocked a small locker in a deserted corridor, only to find his best friend bundled up inside for god knows how long. Although Frank had acted like he didn’t care, Gerard could see the hurt in his eyes.
“He’s still losing blood!”
Gerard at 24 years old, in a small cold basement. With his platoon of musicians, all of which were his best friends, along with his younger brother. Belting out their first song, Skylines and Turnstiles, they all knew that they were going to be a big hit in the future. He shot a grin at his rhythm guitarist, Frank, strumming along to the Music, his fingers merely a blur across the frets of his guitar. His body inked with various tattoos. Still slightly shorter than everybody else but had an attitude to compensate.
This time, Gerard had only aged slightly, it was hardly visible in his appearance apart from his longer hair. He was sprawled on the floor with a trail of vomit from his mouth down the side of his face. Empty beer and pill bottles were crowding the floor and a small bag of white powder could be seen in his trouser pocket. A worried Frank rushed over to aid him onto his feet, assuring him that everything would turn out okay in the end.
Frank, kissing Brock. Their tongues roaming in and out of each others mouths, Gerard could almost taste the bitter saliva they were exchanging. He could replay the feeling of his heart being torn into two. Now Gerard was walking away, not paying much attention to his surroundings. The pain he felt as his body crunched hard against the gravel on the floor and the blurred vision he was suddenly experiencing, and the terrifying feeling of his own blood surrounding him.
“I think we’re losing him!”
“Gerard, NO PLEASE!”
An aged Gerard, about in his early Forties. By now it’s clear he has aged since the forming of the band, the wrinkles around his eyes have deepened and similarly around his mouth. The screeching and running of children could be heard outside. His children, his own. They may not have been biologically Gerard’s but they were family in every way possible through adoption. His husband, Frank was outside in the garden with the two children, a 7 year old boy and a 10 year old girl, he was tickling the children and chasing them around. Frank walked up the garden path to meet his husband in the doorway. They both lean in for a lengthy kiss. In peace, in love, together forever.
“Gerard, please don’t leave me! I’m sorry!”
“Sir, please leave! Mr Iero!”
“I’m not leaving till he’s back awake!”
“I’m sorry, but there may be nothing we can do….”
Frank. His face, so beautiful, his smile could brighten up the darkest day for Gerard. His laugh was like a symphony of angels. His kiss….
“Doctor! He’s coming back to us! He’s stable!”
“He’s alive? Oh, Gerard, I Love you!”
“Mr Iero will you please wait outside!”
“… Fun Wrecker….”


The sunlight pouring in from the window in the warm hospital room awoke Gerard from his slumber. He just lay there for a moment not daring to open his eyes, just incase what he saw when he did wasn’t a hospital room as he expected.
Was he in hell? It was certainly hot enough in here!
Was he in heaven??
No, Angels don’t cry in heaven, and all he could hear was the thick sobs of Frankie.
He lifted his eyelid delicately and saw that it was, in fact, a hospital room, about 2 ft away from him sat Frankie with his forehead in his palms, rocking back and forth. His black hair was greasy and disheveled, and when he lifted his head his eyes were framed with redness and bags. He looked awful.
Maybe, just maybe their relationship deserved a second chance, after all, they ahd been through the whole thing together…
“Frankie, don’t cry for me, babes. I’m ok.”
Frankie’s smile spread from one corner of his face to another as he heard Gerard’s voice.
“Gee! Thank god you’re fine! I was so worried that you would….” His voice trembled, as though he were about to continue crying again.
“But I didn’t, Frankie. I Didn’t die.”
Frankie looked Gerard straight in the eyes, his beautiful hazels eyes.
“Yeah, but it would have been my entire fault! I’m such a failure! You should hate me! I don’t deserve your forgiveness!” Frank paused, and gulped back some tears he could feel building up, “I’m such a failure….”
Gerard hated seeing Frankie like this, he looked so small and helpless. He really was sorry for what he did, and by the looks of the dozen stacked coffee cups on Gerard’s bedside table and the lack of highness in Frank’s attitude, he was also trying to give up on the drugs.
“You’re not a failure. You’re perfect. We all make mistakes in life, and as long as we’re prepared to put them right afterwards everybody is deserving of forgiveness.” Gerard soothed, as Frankie’s bottom lips quivered, “You’re what kept me going! I pulled through because of you!”
Frank lifted up his hand and clasp Gerard’s in his own. A silent tear made it’s pathway down his cheek and onto their locked hands.
“So…” Gerard began. “Can I walk? I mean, have you heard about my injuries yet?? Oh God, what if it’s something bad…It can’t be, I’m alive aren’t I…. So I must be fine, yeah…” Gerard tone screamed insecurity to Frank, who began rubbing Gerard’s arm up and down slowly in an act of comfort.
“I’m sure everything is fine! And whatever happens.. I’ll be there! Just like you promised to me! We’re in this together.”
Frank leaned over and held Gerard tightly against his chest, his arms wrapped around him strongly as he placed kisses on Gerard’s forehead, they remained like that for a while, until Frank needed to clear one thing up.
“Gee, we are back together, aren’t we??”
Gerard lifted his head and smiled, before locking lips with Frank in a lengthy embrace.
“What do you think?”
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