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“Apparently you and Jack did more than just kissing…”

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Sorry for not updating in SOOO long! Bit of fmaily and friend heart to hearts in this chap.

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Gerard awoke at noon the following day, the sun shone high in the sky and dazzled his eyes. Frank was absent from his bedside and raised voices could be heard from outside.
“Yeah! And don’t come back! Untrustworthy prick!” Yelled Mikey, to a person unbeknown to Gerard.
“Mikey!” Scolded his mother. Gerard suppressed a giggle, she still treated them like 10 Year Olds.
The door to Gerard’s room and the band members and his parents raced in.
“-Thank god you’re ok!-”
“-What were you thinking-?”
“-Can you remember anything from what I taught you about crossing roads??-”
“-Oh My God! You’re alive!-”
“-Hey, Bob, can I have some of your coffee? Thanks!”
Gerard was baffled by the crescendo of voices, each individual one blurring into one big mush.
“Who were you shouting at?” Gerard asked, immediately shushing the crowd of people, who all looked at each other as if they didn’t want to reveal the secret.
“It’s Jack!” Bob blurted, ‘He’s told everyone! The press, the record label… everyone!”
“He told them about the drugs, and the relationships, and the cheating.” Mikey added.
“Apparently you and Jack did more than just kissing…” Frank concluded bitterly.
Gerard felt his whole body jolt in surprise. How dare he! They had trusted him!
“It’s a lie!” Gerard insisted. “Don’t believe it Frank! Please!”
Frank patted Gerard on the shoulder and gave him a supportive smile.
“As if I’d believe him! It’s his word against yours! Think about it. Anyway, Bob made sure that he wouldn’t be back…”
“Yeah, Bob told him that he would shove his guitar so far up his ass that the tuning pegs would be sticking out of his ears.!” Mikey explained, whilst Bob grinned wildly behind him.
Gerard returned the smile in gratitude and allowed Frank to aid him back into a comfortable position on the bed.
Later that day the doctor came to update Gerard on his progress. He was doing fine, and would be allowed out either the next day or the day after that. Everything was going to be ok!
The band had all agreed to take a well needed break, to be sure that everyone was ready before they started touring again, they didn’t want a repeat of Frank’s situation.
The fan base had exploded once again with notes of support for Gerard recovery, and similarly to Frank, to get off the drugs. It was a relied to know that the fans would still support them through the bad times.
Frank received the inevitable phone call from his parents, demanding an explanation. He dashed out of hospital room quickly to leave, but from what Gerard could gather from when Frank returned, it hadn’t gone very well..


The next day arrived quickly and Gerard was allowed to leave the hospital. He hand Frank exited the hospital into the bright sunlight with their heads held high. This was the start of a new beginning for them both. A few photographers snapped them on their way out, and they were asked a few questions, which they happily answered. A few fans had also turned up outside the hospital, kitted in their Black parade outfits and homemade support banners for the couple.
Frank had yet to ask Gerard that one question he was so eagerly awaiting. He knew he couldn’t rush Frank into asking him, but he just couldn’t wait! After all, Frank did have the ring…
They returned back to Gerard’s home late in the evening, it had been a long ride, seeing as they were far away on tour when it had happened. The two men settled back into the house and both agreed to get an early night after the excitement they had been through.
Although, soon enough a problem arose.
“Gee! I have your medication here!” Frank called from the kitchen, bringing a glass of water and 3 slightly large painkillers with him to Gerard, who was sat on the armchair by the television dozing.
“I’m not taking it.” He stated determinedly.
“Gerard, you have to! You’re in pain, these will make it feel better!”
“I said I’m not taking it! I want to be completely clean, with you! We can do it together! I don’t need any drugs!” he argued, wincing in pain at his sudden outburst and clutching his side gingerly.
“Look! See! You are in pain.”
“All the pain in the world is worth it! It’s not fair to you! I love you.”
The argument continued like that for a maximum of 15 minutes, before Gerard gave in and agreed to take only one of the three pills. At least it was better than him not taking any at all, Frank concluded.
Frank held Gerard close that night, bearing witness to every rise and fall of his chest. Watching his eyelids flicker in his sleep, Frank could only imagine what was going on in that brilliant mind of Gerard’s.
Oh, how lucky he felt at that very moment.
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