Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) Cateagle 2008-03-23

First off, Mister Ronald Weasley is to be commiserated on setting himself up as a new prime target for his "psycho-bitch" sister and his mother. His behavior is most certainly going to downgrade Harry's opinion of him and concern for him, to where further depriving Harry of his company, as Ginny has been doing, will actually be a benison to Harry. Further, with Hermione no longer connected with him and no longer carrying about Molly's actions toward him, she'll be back as Harry's close female friend and Ginny won't be able to do a thing about it. Coming on top of that confrontation with Daphne, Tracey, and Hermione, Ginny is going to vent her considerable ire on Ron; I can't think of a more deserving target, though I doubt he'll feel he's earned it.

Meanwhile, I loved the discussion 'tween Daphne and Tracey and the confrontation between Daphne and Ginny; Ginny's so delusional that it's not even funny, but it's a dangerous, "Fatal Attraction" form of delusion that's going to need to be very firmly dealt with and, so far, no one seems to be doing so.

The discussion with Dumbles and McGonagall was interesting and it's amusing to see just how feeble the remaining arrows in Dumbles' quiver are. Oh, I loved that comment of McGonagall's about the usefulness of testing for virginity, especially when you consider that, unless there's a rape in her background, Daphne is one. I'll bet that would really confuse the senile old reprobate of a headmaster.

The chat with Tonks was fun and the last line was the final kicker. It's clear that the youngest Weasley has not impressed the Auror at all; more like severely underwhemed. Myself, I'd transfigure her into something going on the space launch, or just leave her with a Petrificus Totalus and a Silencio in a flame bucket of an active space launch pad (might be a bit of difficulty, though, since Britain abandoned it's national efforts at that - 'twas a pity 'cause they had some good kit in development).

The taking care of Hermione is totally in keeping with Harry's close friendship with Hermione and I really prefer your version of his forcing the door to a derivative of the Pini's effort you mentioned in a response. Yours is plausible for this environment. Since Tracey has told Daphne to consider that Harry will always be concerned about his best friend, Hermione, she likely won't be too surprised at his actions. I suspect, though, that his demonstrated power and his cossetting of Hermione are going to give Daphne, and every other thinking 6th and 7th year girl, much to think on - if he does that for a best friend, what will he do for a loved wife? Now, what Daphne does about it is something else, but I'd hope it'll be a reasoned response and not a knee-jerk one.

I honestly don't see -this- Harry as appearing overly mature; he's reflecting the maturing that's been forced upon him be Dumbles' meddling and then then the betrayals that forced him to, with the exception of Neville, go it alone. Accepting that mission and completing it while surviving is bound to mature someone rather beyond their physical age.

Author's response

- Your fatal attraction comment made me smile and imagine Ginnie breaking into the Slytherin Dorms and boiling the large purple bunny from the theme park...