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About new Sequel!

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Yeah, Hey Everyone!
I'm currently typing out a sequel to this story. The thing is, people should read this one before they read that one... And sometimes people don't and it'll become confusing.
So. I was wondering.. Whther Is should.
A = Post The sequel Chapters under the same story. So just basically adding the chapters onto this now. Then people will have to read this first. But it may get confusing...

B = Post it under a completely new story. Less Confusing. But people may not bother reading this story and it will hold keys to the sequel.

PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! I'm thinking more toward posting it newly, but i'm not sure....

Also, if you ahve ANY SUGGESTIONS of what can happen, or what you would liek to see in the sequel, please feel free to suggest!
I write it for you guys!

Thanks So much!

From Trudy (TheSharpestLives)
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