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So Unlike Him...

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'I don't care if it had killed me, and I don't know what you did that was so bad you had to say that, but honestly, I'd rather that than have to watch Ray drift away...'

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Hokaaayyyyy. Chapter 5. God, this is getting far too complicated. Even I'm a little lost, so, read and I hope you like it. Sorry about the long wait for an update-- I hate writer's block. Comments and crit are appreciated, as usual.

Chapter 5



I wondered what she was doing in there, before I climbed up the steps onto the bus and threw myself down on the couch, switching on the TV as I did so.

Frank's P.O.V
I just talked to Anna after Gerard left, not wanting to do anything. I think seeing Gerard put both of us off doing anything more than that, so we sat on the couch and watched TV for about ten minutes until her pager went off with a message from Brian. When she left I went into the bunks and took Pansy out of her case, sat on the bottom bunk and started strumming randomly, to pass the time until we had to start getting ready for the show that night.

At the same time I closed the bunk room door, I felt the bus sway slightly as someone got on. Assuming it was one of the guys, I carried on playing, falling into rhythm to play Thank You For The Venom, and sat there switching songs every few minutes. I carried on practising until I heard voices outside, getting louder with every word. I put Pansy on my bunk and opened the door, following the noise into the end of the bus, where I saw Gerard yelling at Mikey, both red-faced with a girl sitting between them looking extremely worried.

'Look, you don't understand-'
'It was never like that, Gee-'
'I KNOW, GEE! OKAY? I know. But, what was I supposed to do? Tell you why I left her? It would have killed you!'
'I don't care if it had killed me, and I don't know what you did that was so bad you had to say that, but honestly, I'd rather that than have to watch Ray drift away. If anything, that was worse-'

I had heard enough to figure out what was happening, so I stepped out into the stark light. Both men turned when they saw the movement.

'Frank? What're you doing-' Mikey queried as I got closer.
'I heard yelling.' I said, stopping a couple of paces from him.
'Oh. Umm-' I cut him off.
'Was that about Dani?'
'Yeah...' Gee answered, and I turned to him.
'Well why were you yelling? Dani died two years-' But I was cut off by the girl. I had forgotten she was there until she spoke, and then she had my full attention.
'I'm Dani.'
'What? No, Dani's dead, we had a funeral for her.' I was getting more and more confused by the minute.
'I'm Dani.' she said again, seemingly stuck on a loop.
'You can't be. Why would you say you are?'
'Because, Frank, I am Dani. If you wanna know, ask Mikey.'

Ok. This was just getting weird.
Gerard's P.O.V
At the mention of his name, Mikey looked up from his shoes, my shoes, looked me in the eyes, and turned away. What the hell had happened two years before to make him act like he did? What could be so bad?

'Mikey,' I mumbled 'What did you do?' he looked me in the eyes, fear and guilt clouding them, making him distant, his body like an empty imitation of what once existed. He didn't answer me.
'Mikey-' Dani cut my words off, her clear gaze baring down on me, until she tore it away, her eyes full of fear and, for the second time that day, unrelieved sadness.
'Gerard, Mikey, he- he used to... hit me.' at that, I looked up to my brother, and met his weary eyes. The emotions glinting from those tiny orbs, the way his face fell as she said those few words, told me all I needed to know. It was true. But Dani hadn't finished yet, she spoke up again, her voice soft, any notes released trembling.

'I was pregnant before he went-'
'We know that-'
'Gerard, just listen, OK?' I looked down at my hands and nodded.
'Before he left, I was pregnant, but he didn't want a kid- he thought 25 was too young, but I wanted a baby. He didn't, so we argued, for hours on end, and the beatings got worse. Eventually it went too far. I was coming out of the bathroom after I had woken up- I had been suffering from morning sickness a few days before, and it came back. He came out of the bedroom, but when he saw me, I don't know what he thought, but he instantly ordered me to get an abortion. I said n-no, but he just... he just wouldn't listen, so... he hit me, harder than before, and-it... it made me fall down the stairs. A couple of days later I lost the child- miscarried, and he left me in the hospital. I th-thought he would come back, b-but he never did. So I had to move on. Th-that meant losing my job, and I...I got depressed. I started taking drugs, which l-lead to me living on the street. And... and that's how I ended up here.'

The room was totally silent, the only sound being Dani's gentle sobs as she relived the terrors Mikey had put her through. How? How could Mikey do that? It- it just wasn't him. He was gentle, shy- a loving man, he wouldn't hurt anyone. I put my arm around her heaving shoulders, whispering words of comfort into her flushed ears. I peered out from under my eyelashes to see Mikey curled up into a ball, his head in his hands, his body rocking back and forth as he tried to convince himself under his breath that what his wife had said was not true.

As far as I knew, they were technically still married- he wore the plain golden band even now, and as I examined Dani's hand, I saw that she still did as well. When I pointed out that fact to the couple, Mikey simply looked down at his left hand and shrugged, a blank expression on his face. Dani, however, yanked the ring off and threw it at Mikey who caught it, a look of pure shock and bereavement on his face. She saw it, and burst out with a few words that bared all. Mikey's face dropped like a stone, and I thought I could see his heart being torn from his ribs and crushed in her hand, leaving him frozen like an old statue, cold, rough and broken.

'What, you think we have a chance?'
You know what? I like cliffhangers. Thanks to everyone for reading, and thanks again to my betas for helping me make this fic worth reading.
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