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The Finale is here! It's my longest chapter yet, The Jedi Council makes an appearance and along with some new clones!

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Chapter 5
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Star Wars. Just the idea to bring these two together and the OCs I create to get things moving.

AN: The finale of the Battle for Derem City! Enjoy, there will be scenes from The Jedi Council as well in response to Boghi8462’s review. Yes, I still suck at this so don’t kill me! Also, I’m considering Athena as ACC-07’s name but, it’s kind of cliché. I’m sort of thinking of one or two syllable names. Take Commander Gree or Bly for example.

“Uh-h, where am I?” Harry woke up groggily rubbing his head before notice his surroundings. No longer was he in the trench but within a large but somewhat cramp machine filled with electronics manned by several clone engineers. Further in the front of the machine was a cockpit with a rectangular view of the battlefield he was in. Beside the bed he lay on was his helmet and newly repaired armor placed on a rack.

“You’re awake sir!” spoke a relieved CM-165 walking beside the bed he laid on “We were afraid that you’ll never going to wake up. The Senior Commander has been especially distraught when she heard you were wounded. I’ll contact her immediately.”

With that the Clone Major left toward the front of the machine as Harry try to sit up.

‘God Damn it! I guess the wound hadn’t fully healed yet.’ He thought wincing from the pain in his side as he rubs his wound. He slowly got up and proceeded to don his

“Please lie back down commander, you need to rest” urged CM-165 trying to push him back into the bed.

“I’m fine; I’m more worried about the battle. How long have I been out?” asked Harry waving his hand dismissively as he try to stand “what happened while I was gone?”

“Only a few hours sir,” replied the clone major giving up the idea to get him back into bed “Va’s forces retreated back into the city and haven’t launch any more attacks yet.”

“Stay on guard, they will not stand idly by as we prepare an assault.” warned Harry put on his helmet and began to walk to the front of the machine with the aid of CM-165 “Where are we right now?”

“This is a gift sent by the Kaminoan Council sir. It is an All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE); we are currently using this as our mobile command center. They have sent us five of these along with ‘other’ support as well commander.” reported CM-165 supporting him as he observed the interior of the AT-TE.

“Others?” inquired Harry surprise by the sudden ‘gifts’ from the Kaminoans “where are the others?”

“They are with Commander ACC-07 sir.” she answered.

“Well then let’s see these new supports shall we?” Harry muttered before heading towards to a ladder leading to the outside of the machine.

“But sir-” before the major can protest one of the Clone Engineer interrupted

“Sir, we are receiving incoming transmission from Tipoca City. It is the Prime Minister” reported the clone.

“Put it on screen” ordered Harry as leaned against the ladder, trying to straighten himself up looking toward the cockpit as the view of the battle was covered by the face of Lama Su.

“Commander, I hope you are well?” the Prime Minister greeted Harry nodding his head at him “I hope you enjoy these supports we have sent you.”

“Yes sir, These AT-TEs will be most helpful against the enemy.” Harry thankfully responded.

“The Council and I have observed your engagements with the enemy and find that the army we have created for you is most satisfactory.” He commented serenely “We were quite distressed when we received news that you were wounded in battle against one of Va’s commander and saw fit to send you much needed support to aid you in retaking the city.”

“I see, I thank you for your aid sir and will send news to you once the City has been captured.” Harry answered politely bowing toward Lama Su.

“Very well commander, we will await the news of your victory” Lama Su nodded before adding “Oh yes commander, clones from your second legion are now fully developed. They will be stationed in Tipoca to secure the city from any of Va’s forces that were not with him during your blockade of Derem. I will you the best of luck.”

With that the screen blacked out and Harry once again began to lean against the ladder.

“Well, at least we have some reserve we can call upon now.” He mumbled as he climbed out of the AT-TE and into the cold water. The Command Post was located on the small cliff along with the two captured HAGs overlooking the entire battlefield.

The complete encirclement of Derem City has been completed. A great trench line now encircles the City guarded by scores of Clone Troopers silently observing the city for any sign of movement. Gone were noises of chatter or movement, only tense silence greeted him when he jumped down from the AT-TE.

“Commander! Are you alright?” exclaimed a worried ACC-07 rushing over to him escorted by three other unnamed clone commanders “you should be resting sir!”

“I try to tell him that but he just won’t listen.” sighed CM-165 jumping down beside Harry.

“I fine!” Harry firmly assured, wince of pain within his helmet “it’s just a scratch; now let us begin planning for the attack.”

“I have been informed that the Prime Minister has sent reinforcements to aid, I want to know the full details of what he sent.” Harry spoke firmly leaning against the AT-TE while the officers encircle him.

“Yes Sir” nodded ACC-07 before reporting “As you can see, he has sent us the AT-TE. He also sent us a large number of 74-Z Speeder Bikes as well as a regiment of specially trained Clone Assassins to join our legion sir.”

“Clone Assassins?” remarked Harry raising an eyebrow “Where are they now?”

“Right here Commander” a voice spoke up on top of the AT-TE causing Harry to instantly extend his Vibro-blade and took a cautious stance turning his head to the direction of the speaker.

There stood a group of looking down of the group of officers while many other clone assassins surrounded the group kneeling on the ground. They had similar Katarn-Class armor that covered their shapely body and had parts of it painted blue, with the exceptions of the weapons they carried. A long vibro-blade was attached to their right wrist and another deadly looking vibro-blade attached to their left elbow.

“Even when wounded you are as alert as always commander” complimented the clone in the front of the group on top of the AT-TE silently impressed by Harry’s quick reaction.

“Constantly Vigilance” Harry muttered relaxing his stance remembering the fake Mad-eye’s word “Paranoia has it uses.”

“Indeed sir, I am CC-296, commander of the special forces regiment in the 1st Legion.” CC-296 introduced herself jumping down the command post and kneeling in front of him “We are at your command sir. What are your orders?”

“Have your troops board the LAATs and be prepared to infiltrate the City, we must disable the HAGs and eliminate the leaders before the Legion can safely move forward.” He ordered to CC-296 before turning to CM-165 “I want you to get me CC-118, CC-350 and CC-609 with their best troops ready with the Special Forces in the LAATs.”

“As you command Sir” the Clone Major nodded before leaving the group to the trench lines.

“ACC-07, I’m leaving the command of the remaining forces to you. I need you to create a diversion so the LAATs can slip into the City.” He explained to ACC-07 nodding to her.

“What about you sir? Will you not be coming with me to the trenches?” asked the Senior Clone Commander slightly fearing the reply of her Superior.

“I will be with the strike team moving into city to ensure Derem’s defenses are disabled. I will send you a signal to attack once this is accomplished.” spoke Harry with finality edged in his voice silencing ACC-07’s protest “I will be fine, just worry about creating the distraction we need to bypass their defenses.”

“Yes sir,” nodded a defeated ACC-07 before leaving with the 3 other Clone Commanders.

“Now then, let’s go” he spoke gesturing CC-296 to the LAATs landing beside them “We need to eliminate the heads of this resistance and let the body rot. Have your Assassins locate and deal with any commanders we might encounter.”

“Yes sir,” the lone Commander nodded walking beside Harry into a LAAT.

-----------Derem City--------

“I hope you are pleased now!” hissed Co Mi sitting within the command center as Va Je observed the trenches that encircled the City “Not only did we lose Res Tuo, but his mercenaries are beginning to question your leadership.”

“Then silence them!” growled Va Je slamming his fist down on the holoprojector “We did not pay those damn mercenaries to think! We paid them to kill!”

“Sir! The Clones are attacking!” exclaimed a pig-like commander pointing at the flickers of white specks from the trench coming towards the city.

“Fire the HAGs! Let them fall before our defenses!” ordered Va in his commlink looking onward as HAGs entrenched within Derem open fired upon the invaders.

“Co Mi, talk with our ‘contacts’ I want to know what they are armed with” ordered Va Je gesturing to the specks of white agilely dodging the HAG’s heavy fire.

“Yes sir” she sneered in response leaving the room.
“Re Dia, watch her closely. She plans to betray us all.” He muttered to one of the commanders in the room standing in the shadows.

“Yes sir” nodded a human looking male stepping into the light. He had blank white eyes with four fingers in each hand. He wore an oriental robe with a blaster and a vibro-blade held by his side “Shall I deal with her now?”

“No, catch her in the act; I plan to kill her slowly” Va viciously growled smirking sadistically “Well? What are you all standing here for? Get back to your posts!”
With a bow the commanders left the command center.

‘So you think, you can fool me Co Mi? I’ll show you why I made it into The Council.” He thought sinisterly looking out at the Holoprojector never noticing the recon droid that silently floated out the window of the building.

-------------With Harry-----------

“Interesting, this might be useful for us.” muttered Harry looking at the video from the recon droid “Signal the others to land soon. We must shut down those HAGs as quickly as possible.”

“Yes sir” nodded CC-296 as they landed secretly within the ruins of the city with their troops.

“Okay, we shall split up and finish them off in one blow.” stated Harry holding a portable holoprojector showing the locations of the HAGs “If you encounter the commanders, do not hesitate to kill them.”

All the officers nodded silently gathering their troops and leading them to different parts of the city.

“Commander, have several companies support the captains. I don’t want any problems dealing with the HAGs.” He ordered as he and CC-296 with a large group Clone Assassins silently creep towards the HAGs closest to their position.

The silently trip was a tense one, only the occasionally meetings of patrols broke the silence. The mercenaries were no match for the Assassins as they ‘quiet’ the guards before they knew what had happened.

‘They are useful after all….’ He thought gratefully as they approached to the HAG position.
There were three HAGs in the position firing continuously into the black sky, hoping to destroy the troublesome attackers while they were guarded by several large Gamorrean mercenaries carrying large vibro-axes. The group silently encircled the position, and waited silently for Harry’s signal.

Harry gave a single nod, within seconds the Assassins pounced. With their vibro-blades they decapitated the guards before they could raise their weapons. Quickly placing explosive charges under the 3 HAGs, the group hastily left the vicinity.
Boom!.... Boom!.... Boom!

The sound of the explosions brought a smile to Harry face as the group move onto their next target, the Command Center.

“Commander, all HAGs have been disabled sir.” CC-118 reported from the commlink “What are your orders?”

“Locate and eliminate their commanders. Without them the mercenaries are nothing.” He ordered before sending an encrypted message to ACC-07.

------------Elsewhere ----------

“How goes the siege?” asked a hologram of a cloaked Kaminoan figure in a dark room filled with many computers and screen.

“The Clones have yet to be able to strike at the City,” reported Co Mi kneeling front of the hologram “Va Je wants to know what were these clones armed with?”

“They are armed with some of the latest weaponry of this time.” replied the figure “Lama Su spared no expense to paying for everything for the army, including hiring some of the deadliest and expensive bounty hunters to train them.”

“W-What! How did you expect us defeat this army sire?” exclaimed Co Mi looking up at the hologram “These mercenaries are no match for them!”

“That army is led by a human whelp!” hissed the cloaked Kaminoan “an army is only as good as the commander leading it. Are you telling me that you cannot deal with an army led by an inexperienced child?”

“Of course not Councilor Cu Tas, we were simply surprised by the organization and discipline of the clones.” replied the female Kaminoan trying hard not to anger the Councilor.

“Deal with the army quickly; I’m losing influence in the Council due to this ‘insurrection’ while that fool Lama Su continues to expand his power within the council floor.” spoke Cu Tas with urgency “It will only a matter of time before he discover your ‘informants’ within the city including me. Make sure the good Commander Va Je does not survive the battle. He has been a thorn on our side for too long.”

Unbeknownst to the two Kaminoans, CC-350 and a squad of Clone Assassins have been eavesdropping in the conversation. She silently called the ACC-07 to report her discovery.

“Commander ACC-07, we have discovered that a certain member of the Kaminoan Council have supporting been supporting the enemy with information.” She silently reported while signaling the Clone Assassins to ready their attack.

“I see, I shall inform the Prime Minister immediately. What is the name of the collaborator?” asked the Senior Clone Commander through the comm. Link.

“It is Councilor Cu Tas sir; he implies that there are more councilors supporting their cause as well.” informed the Clone Captain looking at the pair as they continue discuss their plans of action.

“Very well, deal with this Co Mi.” ordered ACC-07 “I will ensure Tipoca deal with the traitorous councilor.”

“Yes, sir” affirmed the Clone Captain breaking off contact, and with a small wave of her hand sealed the fate of the female Kaminoan.

Scheesh! Shceesh!


Before Co Mi knows it, two Vibro-blade were stabbed into her chest as the hologram watched in shock. One Clone Assassin quickly raised her other blade and beheaded the dying Co Mi.

“W-What, Impossible! What are you!?!?!” the hologram of Cu Tas took a step back in shock and revulsion of the brutality.

Jumping down from her position CC-350 looked at the pale hologram of Cu Tas and spoke cheerfully “I should worry more about yourself councilor, Tipoca have just been informed about your crime.”

“You’ll pay for this!” roared Cu Tas as the hologram phased out.

“Access their computers send all the data back to Tipoca City, we might need later” ordered the Clone Captain before pulling out her blaster Pistol and pointed in one of the dark room corner, firing multiple shots into it.

“And where do you think you’re going?” she asked as a figure dropped down in the corner.

Upon closer inspections it was Re Dia, who had secretly listening in on Co Mi’s conversation as well. Trying to fight back he pulled out his blaster pistol only to have it shot out of his hand.

“For endangering the peace and security of Kamino, you are hereby executed.” CC-350 drawled out aiming her pistol for his head, before happily telling him “Have a nice dream!”


With that the Clone Captain turned her attention back to her troops hacking into the computers.

------------Tipoca City------------

“Damn!” roared an irate Cu Tas scrambling in office gathering his valuables as a large group of Kaminoans entered the office.

“What is happening?” asked Bel Veo at the front of the group looking at the councilor.

“They’ve discovered us! Quickly, help me with these!” Cu Tas spoke urgently gesturing to documents lying on his table in a disheveled mess.

“Sir! They are coming!” exclaimed one of the Kaminoans pointing outside the door.
A large contingent of Male Clone Troopers silently marched toward the office, they wore phase-I armors rather than the more expensive Katarn-Class armor worn by the 1st Legion and armed with the standard MC-15 Blaster Rifle.

“Seal the door quickly!” yelled the now hysterical councilor as his minions quickly closed the door and barred it with anything they could find within the room. They quickly formed a protective circle around Cu Tas pointing their pistols at the barred door.

“Surrender immediately! You have nowhere to hide councilor, please surrender peacefully or we shall arrest you by force” spoke a clone commander outside the room.

“Hah! I like to see you try you insects!” taunted Cu Tas, raving mad seeing that there were no way out.

“Very well then, you leave us no choice,” the Clone Commander calmly spoke, before whispering to his troops “blast open the door; put your guns on stun. We need him alive.”

“Yes Sir,” replied the clones as they parted for a clone soldier armed with a PLX-1 one came and fired at the door.

The door shattered sending debris flying onto the rouge Kaminoans. Within seconds of the blast, The Clone Troopers stormed in unleashing a hail of blaster bolts into the stunned Kaminoans.
But some managed to return fire and killed several clones before they too fell under the wave of blaster bolts.

When the smoke cleared, the ruined office was filled with the bodies of several clones and many of the rouge Kaminoans.

“Take them to the containment area,” the commander ordered looking at the stunned Kaminoans “take care the dead as well.”

“Yes sir,” nodded the clones as they collected the bodies and began to take them out of the room.

“Prime Minister, the councilor has been apprehended along with the insurgents.” reported the Commander through the comm. Link.

“Excellent, recover what you can within his office. There may be vital information we require.” ordered Lama Su through the comm. Link.

“Yes Prime Minister” confirmed the Commander before digging through the rubble of the office with several clones.

----------Derem City--------

The entire city was now enveloped in a vicious battle as the Clone Troopers quickly stormed through the ruined streets supported by Speeder Bikes wheezing through them firing at every mercenary they saw. Energy bolts blast through the water over the battlefield as AT-TEs slowly walked, guarded by clones, towards the city firing into enemy positions.

“Arrgh!!” Va Je roared as he and his remaining commanders along with their bodyguards raced toward the hangar as the sound of shouts and explosions behind them got closer.

“We must retreat immediately and regroup.” He ordered as the group reached the hangar and closes the blast door behind them.

“What about Co Mi and Re Dia? They are still out there?” snorted the Gamorrean commander.

“It’s too late to save them now, quickly! We must leave the city!” replied Va Je as they got into a light freighter.

As the freighter took off, the hangar’s blast door opened to reveal several mercenaries exchanging fire with a large group of clones.

“Fuck! We’re too late!” shouted Harry as he threw a concussion grenade at the mercenaries, killing several of them “fire at that ship immediately! They must not be allowed to escape!”
Scheeeel!! Scheeeel!!

The clones fired continually at the freighter, but it was too late. The freighter flew out of the hangar and with it Va Je, the one who started it all.

“Commander! Are you alright?” asked ACC-07 as she ran towards the group with a rifle in hand, as Harry continues to curse and rant.

“I’m fine, but Va Je escaped,” growled Harry clenching his fist tight as the clones secured the hangar around him “How is the battle?”

“We have secured the final sectors of the city sir” reported the Senior Clone Commander “All of their forces have been annihilated. Tipoca have also reported that they’ve apprehended a group of informants working for Va Je within the Capital.”

“Good, interrogate them immediately. We must find out where Va Je is hiding at once.” Harry ordered walking with ACC-07 towards the LAATs that had just landed “How many did we lose?”

“We lost a good 300 sir.” she answered sadly walking beside him looking down “Many more were wounded. But many more would have died if not for your actions in disabling the HAGs.”
“Yes, but many still died.” muttered Harry solemnly, sitting in the LAAT as it took off for Tipoca City.


“Let this council meeting begin,” nodded a bald dark-skinned sitting within a circle of twelve robed figures, beside him was a small green elf-like creature “Master Yoda you have the floor.”

“Hm, many deaths I sense these past few days. Force-Sensitives they are, disturbed I am about them.” the diminutive master mumbled out his ears folding down sadly “visions of war receive from them, and fears have I that it will continue.”

“Is this the working of the Sith?” asked one of the figures as the entire council fell in tense silence.

“No, Sith there is not, clones of child they are” replied Yoda, looking at them seriously “search we must for him. To the Dark Side, fall he must not.”

“A Child? How can a force-sensitive child not be noticed by us?” asked a female councilor to Yoda’s right.

“Outer Rim, he is in. Adolescent of age, powerful but untrained the child is.” nodded Yoda, looking at the looking at the councilors as they began to discuss this amongst themselves “willing he was to create his clones the child was. Many wars he will lead them to.”

Is he a threat?” asked Mace Windu looking at Yoda.

“Threat he is not, ambitious he is. Believed in peace and justice the child does.” Replied Yoda, looking pensively “but foolish he is, war he believe will aid him.”

“Shall we send some of our jedi knights to search him?” asked Mace Windu “He must be found before the Sith do.”

“Jedi we shall send,” Yoda nodded looking at the councilors “But careful we must be, trust he do not easily give.”

“Very well then, a Jedi Knight shall be sent to retrieve him” Mace Windu confirmed as the council stood and left for their duties.

AN: There you go! Sorry Boghi, I couldn’t really write much on the Coruscant scene. I hope you guys enjoy this, because it took me nearly a week worth of sleep! This is my longest chapter yet and I think I will only write this much after large important fights. Also, if you guys are wondering, yes, it will be a female Jedi. I still need to deal with the occasionally grammar problems. I promised that I would put more plot to this chapter did I not? The Yoda talk thing was especially hard for me. Tell me what you think of it. Also please tell me about areas I need to improve on, thanks!
Chapter 6 is already underway! Next chapter will make you understand why I chose Derem City for the first battle.
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