Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) lycus 2008-03-22

That was an emotional chapter for the bushy haired head girl. but it was too quick for harry to but hermione in the friend or sister catagory, I wish that he would have had a reaction or at least started to kiss back before he stopped the kiss. but as for ron he never deserved hermione and I hope that harry has really cut his ties with ron but I wanted to know is who the other girl ron is having sex with. and it tracys' reaction seems like she is in love with daphne a little bit. And about ginny since harry is such a celebrity now why doesn't he have luna do a little story about the weasleys about their actions, and let harrys fans have a go at the weasleys. and that was a nice show of power by harry and maybe dumbles should receive a kick in the arse for his actions, and maybe harry should put a charm on the pictures on the wall that will block ron from seeing them anymore.

Author's response

- There was nothing quick about Harry deciding that Hermione was a sister/friend. They've known each other for 6 years at this point, it happened slowly over the years, and Harry realized how he felt about Hermione when he attempted to use her as the star in a wank fantasy, before deciding that no matter how cute she was, it wasn't working and he moved on to Padma...

- Ron's other girl? Morag MacDougal.

- Harry just wants to live his life and be left alone. He's not looking to punish anyone for anything.