Review for The Big Box of Silliness

The Big Box of Silliness

(#) dennisud 2008-03-15

Well, putting Harry in the Quantum Leap plotline within the HP reality is new, but done in variouis other genres with either spectacular epics or horribl duds!

With what you have given us so far, it has possibilities. But I limit it to some key people and make it say 4-6 chapters.


Author's response

- Yeah, I know. On Caer Azkaban it was suggested that this had already been done in a fic calle "Dimension Hopping for Beginners" or something like that. Never read it, but I am a firm believer that there is very little in HP Fan Fics that are truly original anymore.

- I was actually looking at 7 chapters, just goofy stuff.