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'Listen, do you think you could go and get me a coffee? Java Chip--' 'Frappuchino, light on the cream. Yeah, I know. You get it EVERY day.'

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Ah well. I have nothing left to write about now you know what happened two years before. Or do I? Hmmmm... I am really REALLY sorry about the long-ass wait, so I bring you chapter 6!
Dedicated to Nancy, for letting me give her an evil alter-ego; Mari, for making HURRY THE FUCK UP, and Kat, for helping me keep the BOTFF alive. Even if it's not a battle anymore...
Go read. Enjoy.

Chapter 6



Mikey's face dropped like a stone, and I thought I could see his heart being torn from his ribs and crushed in her hand, leaving him frozen like an old statue, cold, rough and broken.

'What, you think we have a chance?'

Mikey's P.O.V
What Dani said crushed me. It destroyed any hope for us in the future, not that there was much in the first place. But it was there. I stood, motionless, silent, taking in the events of the few minutes before, but I couldn't bear to be in the same room as her. Not unless I wanted her to see me break down.

I stood, looking at the floor, wishing I could simply melt away, but when I looked up, I was still there, and they were all looking at me for any sort of reaction. I looked at Frank, stared him in the eyes until I saw the sheer turmoil being enacted in his mind. I could tell he would never see me in the same light- none of them ever would. His eyes glazed over slightly with disappointment as he seemingly looked down on me, despite the fact that I was several inches taller than him, and I couldn't take it any more.

I opened my right hand to see her ring, glinting in the harsh synthetic light of the bus, and could just make out the engraving on the inner surface of the plain gold band. I knew it by heart, from the many times I had examined my own ring, regretting leaving Dani behind like that. They were a pair, matching, and said the same.

'Per vita ed amore, il mio cuore è il vostro'

I tugged at my own ring, pulling it gently over my knuckle, and taking a step towards Dani, she flinched as I let them drop to the table beside her, spinning and glinting in a ray of harsh sunlight pushing its way through the blinds. I turned, whispered a goodbye, and walked off the bus.
Ray's P.O.V
Bob and I had just come back from the centre of the town with Worm. We'd gone down to my apartment on the way back to pick up some clean clothes, then wandered through the darker areas of various stores, looking for anything to amuse ourselves with. After a couple of hours, we got seriously bored and decided to head back.

When we arrived back at the arena, we walked through the unusually quiet back street and through the main gate, where, amazingly, there were no fans. Bob had wandered back inside to find Brian and see if he could worm out who was supporting us for the show that night, and I had gone to find the girl who does coffee runs for us. Nancy, I think her name was.

I jumped onto the bus, and heard muffled whispers and a couple of quiet thumps as I strode down through the lounge and into the bunk area. I stuck my head through into the back lounge to see Gerard and Frank, blank expressions on faces, sitting on the couch like statues. I waved my hand in front of their eyes, but neither moved, so I decided to go and check the main building and see if I could ever get a coffee.

I walked through into the backstage area of the venue, turning endless amounts of anonymous corners until I turned yet another one at full speed, only to trip over a lump in the floor, which squealed as I fell awkwardly, skidding to a halt after several feet. I laid still, listening as I heard a gasp and hurried footsteps heading in the other direction, followed by a shuffling directly behind me. I groaned and sat up, smacking my head on the corner of a fold up table sitting outside the dressing room and, swearing loudly, I crawled back and sat upright, holding my head where a small bump was forming.

I looked around, searching for the cause of my accidental face-plant, to see what I had formerly know as 'the lump', which turned out to be the coffee girl, spread out on the floor, face red and choking on her hysterical giggles. After a few minutes I cleared my throat and the girl froze, remembering I was there, and turned to face me, psychopathic grin on her face. She worried me.

'I... I know something you don't!' she whispered, holding back her laugh as she stared at me, unnerving me a little more than slightly.
'And that would be...?'

There was a long pause as she sprung up, muscles toned from what I was guessing was a past dancing career, and offered her hand to me. I took it, reaching out behind me intending to push myself up, and yelped in surprise as she pulled me to my feet almost effortlessly.

'Why should I tell you?'
'Uhhh... well... because..?' I offered gingerly, seeing the manic smile returning to her face.
'That,' she answered with a childish giggle, 'is not good enough!' She then proceeded to whip out a sketchpad from behind her, collapsed against the wall and began doodling little anime characters.
'Hang on...' I took a step forward, examining her, 'where did that come from?' I asked, referring to the paper in her lap.
'Magic.' she stated in the voice of a three-year-old, smirking at me.
'Oh...kay. Right. I'll trust you on that.' She grinned up at me, 'Listen, do you think you could go and get me a coffee? Java Chip--'
'Frappuchino, light on the cream. Yeah, I know. You get it EVERY day.'
'Yeah. Right. Anyways, could you do that for me?' I looked down at her, noticing the sketchpad had disappeared again without a trace.

She let out a frustrated sigh, 'Well, that's what I'm here for, isn't it? Good ol' Nancy, brainless coffee machine...' she drifted off, pulling out her iPod and untangling the headphones.
'No, that's not you-' she cut me off with a glare, 'Right. Fine, whatever. Thanks for getting that for me.'

I turned around and walked off, making a mental note to stay out of the crazy lady's way.
Dani's P.O.V
I stared out from behind Gerard's legs, my body squashed beneath the couch as Ray turned and strode out the door. The second I felt his weight leave the bus, I scrambled out from the claustrophobic, dusty enclosure and stood brushing myself down. I stumbled over to the small end table, wiping my face of the emotions as I went, and pocketed the thin gold bands that lay glistening in the stippled light from the window. I made my decision then, walking over to Gerard and pulling him into a hug, which he returned with little enthusiasm, pulled away and stepped through the doorway, shuffling down the bus.

'Wait... Dani, where you going?' Gerard called after me, running forwards and taking my hand.
'To do what I should have done a long time ago.'
Dun dun duuuuuuuuun! And yes, I know the Italian is probably wrong, but honestly, who gives a flying fuck?
So. This time I leave you with a taster of what is to come, in the form of drama, drama, a crazy goth/folk-rock/psychopathic murderer, and more drama.
So there you go. Leave a comment, any concrit. You know, the usual.

p.s. I REALLY like cliffhangers... =D
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