Review for You Can Put your Weed in there!!

You Can Put your Weed in there!!

(#) AshamedToRiseAndBe 2008-03-05

Haha. Yes. 30th of November. I remember it fondly. I wasn't pulled out of the mosh!!! I got to see both supporting acts... the second one scared me. He was like a snake... and MCR!

Haha now I know what you were talking about earlier.

Great story... if there was a rating for random you'd get +1 from me. But there's not so I'm gonna go with funny.

AJ Xx...

Author's response

lol cries i cant believe i missed them!!!

lol is there even a sushi bar near starbucks?? lol it was the first thing i could think of cuz i was eating sushi when i was writing it =P

ahhh virtual hugs ttyl