Review for Learning to Love the Smell

Learning to Love the Smell

(#) Loise 2005-10-04

This was very interesting. The overall message was one of pride and grim joy. However for Akito I don't think teh word 'gross' suits her. Disgusting perhaps.

Author's response

The tone of this poem is meant to be a very intimate one. In this poem she is speaking to herself and how she sees her own life. The use of the word is to distinguish a separation. When she wakes in it she has no responsibility for it, she expected to be taken care of so she should never awaken in it, she sees that as Kureno and Hatori's responsibility to clean her and ensure she never sees her own putrescence, but her love for the smell she must own up to so she qualifies it with a milder term "gross." What truly disgusts her is her "pets" disregard and disobedience, as well as the cursed sickness that is put upon her which she also takes no responsibility for.

Also I had already used "disgusted" you can't just keep on throwing the same word in there. Make a better suggestion next time, genius.