Review for You Stole My Heart Gerard Way

You Stole My Heart Gerard Way

(#) sayDIE 2008-04-15

I don't really hate Sarah, but sometimes she is just so annoying, she hurts Gerard a lot and says she doesn't mean it, she could have at least tried to hold on to what she and Gerard had, I hated it when she cheated on Gerard with Ronnie, and cheated on Ronnie with Gerard. Gerard is annoying too sometimes in the sense that he can move on forget her if he really tries, I agree with blakesinfinity, Gerrad should stand on his own two feet and just love his wife. But then the way they are just makes me read and want this story more. I still want them to end up together. I'm really excited to read the ending... so pleaaaaaseee don't make us wait for too long! :))

P.S. You are a really great writer, I love your style.