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It wasn’t purely for the fan’s entertainment, not that it ever had been…

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LAST CHAPTER! Thanks All so much for sticking by me! News and updates :(

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News- Hey Guys... Just to let you know that... My grandfather passed away last night a few hours after i uploaded this final chapter for him.
I Love you so much, Gramps, We'll meet again soon XxXxX

The energy from the crowd was electric! All the banners, the screams, cameras, and the singing along. The night was amazing!
It was MCR’s first performance for 9 Months. And it was definitely worth the wait! As a full band, they felt complete again, each member gave their all to their faithful fans.
Gerard was leaping about the stage as he always did, singing each note perfectly. Frank played amazingly, possibly better than he ever had in the past, his fingers felt like fire and they danced along the strings. Ray even gave up his solo in “Dead!” for Frank to do in his place, which Frank had pulled off amazingly of course.
Occasionally in songs Gerard would saunter over to where Frank was playing and give them and the crowd a bit of …. excitement, at one point a female fan screamed so loud that it was hard to distinguish it from a scream or an orgasm, which made Mikey chuckle from his glued position in front of Bob.
This tour was their biggest yet, every venue had been completely sold out, some places they even had to perform a few nights in a row. It felt like the “My Chemical Romance explosion” all over again!
Gerard could see the passion in Frank’s eyes, he had been waiting for this moment for so long, and Gerard was extremely thankful that they got to experience this as lovers. He wanted to spend the rest of his life like that.
Frank could see the energy in Gerard’s actions just as clearly, and he knew that this was the man he was going that he would spend the rest of his life with. Gerard had stuck by him through thick and thin, and even when the result had caused Gerard to be hospitalized, not once had the blame ever been put on him, he had sent Gerard to hell and back with him, but Gerard had never regretted it once.
Frank was going to make this night a memorable one for them both…
At the end of the show, after they had finished playing “Helena” for the cheering crowd the band began to leave the stage, but for Frank the show wasn’t finished yet. He jogged quickly over to the microphone.
“Hang on! Wait!” He shouted to the band, who all gave him a perplexed look before joining him back on the stage, the audience was still going wild even though they didn’t have a clue what was going on. Frank gestured for Gerard to come and stand by him, which he obeyed to. Frank whispered a soft “I Love You” In Gerard’s ear before dropping onto one knee in front of him.
He grappled around in his pocket for a moment and brought out a small box, he had been sure to keep it safe in there no matter how many times he had rolled around on the floor and jumped around. He opened it to reveal a gleaming, sliver engagement ring.
Gerard’s heart leapt to his mouth, this must have been some sort of amazing dream, which he would begrudgingly wake up from sooner or later. No, this was all real, this really was happening!
“Mr Gerard Arthur Way.” Frank said, speaking clearly and slowly, as if restraining himself from going crazy and screaming his proposal so loud that the next state over could hear him. “Would you give me the complete and utter honor of becoming my husband??”
The whole arena exploded in cheers, screams and even wolf whistles. They were so loud the ground could be felt shaking lightly.
A tear of pure joy and bliss fell from Gerard’s cheek as he replied.
“Yes! Yes, of course Frank! I love you!”
Frank slipped the ring delicately onto Gerard’s finger and stood up to reach almost the same height as Gerard. They both fused together in a kiss, on stage, but this time it wasn’t purely for the fan’s entertainment, not that it ever had been…
As they left the venue that night they were greeted with at least 50 good luck wishes and congratulations. They had both posed for photos together and as they walked through the crowd signing autographs and thanking the fans for coming they could hear one repeated word being cheered from many of the fans.
“Frerard! Frerard! Frerard!”
Frerard, their two names fused together, like their souls.
It felt hard to imagine that no more than 2 years ago this reality had felt like a dream that could never come true. Since then they had been to the end of the world and back together, and they both felt stronger for it.
The main reason for that was because they were in it together, whatever happened now, through the good and the bad, they would always have their love. Their love had already prevailed severe illnesses, drugs and cheating from both ends of the relationship, what else could the world have in store for them?
Well, whatever it was, they were ready!

* I Would Like to say a HUGE thanks to:-

My Gradfather! R.I.P I'll ALWaYS Love you, Always and forever.

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