Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) BJH 2008-03-22

I thought it would be hard on Hermione to find that Ron was a player and just lying to her, but to have him simply not care, it was rather worse. And Hermione's reactions... shredding her books, in effect destroying her identity, herself.

I wonder if McGonagall will be shocked by his actions or will she be surprised that Hermione didn't see it all along. Afterall, muggleborns are for practise not marriage. I bet that will be Dumbledore's reaction.


Author's response

- Yes and yes. The truly sad thing is that I'm basing this off real people I know. (well it was about 30 years ago. The guy actually grew up (eventually))

- That's how I see the Wizarding Society (at least in Britain, and probably Europe) Idiocy like that (and the absurd birth rate shown for most of the 'pure blood' families are the only way to account for the phenomenally low population...