Review for One Man Army

One Man Army

(#) cj_cold 2008-04-20

Nice chapter.

Think Harry did rush in a little impulsively. A few more minutes being updated on what happened after he was injured and what the situation was now. Also some time to give more orders as to how the assault was to happen. Eventually he is going to have to learn that he can't fight the most dangerous part of every battle, some are just to large scale(especially as he gets more legions) and he would be of more value coordinating efforts.

Interesting bringing in the Assassins. Though commandoes would probably be more accurate as a designation.

The vision by Yoda was interesting, should be interesting to see how the Jedi and Harry get along.

Harry really does need some training afterall. I mean one of the sale points to the Kamino for this deal was that Harry had special abilities but so far he doesn't know enough magic to be of any use.

More soon please.

Author's response

The ARCs won't appear yet. So I just used the assassins to even things out. Harry is still 14 years old, so he is still impulsive. even though he looks like he's in his late teens thanks to genetic augmentations. He will learn those lessons of war in his travels/conquests. He will be trained in the force next chapter, you'll meet his 'mentor'.