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Some People Love To Play The Victim

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Everything stood still. I stood, shocked and overwhelmed to so many emotions. I wasn't sure if I hated her more than ever, or if I was ecstatic that I had conceived a child with Sara, after our first child had died. Sara looked as shocked as me, her bottom lip hanging open slightly. Finally, words managed to tumble out of my mouth, at a record pace.

"You kept this form? For five years? You know how much I wanted a child with you, and you KEPT THIS FROM ME? What about Ronnie? Does he know it's mine? God Sara, what happened to the girl I fell in love with?"

"That was high school!" she retorted, and I could tell she was ready to fight. "That was over ten years ago. Let it go! Let me go! Get on with your life. You have a beautiful wife waiting for you Gerard. Be grateful for what you have infront of you, embrace it. Start your own family."

"Don't you get it? You're it. You're all I've ever loved. No one compares you!"

Sara turned and started running down the hall, but what I said next stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Of course, you always run away from your feelings."

"You don't know what you're talking about." She growled without turning around, but we both knew it was true.

"Oh don't act like you don't. We were fine before Ronnie showed up. We could have made it through if you had held on just a little longer."

"We were finished," she said, still facing away from me. "Ronnie offered me something new. I didn't mean to fall for him, it was supposed to just take my mind off of our problems."

"I knew I should have finished him off when I had the chance," I said. She turned around slowly, her eyes darkening, and she whispered, "What did you just say?"

"You know what I said, and you know what I mean. He didn't take the warning on the last day of our tour. I should have stayed true to my word when I finally found you again."

"You son of a bitch! I should have known it was you all along. Let's stop talking about how I ruined your life, and instead focus on how you just ruined it yourself."

"What does that mean?" I yelled as she started walked away again.

"So help me god Gerard, if you ever step foot near my family, ever, then I will have a restraining order against you so fast."

"Emily is my daughter! You can't keep me away from her."

She turned around, glared at me, and said in an extremely menacing voice, "You don't want to try me." She slammed the door behind her, leaving me writhing with anger in a long empty hallway. Despite what she had said, I had every intention of getting her and my daughter back, and I would do anything it took.

A/N Right now I'm so excited you don't even know. I've finished my final chapter for this story, so there is six more to go, and i'm in love with the ending. You're in for a shock. But I'm not going to post the rest all at once, I like to make you wait. Also, could you do me a favour, and in the review section, tell me why you don't like Sara. I'm really confused because that wasn't my intention at all. In fact, you were meant to hate Gerard.
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