Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) ROBERT_1958 2008-03-22

I realy like this fic.

I think Harry should have found out more of the ins & outs in the books.
I know I get somthing new I find all I can about it.

I like Harry / Hermione parings.

A Harry Daphne Hermione paring would be good as well.

I have never liked a Ron Hermione or Harry Ginny parings. Ron & Hermione usaly fight, Ron's eather eating like a pig, or talking or playing chess, sports, not a hard worker. Ginny is a moma girl, she never goes on adventurs with Harry, how could Ginny & realy have lasting marage? Hermione has been by Harry's side all along, Harry would do anything to protect Hermione.

Thanks for a great read. Also, thanks for taking your time writing your stories, most people forget that it takes time and efert writing these sories, I do not want to be one of them.