Review for My Famous Life

My Famous Life

(#) prettyodd 2008-04-19

poor mary......poor everyone really! i luv this story as much as i luv mangos! guess wat?! today i got high off of drinking lik 7 mt.dews!!!!!! then i went 2 fred myers and there was some drunk guy tht kinda lookd lik bob when he wears his black beanie and the guy kinda looked lik he escaped from jail but n e ways he kept on screaming it was his bday so i went up 2 him and told him it was my bday (even tho it wsnt shhhhh!) and we paraded around the electronics section together singin happee birthday 2 pretty sure his name was jeff....i think..... but n e ways it was really funnee! oh! then rite b4 i was gonna go he said tht he felt lik someone fron the black parade and i gave him this huge smile and he started goin on and on bout how he luvs mcr and i just gave this guy jeff who i barely even knew a gigantic hug then i went home and told my buddiez bout it! he also had a leather jacket like gerards! he was ossim!!!!!!!!!!

Author's response

so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i actually never seen anyone that looks like bob!!!!!!!
i've only seen this guy in a local band that so looks like frank iero
and appparently i look like gerard so bad.
like whatever
but its hilarious!
thanks :D
i love going high on ddrinks :D