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Entrenchment and Skirmish

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The early stages begins! The plot thickens

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Chapter 4
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars or Harry Potter, I only own the idea to put them together and the OCs I use to get things moving.
AN: Please note that I suck at action scenes, I’m still a noob so please don’t kill me for it. Here we are! The Battle for Derem City!

“Commanders! Am I glad to see you!” remarked a Clone Major obviously relieved to see the remaining legion joining the battle. She carried a blaster rilfe and had yellow flashes painted in her armor and helmet.

“What’s the situation Major? Is everything going according to plan?” asked Harry hopping off the transport with ACC-07 looking over the battle-field. Explosions and lights from the blasters already filled the outskirts of Derem as the 1st legion press forward to encircle the city.

“Two companies have been deployed to take out any defenses in the outskirts of the city. So far we’ve manage to capture two of their HAGs.” She reported pointing to area west of the city “looks like this battle will end sooner than we thought!”

“Don’t count them out just yet Major” chastised Harry walking with the Major and ACC-07 to the command post “I want our LAATs to watch the flanks of the two companies out there and get the remaining companies into position around the city. I don’t want any of them to escape without our notice.”

“Yes commander.” nodded the Major walking off to yell out some orders to several clones in the command post.

“ACC-07 I want you to take two captured HAGs and place them in the ridge here” He directed pointing at a small cliff facing the city “get them to bombard any troops that comes out of the city.”

“Yes sir, but what about you commander?” asked the Senior Clone Commander.

“I will take two battalions to the center and fortify the lines there.” He answered pointing at the main road leading to the city “be sure to get the other battalions to dig in. I don’t want us to be caught out in the open with their HAGs.”

“B-But sir! it’s too dangerous out there! We can’t have our leader die! You must stay here and lead from the command post.” Insisted ACC-07 clearly distressed at the ideal of losing her leader. While the clones within the center quietly agreed with their sister’s insistence.

“What kind of Commander would I be if I don’t lead my own army in the front?!?” exclaimed Harry looking at her “I refuse to sit here and allow this Legion to fight in my stead. Besides, what kind of man will I be to allow may have my troops take all the glory?”
Harry grinned inside his helmet, it seems that Montross rubbed off on him.

“Do not worry, I expect you to complete your orders, I will be fine.” assure Harry trying to calm his second in command “besides I have two battalions with me! How can I not be safe?”

“Y-Yes sir,” ACC-07 answered bowing her head before leaving the Command Post.
Shaking his head, Harry grabbed a rifle off a rack and walked out escorted by four captains and a major to the nearest transport.

“Pilot, get me to the center immediately. We need to fortify the lines.” Harry ordered hopping on the LAAT with the group.

“Yes sir.” nodded the clone pilot lifting the LAAT off the ground.

--------Within Derem City--------

“So, the reports were true…” grumbled Va Je observing the skirmishes in the outskirts of the city the holoprojector in the room “It seems those fools can fight after all.”

“Yes, and they have captured two of the HAGs you ordered us to place in the outskirts as defenses!” hissed Co Mi looking at Va Je with disdain “Now they can use them against us! Do you know how hard it took to procure the shipment of HAGs?”

“Losing two means nothing, the majority are still within the city.” snorted Va dismissively “what is the current situation out there?”

“We’ve lost contact with all of our outposts and the enemy is entrenching themselves around the city. We are cut off from all escape routes.” reported a Trandoshan Commander through his helmet “They have also seized the sky as well, their LAATs patrol the sky and launching airstrike against us.”

“So, those vermin actually grew a brain” muttered Va Je thinking deeply “They are forcing us into fighting a war of attrition. Our HAGs cannot fire at those flying insects without revealing their emplacement. How troublesome…”

“Well great leader, what are your orders?”Asked Co Mi sarcastically “Our troops only can fight as long they have the ammo and oxygen to keep them going under water.”

“Hmph, Res Tuo, attack their center with your finest Trandoshan troops.” Ordered Va looking into the hologram of Derem City “We will break them out there while the remaining forces strike out against their other flanks. Their commander will be forced to stretch out his forces and fall before our overwhelming might.”

“What about you Oh great leader?” sneered Co Mi as the other commanders start grumbling and
walking out to fulfill the order.

“I shall stay here and watch the battle; I will direct my troops from here.” Retorted Va Je clearly annoyed by Co Mi’s obvious insult and disrespect.

“As you wish Commander” Co Mi bowed sarcastically leaving the room, the moment the door closed behind her, she viciously whispered “Worthless Brute, his time will come soon.”

--------1st Legion’s Center-------

During the one hour ride towards the Center, Harry struck up a few conversations with his subordinates who he had not seen since Montross’ ‘Live Fire Simulation’. The Clone Captains and Major each proudly introduced themselves.

There was CC-118, a clone captain who wielded a PLX-1 missile launcher in charge of 4 platoons of Heavy Clone Troopers. She was cautious as first talking to Harry, but she soon relaxed and to Harry surprise, was very eccentric and always making up provocative jokes to lighten things up.

CC-265 was a stoic captain who seems to hold a great deal of respect towards Harry more than most of his clones usually have for their superior. She would always chastise CC-118 for her jokes. She used a blaster rifle like Harry but had a vibro-blade install under the muzzle like a bayonet.

CC-350 was one of the most energetic girls he had ever met. The moment he asked her a question, she instantly start go off on the subject with speed that would rival a snitch. She carried two Commando Blaster pistol, she had multiple grenades strapped around her body. Not very surprising as she commanded the demolition battalions.

Then there was CC-609, the moment Harry sat down she regarded him with a slight suspicion and doubt. He later found out that she was one of the clones who were with ACC-07 when he ‘bumped’ into her. But she relaxed her ideals once he explained the whole embarrassing situations. She carried a DC-15x Sniper Rifle and had an extra visor fitted onto her helmet marking her as a Captain of the Clone Snipers.

Finally there was CM-165, a silent Major who seems to enjoy ‘accidentally’ bumping into Harry and pressing her assets into his face much to the annoyance of the captains. Calmly introducing herself, she never seems to notice her chest pressing into his face until reminded by an irate CC-265. She held a blaster rifle and another strapped to her back.

After hopping of the transport, a blushing Harry immediately began to take control of the situation as multiple LAATs landed dropping off the troops.

“CC-609, I need you to get some recon droids to scouting in the front. Major get everyone else into the trench I want the LAATs in the skies immediately!” ordered Harry as the captains quickly got to work and begun to direct their forces into position

“Commander, our droids are picking up a large force advancing towards up.” reported the Clone Captain “Your order sir?”

“Detonate the droids when you think it will cause some casualties. Get your sniper ready to pick them off.” He replied looking through a pair of binoculars “CC-118, get your troopers ready, fire on my mark!”

“Yes sir!” confirmed the captain losing her eccentric nature readying her PLX-1 as the line of Clone troopers ready for battle.

“Commander Potter. The enemy has launched attacks on all positions sir.” reported ACC-07 through the commlink “what is your order sir?”

“Use the HAGs to bombard them and get the LAATs to deal with the large groups with their missiles. I want this battle to end quickly and bloodlessly.” replied Harry looking at the advancing mercenaries through the binoculars before yelling “mark!”
Boom! Boom!

The droids detonated and the troopers were rewarded with the sound of pained screams.

“Fire now!” he roared taking aim along with his troops as a wave of blaster shots tore into the enemy lines “Heavy troopers fire now!”
Seooowww! Seoooowww!

Large orbs of blue ripped from the trenches and locking onto the groups of Trandoshans.
Boom! Boom!

Standing up from the trench, Harry looked over his line. Some of the Trandoshans managed to get past the barrage and attacked the troopers in close range, but was quickly overwhelmed by the clones.

“Well that was easy….” mumbled Harry seeing the group of dead mercenaries.

But before he can react a large Trandoshan leaped at him followed by a large group of Trandoshans charging into the trench.

“Argh!” Harry quickly grabbed the Trandoshan and wrestled with him on the ground while his troops were busy battling the others that manage to break through.

After several minutes of struggle He manage to kick off the large reptilian and quickly stood up, while the Trandoshan quickly leap back up and circle his prey.

“So you’re the commander, I see you are quite formidable to survive my surprise attack.” He sneered bearing his teeth as Harry “I am Res Tuo, commander of the Trandoshan Mercenaries and I’ll be your executioner.”

“hmph, you call that an attack? Bossk was a better fighter than you weakling.” Harry taunted trying to get the rise out of the Trandoshan commander, readying his hidden vibro-blade for attack.

“Bossk? Heh heh so you were trained by him huh? Then it’ll be an honor to kill a student of the legendary bounty hunter himself!” he roared leaping towards Harry jaw opening wide.

Within seconds Harry tightened his fists to reveal the hidden blade and slam it into the Trandoshan’s neck as he was tackled to the ground.

“Ar-Argh…..” Res Tuo gasped for breath as Harry slowly twist the blade in his throat while jamming the second one into his chest.

“As I said before, you’re weakling compared to Bossk.” Harry grinded out as his slid the reptilian’s throat, blood course out of the wound as body went limp.

Kicking off the corpse, he looked at the Clone troopers. The Trandoshans were dead, but they took several clones with them as well.

Jumping down into the trench he asked “How many did we lose Major?”

“We lost 20 sir, and got 50 wounded.” reported the major emotionlessly gesturing to several bodies being brought out of the trench. Many were mangled beyond recognition, while moans of the wounded filled the trench as LAATs arrived to transport the bodies and the wounded off.

“Commander is everything alright sir?” asked ACC-07 from the commlink clearly worried “we’ve received words that you’ve been attacked.”

“I’m fine, the attack have been repelled” Harry spoke hollowly, thinking of the bodies of the dead clone troopers “What of the other fronts?”

“All attacks have been repelled sir, but we’ve suffered some minor casualties due to the attacks” reply ACC-07 emotionlessly “in all we’ve lost 100 clones troopers and 200 wounded.”

“How many did the enemy suffer?” asked Harry shaken by the number of dead cause by the first stage of battle.

“Unknown sir, but it is estimated by the recent body counts shows around 500 dead,” answered ACC-07 through the commlink “the HAGs and LAATs were quite effective cutting down the assault sir.”

“Good, re-organize our ranks and prepare for the assault of Derem City, it’s time to launch our own offensive” ordered Harry firmly resolved to end the battle quickly before more lives are wasted.

“As you command Sir” confirmed ACC-07 breaking off the link.

With a heavy sigh Harry sat against the trench and slowly drifts to sleep, never noticing the panicked cries of the CM-165 or the bloody gash in his side from Res Vou.

AN: There you go! The beginning stages of the Battle for Derem City!! As you can see I already mount some casualties for the 1st Legion, remember even though they are the best, they are still raw to the whole idea of fighting for real and against large odds. But soon they’ll get more arsenals to balance things out.
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