Review for A Light To Burn All The Empires

A Light To Burn All The Empires

(#) linerlover 2008-04-19


the drug problems started because of the abuse, her trying to get away from her problems. it was the pregnancy that made her leave. and don't call yourself a moron-- i can see how it would be confusing.


yes they were married, but they never actually got divorced. you are not an idiot, this story is simply incredibly confusing. i was confused at first. and thank you for saying its a good story-- i love knowing that im writing this for people to read.

and to everyone: i will update asap, however if it takes a while, i apologise profusely. in a couple of chapters i am bringing in a new character, with a large part, based on the personality of one of my closest friends. i asked her, and she is writing a monologue-- youll know what i mean when you read it.

jesus, i can ramble for my country, i can. basically, if it takes a bit- dont worry, im not gonna stop updating. mainly cos im enjoying writing it a lot more than i probably should. especially with the upcoming plot.