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What ARE you gonna do with me now?

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Hi guys.

Basically, I'm putting A Light To Burn All The Empires on hiatus for however long it takes for me to get everything sorted. And I don't know how long this is.

But but but... I have a plan.

I am starting a new fiction, this time original rather than fanfiction, with the main characters based on people I know or have known and their personalities. I've got a basic plot, and I reckon I'm going to use my summer holidays to write it, and begin posting in September. I know that seems ages away, but I want to finish writing it and then post it, so that I don't have problems with irregular posting because of school work or any other random shit.
I'm not sure when said hiatus will end, and I may post the occasional update-- chapter 7 is almost done.
As for the new fic, I am taking it upon myself to write it and have it beta'd by SOMEONE... not sure who. Aaaand... I will post the occasional teaser trailer for this new fic as it is written. Other than that, this is just a stop by to say hi, bye, and ramble on about stories.

On a final note, the new story is going to be a kind of release for my creatively crazy side, and will include gore, murder, mind tricks, a crazy person (or nine) and possibly, just possibly a little more gore. 'Nuff said.

If anyone would like to help me out by beta'ing my story, drop me a comment and I shall get back to you.

Thanky much for reading (if you did).


(oh and btw, the new fic is gonna be called 'The Game' and will be in the horror section of the original category here, so if that turns up, take a looksee.)
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