Review for The Savior of the Damned

The Savior of the Damned

(#) asherschick 2008-03-21

You know what, I don't wanna trust her either, but I've said that before... Even if it'd be too heart-breaking for Gerard, I just want her to be possessed or something. I'm evil like that, sometimes... But for the survival of Frerard, she has gotta be gone! Out of sight!!! (Now, if I had been that poor Alyssa - assuming she is totally innocent of course - I'd probably hate me for thinking this ;P)

And, of course there is the possibility that she's not evil or a spy but she's changed. Yeah, a person could change a lot under torture for three months. Now here's another terrible thought: She might have gone mentally unstable!

Okay, I guess I can't generate nice feelings for the girl, maybe I will when she explains herself a bit. And maybe when Frankie calms down a bit, I don't want him hurting :'(

Anyway, update soon cause now my PC is back and running again, so I'll be waiting =) (By the way, I was in Computer Aided Graphics class when I read this chapter while I should have been watching the instructor and drawing instead, mwahhhaaha. Of course I couldn't write my review, that would be too obvious xD)

Jimmy Eat World is < 3333333. I think Work is an amazing song, I listen to it whenever I wanna run away or something. And it's an easy song to play so you get all satisfied and happy when it sounds good as you play it :P

I shut up now :x < 333333333

Author's response

Yeah, not many reviewers trust her which is understandable; i mean, she was supposed to be dead and then she turns up 3 months later?! But yeah, she'll explain herself in the next chapter... once i get the chance to write it ;)

Hahaha good girl, reading Frerard is much more educational than any class in the world, and we all know it! xD

That song is awesome, i love it too! Of course, i love most of their songs... ;)

Btw... update your story soon too! hahaha < 3

< 3333333