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No One in the World Like Emily

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After another five years without talking, Gerard confronts Sara.

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“I don’t want you to do it,” she said immediately, but I had already anticipated her reaction. I could understand where she was coming from, but I couldn’t back out now. For one, the awards show was that night. But also, I had waited for that day for years. I would finally get to talk to her, and there was so much I wanted, and needed, to say to her.
“I can’t back out now!”
“Yes you can.”
“Babe, I understand why you don’t want me to do it, but I made a commitment and I have to see it through.”
“But why do you have to do it with her? Can’t you just ask for someone else?”
“Lyn Z! Everything’s already organized.”
She sighed and then shook her head. “I’m sorry I get like this when she comes up. But I just can’t help but think things.”
“You’re my wife Lyn, you’re my everything. Two minutes of being with her isn’t going to change that.” But I couldn’t be more wrong.

I sat back stage, getting my makeup retouched while I ran through my lines. But then, I saw him walk into the room. He looked slimmer then I remembered him being, but he was still as just as gorgeous. He looked in my direction, but I don't think he saw me. Nonetheless, it made my heart beat faster to be the same room as him.

Kale, my makeup artist, finished my face, and I hopped off the chair. I strode confidently towards Gerard with a smile, but when he looked at me, he frowned.

"Hi," I said carefully after seeing his reaction, but he didn't respond, instead he turned in the other direction and walked away. I stood, momentarily stunned, before someone with a clipboard and a microphone came to warn me that there was two minutes before I was to be on stage left. With nothing else to do, I went to the side and waited for my cue.

"Why did you name her Emily?" came Gerard's angry voice from beside me. "That's our name, how could you do that to me?" I didn't have time to react, because I heard our cue, and then was gently pushed out onto the stage.

The theatre filled with people clapping and cheering as Gerard and I made our way to the podium. I took my place on the left, Gerard on my right, and waited for him to say his line.

"Tonight, we've seen performances of the biggest hits of the year, but this next one takes the cake."

"But who knew that a song about a rain protector would be up for a nomination for best song of the year?" I turned to Gerard, who would not look at me, instead, up at the ceiling. There was a loud crash that was supposed to sound like thunder, and then Gerard said, "Sara, I think it's going to start raining soon." And then, the "rain" began to fall. I pulled out the news paper I had under my arm, and held it over to my head. Gerard had produced an umbrella from somewhere, and stood smugly under it.

"Oh crap, this paper is tearing."

"That's okay, you can stand under my umbrella," Gerard said, making the crowd roar with laughter.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, the talented Rihanna." The lights dimmed, and I rushed off the stage with Gerard, almost tripping on my heel. I threw the wet newspaper in a trash can back stage, and began fixing my hair. Gerard had already disappeared, which disappointed me because I wanted to talk to him.

After I had fixed my face and hair, I made my way back to my seat, but I met Gerard in the corridor.

"Why did you do it?" he asked, looking as if he was going to cry.

"You wouldn't understand. It's too complicated."

"Did you do it to hurt me? Because you didn't need to do that to break me. I was already broken Sara. The day you left me, my happiness ended there."

"I never meant to hurt you." I didn't not want to tell him the truth, I was hoping that he wouldn't find out, or anyone else for that matter. "I did it in honor of you."

"How is that an honor? To name the child you had with the man you left me for, the name we wanted to name our child? That makes absolutely no sense at all."

"I don't expect you to understand."

"Well then let me!" he yelled, startling me. "Just let me know so that I can try and move on with my life. I've been stuck on you for the past six years. I need to be over you!" He was yelling so loud, I was afraid that someone would come and see what was wrong. But his anger made me want to yell back, so I did, and finally, he knew.

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