Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) red_jacobson 2008-03-22

glad to see Hermione is willing to accept Harry's help; although I'm not sure how comfortable Daphne is going to be about the situation. I'm sure she won't be surprised, since the slytherin network, or at least Tracy; would have heard about Ron's behavior. Daphne is too intelligent to be shocked that Hermione is still a very important part of Harry's life; and I'm hoping she is mature enough to deal with it.

Please don't use Harry helping a friend as an excuse to break Harry and Daphne apart, even for a short while, because I like what you have done with the characters in this story.


PS What's next in the pipeline? Hopefully a new chapter of Iron Mage or Acts of Betrayal?


Author's response

- Daphne was warned, but we will have to see just how she reacts to Harry's relationship with Hermione....

- I have no intention of having them driven apart, though they might slow it down a bit.

- I'm stuck at 2000 words for Technomage, so I worked on this one to knock some words loose... Hopefully it worked.