Review for Thank You

Thank You

(#) BenRG 2008-04-10

:D YEAH! Go Harry! :D

Frankly, I thought that as early as the end of OotP, Harry should have flipped Dumbles the bird and told the Wizarding World to solve their own problems rather than rely on him (based on the ravings of an alcoholic fantasist). This is exactly what I hope Harry would say in these circumstances.

BTW - Isn't it so like the Daily Prophet to twist Harry's disavowal of any responsibility to the world that rejected him as a declaration of support to the latest Dark Lord?

This is a great little work. Okay, it lacks depth but it is meant to be just a short newspaper article. The length is therefore just right. I would be interested to see Harry's story if you ever decide to write it.

BenRG's Rating: 7/10